At This Time

I'm 23 week pregnant now and getting more and more excited. As you can tell by my pictures I am really showing now. Yah I don't look just fat anymore. TJ is moving around like crazy and I have officially felt the whole feet in the ribs....that is not fun.

I went to the doctor on the 4th of this month. I gained most of my weight this month. i know its normal but that was a pretty crazy how much I had gained in just two weeks since my sonogram. She also told me to go ahead and preregister at the hospital and get signed up for two classes that she recommended.

My next appointment is in the first week of January, I'll be 6 months by then. Once Christmas is over we'll really start working on getting the nursery done. Its still holds most of our boxes and stuff for all our Christmas decor that will be moved to the attic.

well that's about it....I'm going to go eat some oreos with a nice cold glass of milk.

Love to all!!

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