I Forgot

I meant to tell this in the other update blog on my doctor's appointment. My blood test came back great and my blood wasn't high in sugar. WOO HOO!

fyi when you go in the first time to get your blood tested for sugar levels don't eat even though they say its okay. I think its some plot to get more money....well I don't know about that but just don't eat.

well anyways that's my update that i forgot to put in the last blog.


This Weeks Appointment

I had my doctor appointment on Monday. Everything is doing good. I gained some weight and TJ's little heart was beating away.

I go back on the 19th, again in another 2 weeks, and then we go to every week appointments.

We are getting so excited and so ready to see him. Only 9 weeks left people. It's gone by fast but then again not fast. My hips are seperating and I'm hurting so everything is normal!!!

talk to you later. i'm going to go get Tim to take a picture of me so I can post this weeks picture up.


More on the Nursery

Sorry for those on my RSS feed. I was going through my drafts and saw that this wasn't posted because the pictures were messed up. Here you go, this is TJ's room partially done.

Okay so we have gotten a little more done on the nursery. I'll show you some pics of the decor so you can get the idea of what it will look like.

here are the pictures that will be above his bed. 

this is the wall directly across from where his crib will be. The floors are done yet. We have just been painting and getting the decor up.
here is the really cool light switch

here is a picture of just his dresser before we got the TJ up. the nobs on the dresser are texas stars

 and then here is his toy box that my brother Josh made. its pretty heavy duty and he'll be able to take this to college with him.
well that's it for now. I'll post more when more is done. see ya

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