Update On Game Room

Well we started the painting on Wednesday night. When everyone got there we started with the primer. We had to use this dark grey primer because we are painting the room maroon. I started on the primer. I got so tired it wouldn't spred, after one wall I handed off the roller. One coat of the primer and one coat of the maroon are done. We are going to do another coat just because we had about 6 different painters so some parts are uneven. I was scared we were going to be painting the game room for the rest of our lives to get the maroon we wanted. It looks great. We were planning to get the primer and two coats done on Wednesday, but because the primer to so long to put on there we only got one coat.
Last night we were so tired and didn't want to touch a paint brush. Tim played Play Station and I read my book.
I only have a half day at work today. My brother and his wife invited us to this chilifest down in college station for the weekend. As soon as I get off we head out.

Trip To Home Depot

Okay since we are having a bunch of people coming over to help paint on Wednesday, we needed to go to the store and get the paint and supplies to finish the room.
We got to home depot and had no list to begin our search for everything we needed. We headed towards the lighting department to find the light we picked out months ago to put in our game room. We couldn't find it after asking for help, they had one left (Praise the Lord!) then we went to the paint department we got all the primer, paint and flooring paint. I think we spend and hour in that department. We had the ladies attention so we kept her close and got her to get everything we needed. Everyone in line behind us were getting mad.
Then we went to look at the weather stripping....we had no idea which one to get. We'll ask Terry when he comes over on Wednesday.
Off to the AC units...we were looking at the one we were told to get. Some lady came up throwing a fit that we didn't need to get that because it is horrible. She said she put it in her Garage. Well did she build a wall and insulate the room and seal the attic door...Probably not! We bought it! If it doesn't work we'll bring it back.
Now if we were smart we wouldn't have bought all this stuff on the one day it rains. We had two carts my hair was curling up like crazy, our clothes and everything we had was getting wet. We made it home with all the stuff in good condition.
We should have all the painting and lighting done this week and the furniture in there next week. All ready for the Party!

My Little Sister

ts somewhat of a shock when I think of my life and that I'm an adult...Married, good job, a house and a great life. It feels like yesterday when we were all playing out side all day long hoping that the street lights didn't come on so we wouldn't have to go home. My little sister Amy's birthday is today she is eighteen! I can't believe it. She has become such an awesome young woman of God. She only desires to seek his will for her life. She is going to be at home for this last summer and then she is off to Texas A&M. She has so much drive in her...She could be a doctor if she wanted. I admire her so much for her love for people and for the Lord. I don't get to see her much these days she is involved in a play at school, when she is not at the practices she is at work. After she graduates her schedule should clear up then we can all spend more time with her. I love you Amy and Happy Birthday!


Game Room and House

This week we are finally going to be painting the Garage (well game room now). Yesterday afternoon we were at a big lunch with the church. We were sitting at a table with the Wirths and Uncle Terry and Bryan we at the table next to us. Tim and I were just trying to sucker my parents and Terry and Bryan to come help so we can knock the painting out in one evening. We are painting the room Maroon. We will need lots of coats and if its just me and Tim it will take us FOREVER! Well in the act of getting my parents, Terry and Bryan to come help Rodney and Virgina offered to come help. So now we have 8 people that will be at our house on Wednesday. We'll be able to switch painters in and out that way we won't get as tired as fast.
We are having a house warming party on April 14th. We are trying to get as many as these projects done before we show the house off. I got the bathrooms painted. We were going to do that before we moved in but we were short on time because of the problems with the weather and closing on the house. We did get the living, dining, kitchen, hall, entry, and our room painted before we moved in.
Now we just have the tree clippings on the side of the house that need to be moved, weather stripping on the back door, hanging plants for the front and then some clean up in the office and we'll be ready. I'm excited about the party.
Oh and I need candles for my candle sticks. My mom said she might have some at her house. If not I'll have to go buy some.


New Yard

Well after a few months of being in the new house Tim and I finally attacked the yard. We definatly inherited this guys bad yard.
On Friday night we went to Lowes and bought a bunch of plants and equipment. When me and my mom were looking through all the plants she was explaing to me how I should place them. I just wasn't seeing it and I was scared that I would plant them in the wrong place. I asked my parents to come over and help. We have helped them with SOOO many projects over at their house, they were happy to help. Saturday monring Tim got the back and front yard done with mowing and weed eating. My parents showed up and we tore apart the old beds and reshaped them making it more pleasing to the eye, it goes along the length of the house. There was theis nasty ivy all in there and this over grown rosemary. The flower bed around the tree had tons of ivy, all these little trees, and infested with ants. (Tim found them on his arm biting him) We got all the hawthorne, firns, and these other two kinds of plants that I can't remember what they are planted. Yesterday we went up to Calaways after lunch and bought some more firns, hawthorne and a bunch of differnt flowers for the beds and some pots I had.
Needless to say we got it all planted. The front yard looks great. All of my plants are so small, but it still looks good. Once everything grows in I'll take some more pictures and post them.


Garage Build In

Tim and I decided that we wanted to build in our garage and make it a game room. We have a storage shed out in the back yard that the previous owner built so we haven't really lost any storage space. Earlier this week we went to Lowe's and bought all the material we would need....what a trip!
Tim's parents came over last night and Tim and Bill worked on the Garage all night. The got the demo done and half of the new wall built. Debra and I went shopping and made dinner for the guys.
I'm so excited about the progress. Bill is coming over again tonight to help get more done. Later I'll post before and after pics.

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