Fun to None

We got home from work and TJ wanted to go play outside. TJ and I headed out to go play. I took my camera because he said he wanted to show me how hard he could hit the baseball. Once I got out there he didn't want to play baseball anymore so he was just running around having fun.

He asked if I could push him in his "EeAww wee" aka Horse Swing. I helped him up and started pushing him.

Having a great time except he wasn't going as high as he wanted too. So I decided I'll take it down and try to move it and see if I can get it to swing higher. I pull it down and TJ says "oh mommy, a bug!" I take a look and OH MY! I grab TJ so fast and take him inside.

There was a wasp nest with a huge wasp on it. Yikes. I of course grab my camera to take a picture. After taking pictures I try to spray wasp killer on it but the can was almost empty so I basically made it mad. Now we are inside playing...haha


Playing in the Rain

In all the rain today I decided it would be fun to let TJ run around and play. It wasn't lightning at all so I knew it would be safe. He had a blast. Just wanted to post some pictures. Yeah there are a bunch of pictures but he was just having so much fun.

Cool rain

Tasting the rain

Found a hole in the driveway

Sweet feet


oh no, the rain is going to get him

This kid is crazy

oh wait...this looks fun

They had a blast and it was fun watching them play. Now I fear that every time it rains that he'll beg to go play in the rain.


Sunglasses and Hats

Since TJ was a baby we have tried to get him to wear sunglasses. He wore some a little bit when he was only a few months old but once he could pull them off he wouldn’t wear them. This is pretty much the same when it came to hats. He wouldn’t wear them after he realized he could take them off.

I pointed out to him that if he wore sunglasses the sun wouldn’t be so bright in his eyes. AHHHH….now he wants to wear sunglasses.

Now with hats, we have tried to tell him “Daddy has a hat on. Do you want to wear a hat like daddy or like Papa?” Nothing would work, until he saw that baseball players wear hats. He tells us he wants his beeball hat.

At least he is willing to wear my sunglasses or Tim’s sunglasses if we forget to grab his on the way out the door. I try to keep an extra pair in the car but that doesn’t always work.

But the funny this is he thinks in order to adjust the glasses on his face that he needs to use his entire hand on the lenses to fix them. This leaves his little hand print and smudges all over the lenses. When he wants to look at something closely like a car or animal he removes the glasses (puts them on top of his head) to see it better. 


Anna is 6 Months Old

Anna is now crawling… backwards and army crawling forwards. She is a little slow at it and doesn’t really show that she knows what she is doing yet but she can move right along. She sits up great now. I don’t leave her there by herself yet because she will tumble over after a while. She can also move forward but it isn’t crawling. The movement consists of her lifting her body up to the crawling position and then falls back down but falls forward. She inches herself closer and closer to the toy she is reaching for.

We had to switch her to oatmeal instead of rice cereal. The rice cereal wasn’t sitting well in her tummy. She is eating all of her veggies and she eats those for dinner. She is half way through all the fruits and eats those at breakfast and lunch. I only give her a half a jar. She just doesn’t eat much and I want her to have more milk then fruit and veggies.

We did get her to stop sucking on her thumb between feedings. We were thinking that she was using her thumb to help swallow instead of working on swallowing herself.

This is her schedule at home. The schedule at my mom’s house varies a bit in the morning. She wakes up at around 8 and then eats oatmeal with fruit and milk, stays up and plays till 11:45 and starts eating then lays down at noon, sleeps till 2 to 3, eats again, stays up and plays till 4:30ish, sleeps till 6ish, up for veggie and milk, around 7:30 we start baths and she is eating and in bed by 8:30. 

At my mom’s house she wakes up between 7 and 7:30 has a bottle and then lays back down for an hour and half then eats her oatmeal then the schedule is the same as at home.

This is my 2nd favorite picture. It captures her personality but you can't see her beautiful eyes
Pretty girl
Sweet little feet
precious Anna


Arlington Texas Voting

This last weekend was Arlington’s elections. Since Tim had his surgery on Friday he can’t lift over 5 pounds. So Saturday the kids and I headed out to our local polling station to cast our vote. I forgot about early voting so Saturday was my only chance to get my vote in.

Mayor Cluck came to see me in the hospital when I had TJ. I met him when I was in high school and I made an impression (and he knows my dad) so when my dad told him I was having TJ at the hospital that he serves as vice president of medical affairs, he insisted that my dad tell him when I delivered TJ. (Side story: he got there when the social worker was talking to me. When he walked in the worker was shocked and slowly moved up against the side wall. When he left she just said thank you and walked out…haha)

Anytime its time to go vote for him….I GO!

Well TJ and Anna of course were with me and I told him we were going to go vote. He called it boot. He met Robert Rivera (our city council rep) and walked in all excited to boot. So they gave him a sample ballot to “vote”. I filled it in for him and he walked out saying he got to boot. Robert and his opponent cheered for him.

Training him up early!


Joys of Eating

Now that Anna is well into eating all her veggies she likes to get messy, and I just let her enjoy it.

After every bite she sucks on her thumb. Each bite she switches off which thumb to suck on.

One meal I just kept taking pictures. She would fuss at me if I took too long getting the food in her mouth.


Mothers Day

First Mothers Day as a mother of two kids!

It was also the first Mothers day that we didn't have to go to church. (we had church on Friday night...aka First Friday Service)

With young kids its very unlikely to sleep in. TJ was up at 7ish and Tim got him set up in the living room with his cartoons. That let me sleep for another 30-45 minutes.

We headed out to IHOP after Anna finally woke up.
TJ is making a funny face but this is the best we got. haha
I got my gift yesterday. Tim took me to Jared's and let me pick out more charms for my Pandora bracelet that he got me for my birthday and while we were there we got my wedding ring cleaned. I got three new charms. The clips on the ends and the heart in the middle.
I hope all you mothers had a great and fabulous day!

Happy Mothers Day!!!


Schlueter Photos

While Josh, Dre and Nate were here a couple of weeks ago we decided them and I would go to a park so I could take some pictures of them. Nothing fancy but some pictures so we could update older pictures with.

Here are a few of my favorites:



Poor Miss Anna is suffering from Allergies. If she stays inside the house she seems to be ok but literally the second we walk outside it flairs up. Seeing how it’s beautiful it is outside, this is hard to accomplish. Once she goes outside we wash her head, face and hands off so when she lies down she won’t breathe it all in.

Anything that goes outside she won’t use again. So if she lays on a blanket outside or we put a blanket over the carrier, it doesn’t get put around her once we go back inside. Her sheets stay clean so if she goes down for a nap with clothes on that she went outside in, then the next time she lays down she’ll have clean sheets. So at least when she comes inside, she’ll have a place to recover

Hopefully this won’t last long and she can be outside and play without any issues. Us Leckie’s love the outside and being cooped up is NO FUN! and to top it off...she is teething also.

Here she is, isn’t she so pathetic looking:


Sitting Up

Well as I sit here writing this my little girl is sitting next to me. Anna can sit up on her own. She is still a little wobbly of course but she can do it.

She is actually been a little sick. She was starting to get constipated then we took a trip to Arkansas and sitting in the car for so long that she couldn't work it out by laying on her tummy. It got really bad and we had to force it out. Then today she is acting like she is teething real bad and battling some allergies. Poor kid has had it rough the last week or so. But she is still a trooper and has moments of happiness.
yah! no hands

oh wait..I might fall

here I go!!! WEEEE

catching myself

hi brother

what are those green things?

can I wear those super cool green boots?

oh, my feet are cool


oh brother

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