The Life of Tim and Katie

Well Tim and I made it three years. A lot has happened in 3 years and I love him more than I did the day I married him.

Here is a glimpse of the years:

Year One:

Our first apartment was in North Arlington right by Hurricane Harbor. It was a great large apartment that we learned to love. I got my first real job at an office and we met our really good friends Mike and Heather there (Heather was one of my only friends). This job made life more manageable than my blockbuster job could offer. We took lots of weekend trips to South Texas and Louisiana to see family. We spent lots of time with our family and friends just handing out and going to fun events.

Year Two:

On our year anniversary we went down to College Station on the Friday spent time with Josh and Andrea and on the way back we took our time stopping at the Dr. Pepper Museum, outlet malls and random stops. On Sunday we went out to the Lake with some friends and hand fun tubing all day. In June this year I started working at the same company Tim works at PPG. This is when we became really good friends with Nick and Kelly. Tim decided to share them with me. Lots of good times with them. In July my brother got married and we all went on a cruise to Cozumel. Once we got back from the cruise we went and picked up the new additions to our family, Gracee and George 3. We got George when we were just dating and he died the July the first year we were married and then George 2 died while we were on our cruise. In the fall of this year we decided we wanted to get   into a house so we started our search for a house. Just so happens the first house we went and looked at was the house we fell in love with. We got moved in by January 18th. Mamaw Hughes was diagnosed with the worst kind of Leukemia and started treatment. Cedar Pointe Church where Bill was pastoring and we were going to church decided to shut the doors. This is when we started going to Prince of peace. Tim started leading worship and getting more involved in the ministries. We found out in March of this year that Sarah and Rick were pregnant and were going to have a baby by the end of the year. Tim and I decided to start trying to get pregnant. In April Tim had knee surgery and was in recovery for 6 weeks.

Year Three:

Mike and Heather's baby Alexis was born July 3rd. We found out we were pregnant August 9th. My brother Josh graduated from Texas A&M and got commissioned in the Army as a 2nd Lt that same weekend in August. Amy started her first semester at A&M. In September after months of  fighting and going into remission Mamaw passed away. We love and miss you Mamaw. On Tim's birthday in October we found out that we were having a boy. At the end of October Tim Schroeder in "You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown" this is when we became good friends with Cody. Who TJ will call Uncle Cody. Piper Elizabeth was born on December 29th. Months of pregnancy in there of me getting bigger and bigger. TJ came exactly two weeks early weighing in at 8lbs 15oz and 20 inches long. Rick and Sarah got a job offer in Little Rock and after a while of thinking about it decided that is where God wanted them next. they moved at the end of April. Bill and Debra were offered a head Pastor job in Bentonville Arkansas and headed up there in May. My sister-in-law graduated from Texas A&M and they are now getting ready to move to New York on Josh's first assignment. We remodeled our bathrooms with new tile in shower and floor and new counter tops. This past weekend we went down to Fredericksburg where my grandparents live. They got to meet TJ for the first time along with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins. We spent some time out in Lukeinback, shopping and relaxing for the weekend. On the way back we stopped at Dublin, and got some Dr. Pepper.

Well that's the last three years of our lives. Full of fun times and hard times. We cherish our relationships with family and friends and look forward to the memories we are going to have this year. Even more fun ahead with TJ growing and developing like crazy.

I love you Tim! You are the greatest!


TJ Is 7 Weeks Old

Hello All,
TJ is 7 weeks old today and he went to the doctor. He is weighing in
at 12 pounds 8 ounces and is 23 inches long. Dr. Hoffman said he looks
great. He was very glad to hear that he is sleeping through the night.
I failed to mention to him that I have been giving him 2 tsp of rice
cereal in his bottle at night. (he probably wouldn't like that) lol. He
goes back to see Dr. Hoffman in 2 weeks to get all his shots.

TJ is smiling a lot these days and reacting to more of what we say
and do. He is really talking and singing also. TJ loves music, his
favorites are worship and Taylor Swift. I wonder where he got the love for
those two. hmmmm that's all that his mommy listens to.

I'll keep you updated.


My Birth Story

Well, I figured I should post a blog about how TJ came into the world now before I go back to work and want to spend all my spare time with him.

On Weds March 26th I went to my regular weekly check up and My doctor told me I gained 8 lbs that week and my blood pressure was kinda high. She sent me over to triage to get monitored for a few hours. I was having contractions but nothing consistent. Everything came back normal and they sent me home.

Thursday March 28th at 8:30 AM i got a fever (102) and called my doctor told them what was going on and they told me they would call me back. I was shaking i was so cold i had 2 sweaters on and a blanket and sweater on over my legs and i couldn't even talk I was so cold. I was feeling great my whole pregnancy until this moment. I felt like crap all i wanted to do was go home and lay there with 500 blankets and watch TV. (not teach someone how to do my job while i was gone)
By 11:30 my fever broke and I was feeling like i did before. full of energy and ready to go. 12:15 came along and it was time to go to lunch I got up and was walking into the break room when it felt like I had a discharge (thinking I should just walk straight into the bathroom) but the fluid kept coming. It felt like I was peeing in my pants. As soon as I got in the stall SPLASH!!! all over the floor and all over my clothes. I just started to cry i was so embarrassed there was another person in the bathroom listening to this whole thing. My mom came in and asked if I was okay i just told her to go get Tim and she asked again if i was okay all i could say was my water broke. Then the whole office was going crazy standing outside the bathroom. My manager was talking to me through the stall while my mom went to go get Tim and a blanket for the walk to the car.
All i could say to Tim when I came out was "We are having a baby today"

On the drive to the hospital my contractions were every 3 mins apart and really painful. Tim dropped me off at the door and went to park the car. while I was standing there without my blanket (Tim said you couldn't see that I was all wet so I left the blanket) and by the time Tim got to me i wet down to my knees all the way in the front and back.

I had to wait in triage for about 45 mins while they got my paperwork together and got an IV in me. I was already asking for an epidural my contractions were every 2 mins apart but i was only at a 2.

When I got to the room i was at a 4 and still waiting for my pain meds. Let me tell you I had to have my epidural I couldn't even breathe through them. I was having contractions every min and a half. After two hours of labor i got my epidural and I was not at a 5. The family was glad that i was finally not in pain. I was put on oxygen because my blood pressure was dropping and TJ's heart rate was kinda weird. (oxygen did the trick and we both were back to normal) My dad decided to go ahead and leave to get the camera from the house and leave a note that he wouldn't be at his class that night. As soon as he left they came in and checked me again and I was at an 8. that was at about 5:30.

At 6 right when my dad was back he came in the room to tell me he was back and then everyone was kicked out because they needed to get me ready for pushing. Epidural still doing the trick I started pushing at 6:15. The oxygen was great to have in between contractions to get my breathe back. TJ had a little trouble getting his head out because his cord was wrapped around his shoulders keeping him inside. The doctor used the vacuum (not the technical word for it) TJ was born at 6:37. 6 hours and 22 mins from when my water broke.
He was 8lbs 15 oz and 20 inches long.

Thanks for all the prayers and gifts during pregnancy, delivery and after.

love you all!!!

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