Overwhelmed To Say The Least

As you could tell by previous posts that the nursery was coming along nicely. I had a to-do list I was keeping at work and was constantly marking things off as they were getting done. We got the crib last week and had it set up on Thursday. Really all we had to do was touch up paint, touching up the base boards, and decorations. I would say we were 75-80% done!

We had some left over flooring and we were going to take it back. Saturday morning TJ and I were ready to go and Tim had to go get a pair of shorts that had been drying in the guest room. When he walked in there the carpet was wet. His first thought was that we had some time of foundation problem, a broken pipe or something. AGH!!! not what we need.

After investigation we found that our A/C unit was leaking condensation and it had filled up the inside of the A/C closet and was into the rooms. Yes, rooms being more than just the guest room. The way our house is set up is the A/C closet is in the hall in between the guest room and Anna's room. The return vents are in both rooms and then in the hall. My first thought when we realized it was a leak was to look in Anna's room. I didn't see anything at first and then left. But after a second look we could tell the floor was already starting to buckle. Oh I cried! Trying to keep my cool and not stress Tim out anymore than he already was, I cried in secret.

Our shop vac wasn't working so we just got out towels and started soaking up the water. We knew we would need to get the carpet dried out or it would quickly mildew. After pulling up half of the room, the padding was soaked and there was no hope for recovery.

We got out of the house for lunch and when we got back our friends Mike and Heather came to the rescue to help Tim move furniture and such since I couldn't. We borrowed Pat's (our wonderful, beloved neighbors) shop vac. Tim and Mike got the room cleared out and the carpet up in record timing. The one of the two rooms that was done, I had clean sheets and everything on the bed ready for guests!

That evening after TJ woke up from his late nap we decided to tackle Anna's room and start pulling up the floor to see how bad it really was. We were hoping to only pull up the first few rows, HA, nope. we had to pull up the whole thing. The water had gone to a third of the room and had ruined that much flooring. And it was already mildewing in there. yuck!

So glad we hadn't taken that flooring back. We do have enough to finish Anna's room and more to contribute to the guest room. But again....we were done with this part of the project!

I have cried many tears. Actually I have balled many tears. I was at the point of relief that the room was getting done. I could move on to getting other cleaning projects done around the house.

The room went from this beautiful flooring, with all the furniture and some decorations up:
To hoping we would only take out a few rows:

To ripping out the whole thing. That dark area was all wet and that is basically all the flooring we lost:
This is what the room looked like weeks ago. Starting all over is not fun!
The A/C guy comes out tomorrow so hopefully we will know something soon and we can move on. I can't handle this stress. Crying is not on my schedule of things to do.


Outside in Texas

TJ insisted that we go outside tonight to play.

I agreed because I knew it wasn't really that hot outside and I wouldn't be completely miserable sitting out there while he played.

Ten minutes into the fun I was already getting attacked by mosquitoes, Tim had fire ants crawling on his feet, and TJ was out there in the yard playing away with a huge smile on his face. These events that were happening to Tim and I didn't even faze him and he didn't want to go inside.

It wasn't that hot which makes me want to go out there but these pests were making it miserable for Tim and I.

Texas is wonderful but weird. The summer is coming to an end and you can tell in the air and in the plants but the bugs are in full force because its still warm outside. Yeah I could have easily put bug spray on our legs and arms but then I would be all sticky...ick!

Just wanted to share how this is only a sign that fall and winter is soon approaching. Praise the Lord!!!

Oh and I made my first batch of pumpkin bread of the season this week. I've been craving it but haven't been able to find any cans of pumpkin in the stores until now.



Heartburn, oh heartburn how I hate thee.

Mylanta, tums and any other form of antacid are my new best friends. My head can not go to the same level as my stomach or everything in my stomach slowly creeps up. Actually I can be sitting or standing and my chest burns. Yuck.

I had this with TJ but I had to take tums so often that even the thought of them.....eeekkkk!

I have 3 pillows, a bottle of mylanta, and a bottle of water on my night stand at all times but for whatever reason I didn't feel like I needed to take some medicine before I laid down. Last night was he worst night I've had. I had a bunch of food later in the evening that are all no-no's for heartburn. I took me a while to fall asleep then once I did my chest would just burn. I was constantly waking up and finally at 3 AM I had to sit up and take like 4 swigs of Mylanta and have some water.

Anyways. Besides the heartburn, few leg cramps and some body aches, I'm feeling pretty good. I had dinner about 3 hours ago and I plan on making my mylanta a preventative treatment every night so last night never happens again.

Thanks for letting me share about my heartburn misfortune.



TJ showing Nate how to play with cars
The last weekend in August Dre and Nate flew into town so we could all make a trip down to Fredericksburg where my Grandparents live. They came in Thursday afternoon and her and my parents drove down Friday morning. Later that day when Tim got off work we started our journey. Our GPS took us some weird way wish made us lost and it took us an extra hour to get there but we finally made it. TJ loved Opa and Oma. He immediately ran into their house and was dancing around and being sweet to them. My sister had come into town that night also. We spent a little bit of time with them that night then headed to bed.

On Saturday we woke up and headed over there to hang out for the day. Tim left with my dad to go meet a friend who is on set of a movie. He is on my dad’s TXAPN council and asked my dad to come in and pray with them over the set and crew. They had a good time; they met the author of the book, the pastor on set, and watched some scenes being filmed. They made it back to my grandparent’s house by noon for lunch. My Uncle Dave and Aunt Linda, Cousins Jonathan, Barb, Morgan, Jenny and Brian had also made the trip to Fredericksburg. It was nice to see everyone and hang out for a while during lunch and after. Everyone couldn’t stay long but we had a fun time.
TJ and his cousin Morgan
We stayed till after church and lunch on Sunday and then headed home.

This last weekend we made a trip to Shreveport. We planned to stay with Mammo on Friday night and stay till the afternoon and then head over to Papaw’s house for Saturday night. We made it to Mammo’s house around 8 and she had dinner ready for us. We stayed up late hanging out with family and letting TJ play. We put him to bed around 10:30 and then we stayed up and talked with just Mammo until almost midnight. Saturday TJ of course woke up early needing to go to the bathroom so we were up and moving shortly after that. We had a big breakfast and then just hung out. We went through a bunch of Papaw’s shirts and Tim came home with about 15 shirts of Papaw’s.
TJ cuddling with Mammo. He didn't want to leave
By noon we were packing up and getting ready to go to Papaw’s. He took us out to lunch when we got there and then took us out to the lake so we could ride on his boat. It was TJ’s first time. After the ride we went to a nature park that had a bunch of live animals there to look at and even a deer that you can feed. TJ had a blast. We made our way back to Papaw’s house for TJ to nap before dinner. By my request we went out for catfish and Papaw knew of the best place in town. It was sooooo good. I just wish it would have stayed down. Since we went to eat late and I went to bed shortly after I woke up in the middle of the night throwing up. Yuck. My head got below my stomach and Anna was kicking like crazy, it didn’t have much choice in weather or not to come back up.
TJ driving Papaw's boat. He loved it!!!
Sunday we went to Papaw’s church and let TJ go to the little class. He had so much fun and it was fun to see Papaw with all of his friends. Since we went to the early service we were done with lunch and everything by noon.  We had such a great time with Mammo and Papaw but we were worn out and ready to hit the road.
Oh I forgot about something that happened on Saturday night. I was so tired, full and sore from walking. I took a shower and then went to find my brush and couldn’t find it anywhere. I always forget to bring my brush and I had it at Mammo’s house but I couldn’t find it and My hair is so tangled and a mess. I searched in my bacg, Tim’s bag, TJ’s bag, and the car. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was working my self up. I had that brush since elementary school and it was my favorite. I just started to cry because I couldn’t find it. Tim finally came in to go to bed and wondered why I was crying. He just laughed at me and told me I probably left it at Mammo’s and we would call her the next day to go by and get it. Sunday on our way out of town we stopped by to see Mammo and to get my brush. I gott my brush back and we got to see Mammo again. There I think I just pleased my husband by posting this little story!
On our way home we stopped to see Ken and Ginny in Waskom. They are good friends of ours and they LOVE TJ. We made it home in time to see Amy for a little bit before she headed home and had dinner with my daddy before we went to get Gracee.
We had some busy weekends but it was so good to see everyone!!!


28 Weeks

These have been some pretty crazy weeks. A lot has happened, we have travelled a lot and we have gotten so many things done around the house. For now I’m just going to talk about my little baby in my belly. The most recent name that TJ has for her is Beanner (baby Anna).

I’m 28 weeks and 4 days pregnant….less than 12 weeks to go!

My appointments are going well. I’m going to the doctor every other week. My current weight gain is at 15 pounds, so much better than where I was at this point with TJ. I had my sugar test a week ago and it came back normal so I won’t have to go back for the 3 hour test. Miss Anna is moving like crazy. Her active time is right after dinner before bed.  She is about 15 inches long now from head to toe and weighs about 2 1/2 pounds. I had my first throw up. When I was pregnant with TJ I couldn’t lay down flat after the half way point because he put too much pressure on my stomach and it would all try to come back up. Well on Saturday night we had a bunch of fried food late and when I laid down I had my head propped up but during the night my head slipped off the pillow for a while and everything I ate decided to come back up. Yuck! Since then if I feel like my stomach may give me troubles I take an antacid before I lay down to calm my stomach down.

The Room:
We have been really busy getting her room ready. My shower is in a few weeks and we need to have the room ready before then. The room is already painted so that was a big project that didn’t need to be done. The carpet had been torn out and the tack strips were pulled up last weekend. This last week I swept and cleaned up all the dust and little pieces of wood left over from tearing that out. Yesterday we decided to attack the room. We got the underlayment down, the base boards pulled up and the flooring laid. It looks so good. Tonight we put the base boards back on, the transitions strips at the doorways, and then all that's left is the chair rail. The rest of the things that need to be done are cosmetic, such as decorations and lighting. 
carpet out, tack strips out, floors cleaned, under layment down 
 more than 2/3 way done
flooring done, base boards back up, and transition strips done

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