Please, not another one

I don't know where our son learned this....hmmm maybe his Daddy. =)

We went outside and there was a can there from earlier. It was empty and I was watching to make sure he wouldn't hurt himself. But this was hilarious to watch and I just had to share it.

Here he is just walking around "drinking" the Dr. Pepper.

Here is another of him just sitting there taking a "drink" and then setting it back down again. He was so serious sitting there.


New Found Talent

As some of you may know our sweet Gracee is half Catahoula. Catahoulas are working dogs from Louisiana. They can hunt and herd. They hunt basically anything: deer, hog, squirrel, mountain lions, raccoon, and the list goes on. They are also known as “cat” dogs, because they can be trained to climb trees. Now our dog is only half Catahoula and has never known how to do this. Well and we didn’t know how to train her to do this…why would we want our dog to know how to climb trees? She can jump like nothing else. Her last owner trained her to jump into his arms. He called it “hugging”. It took us a bit to get her out of this habit. People would walk in our front door and she would “hug” them.
Well this past weekend she spent a lot of time in my parent’s backyard. Unlike at our house she can’t get under the fence, because they have a concrete strip all the way around the back yard that the fence sits on top of.
We got back to my parents house on Friday night with her greeting us in the driveway. We thought she just got out at the gate by the driveway. Sunday she was back at my parents house during church since Rodney and Virginia were going to be taking her home for the night. When my sister was coming over to church she saw Gracee out front and put her back in the backyard and while Amy was walking over to the church she was greeted by her again. She thought she was jumping over but I still thought she was getting out at the gate. After worship I went to get her back in the house. Instead of just putting her in the house I put her back in the backyard to see if she would get out while I was watching. Yep, she climbed up over the fence. The 1st jump I saw her head pop up, on the next jump there she came. Her whole body came right over the fence. Then she just stood there looking at me. Like ”look mommy, I did it. Aren’t you proud?”
We will be getting her a chain so when she needs to stay out in the back we can just chain her up. Not near the fence line of course. I don’t want her hanging herself.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, I forgot to click “post”:

Today is my mom’s birthday. I just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about how wonderful she is. She is such a strong woman and is absolutely the best mom. I feel very privileged to have her as my mother. We didn’t get along that great when I lived at home but it seems the day I moved out we have become so close. I now talk to her everyday even multiple times throughout the day. Over the last year she has been able to watch TJ everyday for Tim and I while we are at work. TJ loves her and always gets excited when we are walking up to the door.

She is so talented and has so many of them. She makes amazing blankets, scarves, and washcloths. She can make some mean cookies and can come up with the most creative recipes. Well recipe is not the best word for it. I think we only have about 2 or 3 that were actually written down. The other thousands that we’ve had, we only had once. HAHA

She is such a great wife to my dad, mom to me and my siblings, grandmother (Kaykay), sister, and the list goes on.

I love her so much and am so glad that she is in my life. She is not only my mom but my friend.

If you don’t know my mom you are truly missing out.

Happy Birthday Mommy!


New Routine

Within the last couple of weeks we’ve decided to change up a few nightly routines in our house. Over the past year we found it easier to give TJ a bath in our bathroom. We always changed him in our room and that way we didn’t have to worry about toys in the guest bathroom. It’s gotten a little insane in our bathroom. I didn’t have a nice bath toy holder so all of TJ’s bath toys stayed in a basket on the floor next to the bathtub. Our bathroom which we completely remodeled last year was now look cluttered and unclean. Last week we ventured out to the good ol Target and invested in a bath toy holder. It keeps all the toys, shampoo, and soap nicely hung on the wall. TJ thinks it’s funny and I think its organized.
Now that TJ is getting a mouth full of teeth we’ve been working on teaching him to brush his teeth. He was doing really good with the concept. He hasn’t been a child to stick everything in his mouth so for the first time I had to go get my tooth brush and show him “how we brush our teeth”. He has been doing this every night for a week and a half. Last night and the night before he was pushing the tooth brush away and would just lean toward me and open his mouth wide. I guess he finds it easier and much more convenient for him to have me do it. HAHA.

Update on walking:
He does know how to walk and he only walks when he chooses to walk. I think maybe he realizes that when he walks he won’t be a baby anymore. Well I don’t know that he realizes that or not but he only walks on his terms


What to Write?

I feel like I have sooo much to say but can't seem to find one specific thing to talk about. So many things have happened to me and been on my mind. I even started this post with talking about decisions. Obviously I can't even find the words to right in a blog about choices. I sit here with such a desire to write but can't write. I guess that's what you call writers-block.
You know I love where our life is right now. I love my Timothys, I love my family and friends, and I love my house. Church has been great. My dad has been teaching on redemptive gifts. Tim and I are really finding who we are as in our gifts that the Lord has given us.
I look at my days that go by and see who I am becoming. I wonder how I got here and if I would have made one slightly different choice how it would have changed my life forever. I always think if I did do this or didn't do that would I have still gotten married and would I be the mother of TJ? And my answer is yes. One of the reasons God put me on tis earth was to be the wife of Timothy and the mother of Timothy Jr. I can't think of what I have to get out of this life and what I want but what can I do for the people God has put around me. If that's changing a diaper or running back to the store to get Dr. Peppers.

I know I really haven't said anything profound or even something worth making a title of this post. But I wanted to write and I needed to write.

I think I'm going to call it quits on this. I promise I'll get a topic before I start the next post.

Have a lovely evening and a fabulous week!



What brings you Joy?

Joy is something that comes with knowing Christ.

But Joy is also a choice. It’s a choice that needs to be made daily. I choose to have a good day, I choose to be happy, and to spread joy wherever I go and whoever I come in contact with. It’s definitely something that I’ve dealt with a lot lately. I find myself with the slightest stress in life will get me down and I have to choose to be happy and joyful. I find it the easiest to find the perfect joy by getting in the word.

Just the other day I had a horrible day. I just wanted to go to sleep and not think about anything. I sat there in my bed while Tim was watching um…I think… a Mav’s game and thought why not just read some of my Bible. I read a bit while listening to some peaceful worship music. I slept so peacefully that night and woke up so refreshed and did the same thing that morning. I dove into the word first thing. I woke up with the thought “I’m going to beat this day, this day and the people in this day can’t and won’t get me down” I had such a better day. Yes, people were still people, phone calls were still frustrating but with the constant thought that Christ is my joy kept me going.

I can’t have true joy without Him. Why not just give up living on my own and submit to him?



Tim and I's anniversary is coming up at the end of this month. I can't believe we have been married 4 years. I was thinking back the other day while we were watching a Mav's game how much has changed. Yeah I know a Mavericks game what made me think of our relationship during a Mavericks game. Well it just so happens that our first "date" was watching a Mav's game together. Tim was invited to watch the game at the Benjamin's house and he took me along with him. It was fun.

In the last six years this is what has happened...in a nutshell:
started dating
watch a mavs game
we get a fish (George)
got engaged
Tim moved out of his parents house into our apartment
we get married
I move in
we get another fish (George II)
we get a dog
we buy a house
we move into the house
we get another fish (George III)
we get pregnant
we have a baby (TJ)
watch a mavs game.

See how life takes you around and then brings you right back.

We are celebrating by having an evening out without the boy. It will be fun and I'll post another blog about that later.

Little Bit of Some Blog Silence

Sorry about being quiet. An no, this picture doesn't have anything to do with my blog but I thought it was really cool.

Its been a pretty busy and crazy last couple of weeks. It started out with last Sunday. TJ had a fever, for no reason. It was pretty high and I didn't know where it was coming from. Since he wouldn't eat lunch after church I thought it was because he was teething. After a few days of up and down fever I called the doctor. The one thing that concerned them was that he didn't have any other symptoms. Well it turns out that the Dr. diagnosed that TJ has Roseola, I never saw a rash. But the Dr said that he may or may not get the rash.

Monday was my brother's golden birthday. Happy birthday Josh! Wish we could have been with him but we'll have a big party when we see them this summer.

I started this blog last weekend and I can't even remember why last week was so busy. This week I found out that TJ's bed has been recalled so this week we have been working on getting that taken care of. The bed is apart and the bolts have been mailed with all the other necessary paperwork to get a voucher for a new bed. Hopefully in about a week we'll be getting a new bed. It was really weird last night taking the bed apart that we had gotten for him. Well and now his room just looks off without his bed in there.
This week was NOT a good week relationally at work. But after some serious quiet time with The Lord I had a decent day today. I've just decided I can't do it on my own and I'm gonna be happy even if they don't like it.

I finished up my last class of School of Spiritual Warfare last week and we were suppose to have our last class with Beverly McIntyre yesterday but she got stuck in San Antonio and couldn't make it in time for the class. My dad has another class coming up this summer where we will go through the redemptive gifts and I KNOW it will be an awesome class. I just haven't decided if I'm going to attend. We are learning this in church right now and I just may want to go into it deeper in the class.

TJ is growing like a weed and of course changes daily. He got his 7th and 8th tooth in this last week. His top eye teeth.

Tim is really into cycling right now and out riding as I type. He is going on a 40 mile ride tomorrow and next weekend he will be in a 60 or 65 mile race. SO proud of him and he is even getting Amy into riding. I've gone a few rides its not as exciting for me. That probably has something to do with not having a fancy shamancy road bike and having a 25 pound kid on the back wobbling around. HAHA

I know this was a bunch of random information but its all I got right now. I really have some things that I want to get out but I'll save that for another day. I have things that are burning in my spirit that I want to write. Oh yeah! I didn't tell you, I got prophesied over that I would be a writter. That I would teach, draw pictures, prophecy and so on with my writings. SO COOL!
Here is TJ and his girl Lex on Easter weekend. I know its a little old but wanted to share a picture of him. 

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