Piper's Birthday

Miss Piper turned 1 year old. She is such a little blessing to all of us. We have enjoyed watching her grow and learn new things.
Love you Piper Happy Birthday!

1 year ago:
Here is a couple of pictures from her birthday party:

We gave her a doll for Christmas then a stroller for her birthday. She was walking all over the place pushing her little baby.
Her and her cake...yummy


TJ is 9 Months Old

This month he basically perfected some of the things he has learned to do the last couple of months. He pulls up on everything and is starting to walk along the couch and ottoman. He crawls EVERYWHERE. He is still eating good except he got sick while we were in Arkansas for Christmas and still doesn't have his normal appetite back yet. We are getting there. I really think he is the best baby. He sleeps awesome. I don't ever have to fight him to go to bed. He lays down and goes to sleep. He prefers his bad over sleeping on anyone or anywhere else. He is such a happy baby and smiles all the time.

Here are a few pictures from this month:


Christmas In Arkansas

Christmas Day we met my parents for breakfast at IHOP then hit the road to Arkansas. We had a great drive up there and pulled into there drive way around 4:30.  We had Christmas dinner that night and opened our "Christmas Eve" gifts,
Here are a couple pictures from "Christmas Eve"
Now for "Christmas Morning" we  had an appointment to take family pictures at 1 so we needed to open presents, eat breakfast, get everyone ready and be in Fayetteville 30 minutes away. So we were up at 7 am opening presents.

Reading his book

His guitar...we heard this guitar all weekend. He figured out how to hold it while crawling. down side was the song his hand was on while he was crawling kept starting over.

He sat there and put all the blocks back in the cookie jar.
Here are some random pictures after that morning. He got a massive cold and was sick the whole trip. He was still a great trooper and wonderful little boy.


Christmas In Arlington

Christmas Eve
As I've told in past posts about our Christmas traditions. We continued those as best we could. We were off on Christmas eve so we were able to get things ready for the trip to Arkansas along with some last minute shopping. Then we headed over to my parents house for the Christmas Eve service then presents with the family at their house.
Here are the pictures from TJ opening his gifts before the service:

Here is the pictures from the Service:

Papa and KayKay with TJ

Aunt Mamy and TJ

The Leckie's

TJ and His Sponsors- Amy and Jeanine

Christmas Morning
yes....I finally got an iPhone. Now I can communicate like crazy.

First picture taken with my phone

TJ's First Christmas morning
His big toy. this was his first time to pull up on this toy. He's a Genius!

Then off to Arkansas. It was a great Christmas for us here in Arlington



Some of you who may shop at Albertson's will know that ever since August they have had a deal going that with every 10 dollars you spend you get a sticker once you get 36 stickers on a sheet you get a free place setting of Royal Doulton Blueberry. It comes with a dinner plate, salad plate, and soup bowl. Well Tim and i try are very hardest not to spend very much at the store. We always get something on sale or use coupons so the spend more get more didn't work for us. So what I did was told EVERYONE that shopped there to collect them for me. Once I got 6 sheets I went and redeemed them and started using them. Once  got a sheet filled I went and redeemed by sheets. Well last night was the last night to get stickers but I thought it was the last day to redeem. So I headed up there last night at 7 p.m. to get my dishes. I had 3 full sheets and 2 that had a few on each. I went ahead and picked up 4 sets and went to check out. They went ahead and gave me enough stickers to get the 4th set. People I was sooo excited I have 12 place settings. Yippee!!!
That is all I wanted to say... Ya'll have a Merry Christmas!


Dreaming of a White Christmas

As some of you may know by either me telling you or I blogged about it before (I can’t really remember if I did) that Christmas will be slightly different for us this year.

We have a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service to go to then we’ll be going to my parents house for presents and lots of food. Then after hours of opening presents and yammering on about whatever we’ll go home and wake up and the butt crack of dawn to open our presents. Tim and I LOVE Christmas! The child in us comes out every Christmas morning and we hurry into the living room with our slippers and pj’s on and start into the gifts we got for each other. At about 9:30 we would normally pack up our coolest stuff then head over to Cedar Hill to Timothy’s parents house to eat breakfast then open gifts there.

This year it will be slightly different. Instead of just driving to Cedar Hill we will be driving 6 to 7 hours to Bentonville. We will be trying to make it as normal as possible. We are planning on having “Christmas Eve” that night then waking up the day after Christmas to have “Christmas Morning”. We are going to be staying up there through the weekend till Tuesday morning. Piper’s birthday is the 29th so we are planning to have a little party for her while we are all together.

Timothy has been praying for it to snow while we are there. Snow in Texas really isn’t snow and it would be so fun if TJ’s first Christmas was a white Christmas. It doesn’t look like it is going to be but we are still praying. Well praying specifically that it will snow once we get there and not affect the drive up there.

I’m sure I will be posting something else before we leave but incase I don’t, ya’ll have a Merry Christmas!!!

We wish love, peace and a safe Christmas to you and your families.

P.S. this picture is actually Bentonville, AR

Making a List, Then Another, Then Another

Oh man I have never been one to wait till the last minute to go Christmas shopping. I have gladly inheritated my mothers “shopping all year” policy. But for whatever reason this year we’ve been kind of slow getting out and getting it done. I have an idea, lets blame it on TJ. If we get to go out on a week night we can’t be out to long because he goes to bed at 8. Then there is the weekends, we would have to arrange to go out before nap times.

Well this year I did get a lot of it done early but its all the small gifts and extra items that I’m behind on. I still have a few more things to get and looks like I will be shopping all the way to Tuesday night. I have my spreadsheet going with all the items I have gotten and all the items left to get. I know I’m so organized. But I can’t stand not seeing it all written out. The bad thing is that I sit there and make list after list but don’t ever take it to the store with me. Tim laughs at me and gives me a hard time about that. Oh well, it keeps me busy. This final list I do plan on taking to the few stores I have left to go to.


Silly TJ

Here is TJ at lunch today. I thought this was funny and wanted to share it with you.


Oh My Dear T.J.

Last night he got to spend the evening with Tim while I went to my class at church. When I left he was laying on the couch next to Tim drinking his bottle and be going to bed about 45 minutes after he was finished. Once I got to class I received a message from Tim saying he fell asleep while he was eating so he put him in bed.
After I got home Tim told me that once he laid him in there that he finished his bottle and was wide awake so Tim went and brought him into the living room to play and went to bed at normal time. Since he fell asleep at regular time at in the living room on Tim he just took him and laid him down again.
This morning at 5:20 TJ is in his bed talking away!! When I peaked in there to see if he was okay. He was looking over his bed smiling real big at me (he learned how to pull up in his bed YESTERDAY) and wide awake. When I went to lay him back down and give him his pacifier I noticed that he was soaked from the middle of his chest to his knees. His diaper had leaked bad. Well after wiping him down, getting him cleaned up, and changing his diaper he just wanted to play. He just sat on the floor next to the couch and played while I did my quiet time and sat in front of the mirror in my room while I got ready.
He had a really good time but it was so different him being awake while I’m getting ready.


I Am Second For HE is First

I don't know if any of you have seen the billboards or commercials for a website called iamsecond.com. Well Tim and I checked it out tonight and it is an amazing site where some well known people are telling there testimonies on how God is first in their lives.

Some of them you may recognize and some you may not. Watch the videos! We got to watch a couple of them tonight and are already touched by what these people have gone threw.

Here is the Link. Share this with friends and family. We truly were amazed with what some of these people have gone threw. I AM SECOND 

Thanksgiving with Pictures

As posted before we went to Fredericksburg and to see what I said click here to read. I wasn’t able to post any pictures while we were down there and my life has just slowed down where I can get some pictures up here.
 Amy and Lindsay
TJ eating Cranberry Sauce and Sweet Potatoes
Mommy and TJ
TJ's First Thanksgiving meal
Our Wedding Bands
Getting Kisses
Squish TJ
Looking at the Lights
Fun Picture
Me and the Sister (kinda Blurry...Sorry)
TJ and Santa
TJ and Fireman Santa
Who's over there?
He loved the lights and had a really good time and was a great sport during all the picture taking.

8 Month Update on TJ

TJ turned 8 months old on Thanksgiving. We were in Fredericksburg and it was very hard to blog from there, being that I had to send an email to my site with Tim’s phone and then get online with Tim’s phone and post it. Since I like to post the monthly updates with pictures I waited till now to post anything. This last month TJ has mastered the art of crawling. For a while there he would only crawl if he saw something he wanted… the only thing he would really crawl and get was his pooh bear or the book. Now that he is good with that he pulling up on things. The first time he pulled up Tim saw it. They were in our room and TJ loves our bathroom. He thinks that if he goes in there than he gets a bath. Tim said he just crawled right in there went over to the tub and pulled up and was shutting the door. Ever since then he is trying to pull up on anything and everything 95% of the time he just stays on his knees .

We set up our tree on Sunday night and we hang beads on the tree. Well TJ thought it looked a lot like a necklace and insisted on helping. He had his hands in the box with the beads for about 30 minutes. Then last night while I was helping my mom with her beads. TJ crawled over to us and got a hold of the beads that were hanging low from my mom and started pulling them and my mom had to catch them before they all came down.
He has learned “bye” well waving bye. He hasn’t grasped hello yet. For the most part anytime I say “say bye bye” he waves. Its super cute.
Here are some pictures from him this month!

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