Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Well Christmas is over and the presents have all been unwrapped.

Christmas was so much fun this year. TJ would yell "wow" with every preasent he opened. He was just too cute and had so much fun.

And to mark history in my book. This was my very first white Christmas. Since Tim's family moved to Arkansas we knew eventually we might have one. Well DFW had a White Christmas, it snowed all day on Christmas eve and stayed all night to make for a beautiful Christmas day. This was the first white Christmas in DFW since 1926. Crazy huh? It snowed in Arkansas too and made it an interesting day of traveling to Arkansas.

TJ loved watching it snowed and didn't want go inside. Here it is:

Christmas is always busy. We have Christmas on Christmas eve with my parents and then Christmas morning we wake up and have Christmas as a family with just the 3 of us. Once we finish we load up the car and head to Ihop with my parents and sister. We drive up to Arkansas and have "Christmas eve" that night and then wake up and have Christmas morning. It works out great and it makes it as much like traditional Christmas as possible.

TJ and Piper have been playing like crazy. They "talk" to eachother all the time and play nicely for the most part. There is constant laughing and movement.

This by far was completely different from last year and I know next year will be even more crazy.

Here are some pictures of Christmas:
TJ's ATV from Papa and Kaykay
TJ's keyboard from Papaw Hughes

 TJ and Piper

 The kids

 Before: from G-Paw and Sweetie

 After: he loved it

I think thats about it. I put a bunch of pictures on facebook if you'd like to see them on there.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 



Wow, sorry for such a long silence.

I meant to write a thanksgiving blog to let you all know how it went as the first Thanksgiving in our house. It went great, the food was excellent, it was great to see family and it was very relaxing.

We even did a little Black Friday shopping. It led to a tired day on Friday but we survived.

Now we are closing in on Christmas, my favorite time of year. I love the lights, the tree, the decorations, the carols, Christmas eve service, spending time with the family and celebrating the whole meaning of Christmas...CHRIST!

Looks like this Christmas will be just as good as years past. We will be seeing all of our family and the time will be filled with Church, Christmas events, eating, baby shower and a wedding. CAN'T WAIT!

Update on TJ:
I know I say this every time but he is talking more and more each day. One of a funny things that he says is "woants Fid" which is "wants Sid". This took me a bit of time to figure out what he was saying. Then tonight he started saying something else...we can't figure it out. Sounds like a combination of "all done" and "right there'. He kept saying it over and over again while he was cleaning up his toys in the living room. I guess we'll figure it out in time.

and here are some pictures of the little guy:

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