Black Friday Shopping

We actually did it this year. We woke up at 4 am and headed off to Wal-Mart. We were in Fredericksburg and knew it wouldn’t be as bad as it would be in DFW. As soon as we walked in we saw where the TV we wanted was and where the blue ray player was. They were right next to each other, so it was very convenient for us. There were two pallets of the TV that we wanted. Being that Tim was the tallest guy there he got the 2nd one off the top. I was over by the blue ray players. I grabbed one from the top and I had this little lady next to me that asked for my help so I just handed her mine and grabbed another. I probably would not have done this if I was in our area. Tim and I got so excited we put that stuff in the cart and ran off to the register. Oopsie we forgot all the other stuff we needed to get. Needless to say we checked out 3 times. Sad thing is we were still out of there and on our way back to the hotel by 5:30.

Here is a picture of the TV that we got. Timothy got it set up and hung on the wall. We got a great deal and are already enjoying it. Merry Christmas to us!!!


Turkey Day

The day staeted with us getting ready at the hotel and getting over to G&G schlueter's house. We did stop and get donuts since we missed breakfast. After hours of preparation we ate. Yummy! With some of the left overs me and my mom made some food for TJ. He was able to have some for lunch and loved it. Now some of us are snoring on the couch, playing on the floor, blogging, talking on the phone or studying. Good times. Well we sucessfully finished our thanksgiving meal and are ready for soup made with leftovers and a ring made with leftovers. I'm on Tim's phone writing this and not to sure how to add pictures but of course I'll get one up ASAP. I will also keep you informed on how are black Friday shopping goes. Happy Thanksgiving everyone any God bless you and your family.


TJ In Fredericksburg

TJ and my parents made it around 2. He had fun playing and going out to eat. This is them at Andys watching a band play. They also went to the Holy Ghost Luthern Church Thanksgiving eve service. We made it here at 8. We checked into our hotel and then went and scoped out the local walmart. We got to my grandparents house around 8:30 and have been playing on the floor. We are going to be back over here in the morning for THANKGIVING! Be safe and I'll update again later.


Thanksgiving in Fredericksburg

We are headed off tomorrow afternoon down to Fredericksburg Texas. My parents will be taking TJ with them and we are taking Amy and her friend Lindsey with us. Not sure when we will be heading out, that all depends on when we get out of work. Normally on Holidays they like to get rid of us a little early, mainly so they can leave. In case you were wondering TJ will be having turkey dinner my mom is bringing a little blender so we can make him up a meal. He'll love it!

I will try to post a blog while we are down there but everyone one have a safe holiday!



Like Papa Like Grandson

In case you didn’t know my dad is the prayer coordinator over the TXAPN aka Texas Apostolic Prayer Network. TXAPN  is aligned with United States Apostolic Alliance with Dutch Sheets. He has travelled all over Texas . Last year him and my mom drove the perimeter of Texas and met up with intercessors from all over Texas. And last month he had someone in each county of Texas simultaneously staking the county for God. Well it has been prophesied over TJ many times already that he will be a prophet, preacher and warrior for God. Well we are getting him started earlier.

Here is my Dad praying over Texas. He keeps this in his office so he can pray over Texas and be able to see the state laid out counties and all.
And here is TJ checking out Texas. Yes he is playing with his toys but God is getting him ready. Pray TJ Pray!!


TJ's First Boo Boo

Tonight TJ was over by the window reaching for a toy and pulled himself up and whatever he was leaning on gave out and he fell and hit the window seal.  Poor little guy. I know it was really hurting him. Normally when he falls over, he cries but it was more out of being scared. Tonight he wouldn’t calm down so I know it was really hurting him. WE just held him and gave him lots of kisses and he finally calmed down. It broke the skin and will probably have a dark bruise in a day or so. Right now it’s a bump and a little red. I just gave him some Tylenol so he wouldn’t get a headache.
So his first real boo boo was on November 19th 2008.

Here are some more pictures:

See how he has a little bump.
Poor Baby


The Trip To the Ol' Shreveport

We headed out as soon as I got home from work and were leaving our house by 4:25 well after stopping to get gas at the wrong gas station we were actually on the road by 5. TJ was really tired and teething so he wasn't fun in the car. As soon as we got there he was having a blast playing with everyone and was able to stay up till about 9:30. Saturday we woke up early and Papaw made us all breakfast. At about 9:30 we headed over to the Leckie's house. We got to see Papaw and Mamaw Leckie along with Penny and Jeremy and all their kids. We were on our way back by about 1:00. We had a really good time. It was a short trip but lots of fun. Now that TJ is crawling him and Piper were a hoot to watch.

Here are the pictures.

Friday Night:
Bath Time
Fighting over the lotion
Me and Piper...She came right to me!
TJ liked his Curious George Book

"Don't Touch ME!" He would just push her away if she was too close.

Me and Sarah with the Babies. Piper didn't want to sit still
Playing with Papaw Hughes
4 Generations of Wayne's
G-Paw and TJ. Geaux Tigers!
Piper eating her finger
TJ and Winnie the Pooh
Swapped Pacies
Eating a cookie
Me and Tim
Me and Pipes
Tim and Pipes (with Piper's Head band)
Uncle Rick and TJ


It's Been Too Long

This weekend we are headed off to Shreveport again. The last time we were there TJ was 3 months old. It has been way too long since we have seen them and TJ has changed so much just in the last week. They will be amazed on how he is after 3 months. It’s just going to be a short trip but will be having fun none the less. We are driving over there on Friday after work and going straight to Papaw’s house. He is making some BBQ and ribs… yummy! We’ll be at Papaw’s till mid morning then we are heading over to Mamaw and Papaw Leckie’s house. We’ll see Bill’s sister and her family there and we’ll stay till a little after lunch. Tim’s parents along with Rick, Sarah and Piper are driving down from Arkansas on Friday afternoon and we’ll all go our separate way on Saturday. I’ll be posting a blog later with pictures and if you’re lucky some videos.

Have a fabulous day…well rest of the day!

Catching Up

I was slightly annoyed with my blogs being on two different sites. SOOO this week I have been working on getting all my MySpace blogs put onto themindofkaite.com. Some of my readers have the posts automatically emailed to them and I thought I had the email updates turned off and after about 7-9 posts I hear Tim yell from the other room” Katie, What are you doing why am I getting all these old blogs!!!” Oops. After turning that off I proceeded to post the rest of the blogs. It was about 45 of them and some of the pictures on them are messed up. I am trying to get that fixed. Some of the ones I just put on I put back in draft mode so I can fix the pictures. Lots of the blogs are from while I was pregnant and I have been gathering my belly shots from the days I posted the blogs. It will make them a little more fun so you can see how big I was when I wrote them.
Needless to say all my blogs will soon be on http://www.themindofkatie.com/ and people won’t have to have a MySpace to see them.


Crawling TJ

Here is TJ crawling. He officially crawled a couple of weeks ago while I was on vacation but in the last week he is moving all over the place. Here is a close up of him crawling and then the second video is a little further away and really getting him move. and yes that is a cell phone. Its Tim's old phone but he is a boy and LOVES electronics.


Me and the Boy

Last night my parents invited us over to their house for pizza. It was going to be a little chili when we were going to be coming home so I put on a hoodie and went ahead and got TJ in a zip up hoodie and this is how adorable we looked that I made Tim take a picture

Oh and on Saturday Tim asked me to cut his hair and every time I cut his hair he almost always asks how much a difference it would make if I just took off the guard. We cut his hair on a one. So I said well let’s see. I started in the back and went up to almost the top of his head and I said “on I don’t like it lets not do this” well it was too late for that. Tim has a very short hair cut. I told him I wanted to take a picture but he would not let me. Sorry. I’ll just have to get him in a picture here in a couple of days.


TJ's First Football Game

We took TJ out to see the Friday Night Lights. The game was at Arlington High School against the Mansfield Tigers. Tim has a person he works with that has a son who plays for Mansfield. So we headed out there all bundled up. TJ really seemed to enjoy it. Considering his bed time was 30 minutes after the game even started I was a little concerned with how he would do. He Just sat on our lap and looked at everything that was going on and smiling at all the people around us. We got up at half time and walked around a bit just so he wouldn’t get restless. He is a 2 percenter and we left half way through the 4th quarter. I don’t even know if Mansfield won.  They were winning when we left so who knows.

Here are the pictures from the night:

TJ and Mommy
TJ and Daddy
My Favorite
The Leckie's all bundled up
He's done. lets go home


Visit With Bill a.k.a. G-Paw

Tonight Tim’s Dad came into town with the worship pastor Chris from their church. I think there was a meeting or conference over at Gateway. We met them up at Texas Roadhouse and  ate some yummy steak. We actually all got the Fort Worth Ribeye.  After we got done eating we headed back to our house and just hung out. TJ got a lot of G-Paw time and we even got on the computer and Skyped Debra.
After TJ had his bottle we set him on the floor with his Pooh Bear and moved all around.  He gets so excited with that silly bear. It was just cracking us up. They are heading back this afternoon. It was a quick trip but fun. Oh and right when we got there I had told Bill he needed to take the high chair back with him and we agreed he could do that, but after talking and playing with TJ we forgot all about it and we sent him off without it… Oops
Here are some pictures from the night:


Insurance and Doctor Offices....AAAHHH

So today was TJ’s post op appointment. If I hadn’t said this before then I’ll say it now. I hate this office. They never have appointments and when you go you sit there for well over an hour waiting to see the doctor. The time is split in half from waiting in the waiting room and then waiting in the exam rooms. With an infant to a 7 month old, this is not fun AT ALL. So I get there and normally they ask me to pay when I check in. Nope didn’t ask me. I silently get excited because I don’t really have the extra money to pay for this appointment. I sit and wait for a LONG time and finally get back to the room and wait again for a LONG time to see the doctor. About the time TJ is READY to go he comes in and talks to us for a total of 3 minutes. He checks TJ and tells me he is good to go back to normal activities. Being that he is 7 months old the only thing he really couldn’t do was play in his jumparoo. He stands there and types on his little computer and then says hope to see you again just not here shakes my hand and then out we go.
We now are waiting to get the parking ticket validated and sign out. This lady in front of me is trying to schedule something and since they have no appointments it takes forever. She scheduled something for January. Could she not have waited and called back in? There were a bunch of people waiting on her. Its finally my turn and I am asked to pay my 30 dollars. Dang it I thought I was going to have to pay. So I pull out my card. This was hard to do because I have TJ in my arms and the diaper bag on the shoulder that I’m holding TJ with. Pull it out and while I’m handing the card to the lady she says “oh no sorry you don’t owe anything” okay I put the card back away. She says “well that’s weird here it says you do pay. Hang on” I stand there while TJ is reaching for EVERYTHING on the counter. She comes back and says “okay he had it as a post op and it’s not so you will need to pay the $30.” Um it was a post op so I shouldn’t have to pay. She then tells me “your appointment was past the 10 day period so your insurance won’t pay.” Dang you people you scheduled the appointment. You just called me and told me when it was. So I then get the card out again to pay.
I am so glad that I should not have to go back there. It just figures that they would do this to me. I’m just venting and who knows if they even knew about the 10 day period and I could have stood there arguing it until they let me leave without paying but there were people behind me and they had the cutest little twins that were 6 weeks old. I’ve been there standing waiting with a baby that young and it’s not fun with just one so I can’t imagine two.
I’m done now.  Have a blessed day.

TJ on the Road

Yesterday my dad had a trip planned to Little Rock, AR and the guy who was going to be going with him cancelled. Normally my dad would just see if my mom wanted to go but since she has been watching TJ he didn’t know if she could go. Well after talking it over with each other they gave me a call. They wanted to see if they could take TJ with them. They were going to need to leave at around noon and then would be back the next day at around 2 (just in time for TJ’s doctor appointment)
They came up here and let me play and say bye to TJ while they were eating. They headed out and got there at a pretty good time. Sarah and Rick went and picked TJ up at the hotel where my parents meeting was. I suggested that Rick and Sarah take him while they are in the meeting. It would give my parents a little break and then would also give the Hedlund’s a chance to see and play with TJ. I’m sure they got some great pictures. I just need them to send them to me…Hint Hint.
They said he did wonderful and that everyone wanted to keep him. I’m not sure how he slept last night but later today I should be getting a call from my mom.
I was really weird last night. Anytime he has been away from us we have had something to do. Well last night was just like any other Monday. Tim went off to bowl and I was at home doing things around the house. The weirdest part of him being gone was waking up this morning and not necessarily being quiet while he was sleep. Not that I’m the noisiest person in the morning it was just weird.

Just For The Heck Of It

I just wanted to post a little blog to show all of you how cute my neice is. While they were here a couple weeks back Piper's Uncle Bob took some pictures of her and this is one I took from Sarah's Twitter site.


And We're Bowling

We hadn't gotten to hang out with our friends Nick and Kelly in a while...well outside of work. So we planned to go out to lunch at Kincaid's and then to bowl. We had a lot of fun. We had TJ with us and they had their oldest Austin with them. Linda (Nick's mom) and Lincoln their youngest went to lunch but then headed home so he could take a nap while we went bowling. Nick had beginners luck and did awesome the first game, Austin got really frustrated during the second game. Poor kid he isn't old enough to bowl the "correct" way so he had to just kinda bend over and toss it down there and its all luck of the roll. And us not having a kid old enough to bowl didn't ask for a lane that had bumpers. We know for next time. The rest of us did average and laughed a lot. And of course I took my camera and got some pictures.

Kelly, TJ, Austin, Tim
Nick and Austin
And this I just had to post. An attempt to take a picture of them. They both looked away right when I snapped the camera

Review of Halloween

Well last night was TJ's first Halloween and my parents went out of town. My manager has always mentioned to me how much fun they have over at their house for Halloween. They have a bunch of their family come over and little kids so we decided to head over there so she can see TJ and Tim and I could meet her whole family. I didn't have a costume for TJ we just got some pumpkin stuff and dressed him in that as you can see by the picture. We had a great time and TJ was having fun flirting with Carolyn's twin daughters Whit and Brit and their friends Kayla. He was too cute. He is normally a stickler for bed time, 8 o'clock hits and he is ready to hit his bed. He stayed up till about 10:30. Now he was past tired and into the delirious state, but it did help that the girls that were holding him were walking around and talking with different people.

Here are the pictures from the night:

Laughing before we left for Carolyn's
Blue Eyes
Big Yawm....this lasted forever!!
Time to go home...he was so dazed.
We had so much fun and had some great memories made.

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