Uncle Josh and Aunt Dre

This week my dear brother and lovely sister in law are in town. Tim and I haven’t seen them in person since last summer before the left.

Now technology these days isn’t like it was even a few years ago. We are able to webcam with them whenever. We do this with “Skype” it’s a free communication program that you can make phone calls, text chat or video chat with. It has been so wonderful for us. Josh and Dre have been able to watch TJ grow and TJ is now getting to the point where he “plays” with them on the screen. He blows kisses, shares, and dances for them. TJ has been able through Skype gotten to know his Uncle and Aunt. I recommend Skype or iChat for anyone who is separated from family. It has been a life saver for us.

Josh and Andrea got here on Friday night and were able to spend the weekend with Dre’s family who all drove in to see them. It was so great seeing TJ react to them. He “knows” them and just went on like normal. Josh I think scared him at first because TJ was still waking up and Josh was talking really loud, TJ quickly got over that and has been attached to him since.

This week is going to be great. We have already been able to hang out with them a few times and we still have many more hours of time spent with them. We don’t really have anything special planned except meals and hanging out. HA eat and talk…that’s what we are about!

I know these next few days are going to go by so fast but we are going up to New York in October to see around their town. At least this time when they leave I know when I’ll see them again.

I’m sure I’ll be posting a “Josh and Dre’s Visit” blog

My Friends

I think it’s very interesting how life shows you who your real friends are around you.

I like that no matter how busy I am or how bored I am they will sit there with me or forgive me for being busy. I love that no matter what is around us we ALWAYS have something to talk about. If its sports, kids, theater, church, or just the weather. I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it hundred more times if needed. There is no life without relationship and there is no relationship without conversation.

Some friends are like family and is just doesn’t matter what’s going on or how much time passes between visits. The relationship is still there. We can vent to each other, laugh with each other and raise our kids together.

I’ve realized that I love my friends. Through family being far away its nice having some AWESOME friends close that are there for us in the drop of a hat. I know I have my parents here and they are always there but it’s nice having those friends that are just there.

My Friends, you know who you are and I love you! thank you for being so true to me and I hope we are forever friends.


Productive Father's Day Weekend

Man alive! I can’t believe we just had that weekend. A couple weeks back we decided that this weekend is when we were going to start/finish the guest bathroom. Sorry it was Father’s Day weekend. Oh well
Friday we went up to Garden Ridge to get some frames for the autographs for TJ’s room, new pillows, and curtains for the living room.
Saturday was the crazy day. We bought sinks and counter tops for both the bathrooms last year but only got our bathroom done. We had to get this other counter top installed. Well after demo on Saturday the mirror that we were just going to hang back up broke a little on the corner, which required us to buy a new one and also some texture to make the area that wouldn’t be covered pretty. Since that had to dry we started working on the curtains and new rod that we decided to buy with some of our garage sale money. We had to stain the rod and get it hung up. I got the curtains looking nice and hung. Then we forgot about getting ties to pull the curtains back. Tim put a coat of white paint on the newly textured wall, then we headed out to Joann’s. Bought the ties and headed back home. Got the curtains fixed and pretty then proceeded to finish the bathroom. I started painting the yellow while Tim started to mow the yard. One he was done we went outside to cook and let TJ swim. After dinner and getting TJ in bed we hung the mirror and cleaned everything up. It was such an insane day with moving back and forth between projects. There were messes that needed to be picked up, trips to the store, laundry started and chancing a toddler around that made it even more exciting.
Sunday Tim planned to do nothing. Well laundry still needed to be finished, folded and put away and some of the rooms still needed to be cleaned and things all ready to go for the week. Since Tim folded all the laundry on Mother’s day, I did all the laundry by myself. I took a short nap during the US Open then got to work. I got the kitchen cleaned, TJ’s room cleaned, laundry finished and put all away, dinner made, our room cleaned, swept the floors, and re cleaned the kitchen from dinner. Ahhhh. I was SOOO glad to sit down that evening. It’s a good thing I got a nap in there or I wouldn’t have been able to make it.

I’ve got more cleaning planned tonight and more projects planned for the weekends ahead.

I think all in all Tim had a good Father’s day. He got the new iPhone on Friday and new shoes for Father’s day. He got to play with TJ a lot and relax a ton.

Here are some pictures:
New bathroom
New pillows and curtains

another view
and TJ's LSU onsie signed by Brady James


Scottish Festival 2009

This past weekend was the annual Scottish Festival. I'm not quite sure how long Tim's family has been going but the Scottish Festival has been an anual family tradition since 2000. This event is a combination of  food, music, fun booths, and lots and lots of kilts.

Now this year was not TJ's first year. Last year he spent the whole time laying there.  He was so cute and got so many comments by just laying there. oh and FYI this stroller is one that my mom bought at a consignment and it was amazing. It would lay completely flat and the handle flips so you can have it turned different ways. 

This year was slightly different...he spent the entire time walking around and showing off how absolutely adorable! Now I thought that last year he was getting lots of comments on how cute he was. It was nothing compared to this year. I promise every person who walked by him or saw him would stop and make sure every persone they were with saw him.


Anniversary Weekend

We had such a wonderful time this weekend. I think we figured out that we had exactly 24 hours of "us" time. It was so nice to hang out and have fun. We didn't talk about Teej all Friday. We started talking about him on Saturday but only a bit and we decided to get him a little something because we missed him.

Friday: I got off work at 4 and I went straight home where Tim was all ready to go with the car loaded. We got to Fort Worth at about 5:15ish. We stayed at the Hilton. Now for a little history this used to be called the Texas Hotel. This is the last placed that JFK stayed. On each floor of the hotel right outside the elevator were different pictures of his stay. It was pretty cool. Oh then we found out later that we were there during JFK's birthday. CRAZY!

here is the picture that is on our floor. It's during a press conference right before he went to Dallas
here is the hotel now.

Once we got settled we headed out to eat at MiCocinas. It was pretty good but we decided next time we'll probably go somewhere else.
We walked around town a bunch. We went to Billy Miner's, Flying Saucer, Marble Slab Creamery, and went to a movie. It was so fun to just walk around, talk and have a good time with eachother.

Saturday: We got to sleep in and then headed to "breakfast" at noon and then caught a matinee closer to our area of town.

It was so relaxing and very much needed.

Love you Timothy!!!

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