New Blogger

New official blogger.

My dad has done a little blogging on his two sites:

but he thought it was time to get it started officially and created a site where he could talk about his travels, his family, and just revelations he has. It's going to be good so go check it out.




Happy 5th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my most wonderful husband and my best friend. You make life so interesting and fun. You are the best dad I could ask for for our kids and I know they already look up to you.

I'm happy you are alive and well!!! I thank God daily for your health!!

You are the best and I look forward to living the rest of our lives together.

And like I said earlier in the week. Don't die because we still have the rest of our lives to live together.

Love you babe!!!



So many!!! I'm so surprised that I'm not completely stressed out. Maybe its because I'm so tired and can't get focused or even motivated to do anything but crash as soon as I get home. I guess I'm waiting on the 2nd trimester boost of energy.

  • We have to completely empty our office and organize the closet in there--fun....can't wait!
  • We have to move the bed into the office, new guest room.
  • We have to tear out the carpet 
  • We have to do the process of putting in the new floors
  • We have to create a wonderful peaceful nursery for our new baby
  • We have to continue to doing our day jobs
  • We have to continue to do house work and raise a toddler
 I just can't get focused at all. I am a person who likes to go to bed with the house clean and all ready for the next day and I just can't seem to get there.

One more week and I'll be in my 2nd trimester. I'm hoping and praying that this will soon be the end of my motivated free life.

I do go in for a sonogram first thing in the morning and I'm super excited. Pictures later


12 Weeks

Its hard to believe that its been 7 weeks since we found out. I know the rest of these weeks are going to fly by.

I had my first official appointment about a week and a half ago. Everything went well. I was pretty excited I found out that I had gained 44!! pounds with TJ and I started this pregnancy the same weight I was before I got pregnant with TJ. I know I should have already known that but I just never paid attention. Awesome!

I haven't really said anything but I've been able to feel the baby move. I knew it would be a whole lot sooner this time around but it was sooner than I thought. This week the baby developed its reflexes. Friday night I laid still while Tim felt the baby move when he would move his fingers. This is by far my most favorite part of pregnancy.

The last few weeks of the 1st trimester has been different then the first weeks. I was hungry or sick every other day. I've been lucky, I've had a lot of so-so days. This weekend was kinda rough, I've felt blah the whole time. I've been hungry but sick about 45 minutes after I ate.

I go on Friday for another sonogram. Always exciting!

I did ask TJ if I was having a boy or girl and he said boy. haha. We'll see if he's right.

Anyways, until next time. I'll be posting again when I'm in my 2nd Trimester, the trimester of bliss. Oh and this baby already loves worship music.



Slightly frustrated at this moment. For the past few days I have not been able to put a status update on facebook with my phone. I could comment on anything, replies to emails, comment on my previous status' but I could NOT post a new one.

Sunday I shut down my phone and restarted it. boom. I could put a status update. Today I was trying to upload a status that was random and I thought was funny but my phone wouldn't let me. So I proceeded to do what I did on Sunday by shutting the phone down and restarting. I made the mistake of doing this a few times and then deleting the facebook app (I hear Debra gasp) then turn my phone off. boom. It went to safe mode and I couldn't do anything.

I had to restore my phone to factory settings luckily my last back up was only a couple of weeks ago (I hear Debra sigh) so I didn't really lose any pictures or anything and since I had blogged I have most of the important pictures online.

My phone is syncing right now. So I'll know in a short bit what all was erased.

Don't miss read this.....I still absolutely love my iPhone!!! I just had to share my frustration.

Thanks for listening or reading I should say!


Big Boy

This is very exciting!

Since we are expecting a new baby in November we are trying to get TJ ready for a big boy bed. We wanted to get him good and settled in before the baby is here. That way there aren't any huge changes right when the baby. Any drastic changes we can avoid we will.

We changed the bed to the toddler bed on Sunday night. He had no problems that night. He was so excited to get in the bed he ran in there after his bath and held his hands out to pray. He woke up the 2nd night with a bad dream in the middle of the night but then went back to sleep with some prayer. He hasn't had any problems since. He had his first nap in the toddler bed yesterday and did great with that also. We keep telling ourselves that it's not this easy and we should be fighting him to keep him in bed...hmmmm.

He's always been a great sleeper ever since we brought him home. We have been able to lay him down and he'll go to sleep. He does wake up but because we have taught him to go to sleep on his own then he'll go back to sleep within a few minutes. We are so proud of him!

Way to go TJ!!

Here are my Timothys reading a book before bedtime. Part of the new nightly routine.

Mother's Day

I wanted to start out by thanking my wonderful husband and TJ for making me feel special today. Its the little things that count. They got me a breakfast jack from jack in the box (my favorite) and two dozen roses.

I had to stay home from church today because TJ got hand foot and mouth disease. I still had a great day. I spent the morning making a cake and watching Finding Nemo and Toy Story. We had a big lunch at my parents house with all the family and then naps. This evening was a little rough with TJ because he wasn't feeling well. The activities of the evening were scattered and quick to keep him occupied.

And now....

Happy Mother's day to all my mom! Mom, Grandma, Debra and Mammo. and to all my sisters and friends who are mothers. Thank you to all of you for being involved in my life to help me be a better mother to my kid(s) I've learned from the best.

I love you all!!



I've decided it would be fun if we did a vote.

This vote is for the sex of the baby. BOY or GIRL?

I have the poll on my main page. It's on the top right corner of the page. Its easy just click on the box next to the choice and cast your vote. Once we find out if its a boy or girl I will post the final count and announce the sex.

Don't worry if you forget now....I'll remind you again. You have about two months to get your vote in, but don't wait.

This will be fun!

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