Back and Elbows Took a Hit

Last night after Family night I got TJ loaded in his car seat and started gathering my things to take out to the car. Note I had the space heater I let my parents use during the day, the diaper bag, my purse, my keys, and a grocery sack with some boxes and a bottle in it. Gracee was also with me.

Okay now for what happened. That morning when I dropped TJ off the driveway was all white but not slick at all. So I walked where I normally walk. When I got back to my parents house after I got Gracee I was careful where I walked. It looked more like ice and not just snowish /sleet on the concrete.  So I slowly walked where I thought was the safest. Gracee on the other hand was sliding around like crazy. My mom and I went to the store so again I walked where I had walked before and safely got to my car and then back in the house when we made it back. So after dinner it was about that time to leave so I gathered all the stuff I was going to take in my car (see above) so all Tim would have is TJ. I sometimes get to anxious waiting on Tim so me and Gracee just headed out the door (we do this all the time). The rest of the family was listening to this song that they are thinking about playing at church.

I go outside arms full, I slowly walk down the stairs because of the ice and go to where I was walking earlier. Once I looked down I noticed it looked different but by that time I had already stepped and was in the process of slipping. Going in fast, slow motion I found myself flat on my back and all the stuff in my arms all over the driveway. I immediately started crying and screaming for Tim. I was also trying to remember if I had my phone in my hand, my purse, or my back pocket. I was too scared to get up I always hear those horror stories about people hurting themselves trying to get up or moving so I laid there flat on my back crying. I was frantically trying to find my phone. I kept reaching back to the diaper bag but also kept getting frustrated that it wasn’t my purse. I thought I broke the heater that I had just bought a week ago. Still couldn’t find my phone and kept thinking where is it, I’m never going to find it when its dark out here, oh I hope I didn’t break it and so on. Then I see my purse thinking “oh no the leather on the bottom is going to get messed up, I need to set it on the grocery bag” well it wouldn’t sit on top of it and just kept falling off. UGH!!! Frustrated and crying, I continue to search for my phone. Gracee was freaking out sliding around and trying to help me. I finally find my phone and start calling Tim. At this time Tim makes it outside with TJ and sees me laying there on the driveway crying and trying to call him. He screams “oh my gosh baby, oh my gosh!!!!” he opens the house door back up and yells “someone help me please!!!” Tim helps me up and I’m crying even more. Tim now getting frustrated that no one has come out side to help us. I make it inside and go to my parents room. The song they were listening to was still playing and they couldn’t hear a thing that happened or that was happening. I walk in the dining room and my mom sees me and starts helping me figure out what hurts. Tim was gathering all my stuff and trying not to fall.

Rodney looked at my elbows, back and neck. He did a adjustment and my mom gave me some ice packs. Right now my elbow really hurts I’m thinking I hit my right elbow, left elbow , then my back. Every now and then if I move a certain way something will hurt or if I keep my hands in a certain spot like behind my back they will start to go numb. I’ll see Rodney tonight so I’ll have him look at my back and elbows again.

Here is where I fell:

This is what I looked at right before I fell. The white in the picture just looked wet and but it was a solid sheet of ice. Basically where this picture is showing was all ice.
Right there at the edge of the garage is where I was laying. For a total of about about 3 minutes. It felt like FOREVER!
Thanks to all my family who helped and Tim for being such a wonderful Husband!!!! 


The Little Guy is 10 Months Old

He’s getting to where he isn’t so little anymore. To start out the month he really had to fight of a cold he got while we were in Arkansas for Christmas. He had a fever for a day or so, with coughing, runny nose, and occasional throwing up. Please note he did the throwing up on G-paw and Daddy. He likes to up-chuck on those tall Leckie men. HAHA! After we got home and got him settled and back on routine he recovered nicely.
It seems the last week and a half that he learned so much. He is really copying what we say or do now. A couple of weeks ago someone at church handed him a banner and he knew exactly what to do. Like he had been watching for months and months and was just waiting for them to hand him one. He is clapping when he gets excited and waves hi and bye. His personality is really shining now. He tends to be shy when there are some people he doesn’t know but as soon as he gets comfortable or you give him the stage he takes over and is the star of the show.
He is weighing in at about 24 pounds and growing. He really isn’t getting bigger just taller. He moves more and more every day. He has become more independent and wants to discover all the new rooms on his own. One room he loves is the kitchen. Probably because that seems to be the place where we are always gathering. But the room that surpasses all the others is the bathroom. The toilet is a drum, his bath toys are in a basket, and the tub makes fun noise when you hit the side. What more could you ask for? Well and that’s where he gets baths and he has always loved baths.
We got the safety locks on the cabinets now. He wasn’t ever really pulling anything out of the cabinets just opening and closing them. I didn’t want him to start pulling anything out so we went ahead and got the cabinets locked. He still gets frustrated because he can no longer open them. Oh well he will get over it.
Well that’s about it about TJ this month. There is still way more but this blog is already long. Here are some videos for you to enjoy:

This is TJ eating. I'm posting this for my sister. She wanted me to get this on video for her. He's funny.

And here he is on his Zebra. He just figured it out.


The Golden 24

My Birthday this year was one I had been looking forward to for a long time. Way back when I can remember when it was my friend Amber's birthday (her golden birthday 14 on the 14th) we started talking about when mine would be and how long 24 seemed. Well I made it to my 24th birthday my Golden Birthday that is. I turned 24 on the 24th.

This year I had decided a few months back that I wasn't going to make a big deal about it. For whatever reason thats what I decided and after my wonderful Christmas from my hubby I definitely told him not to get me anything because he had given me enough.

Well normally the Wednesday closest to our birthday is when we have the special family night. Since it was wonderful weather I requested kabobs and baked potatoes. Then for dessert german chocolate cake. YUM! It was just family and we had a good time and was very relaxing.
My cake. I believe that this candle started out on Josh's 1 year birthday cake. Yep we still use it
Then me blowing out the candle
Friday I was pleasantly surprised when the ladies in my office got me a card and a cookie cake. And yes I said pleasantly surprised. Sometimes I wonder if they like me at all. Who knows?
the cake
looking a little surprised
Saturday my husband made me a nice breakfast and we did a lot of lounging around. We had planned to go to Olive Garden with my parents just so we would be doing something on my birthday to celebrate. After going back and forth on if we should delay the time we got up there because of my parents plans we finally settled on still going at 5:30 because since TJ we run late a lot. I had some suspicions because Kelly didn't say anything about my birthday while we were at work on Friday. I thought well maybe he invited them to come eat. I dismissed that idea. Well we get to Olive Garden and its packed. Tim said he thought they said they were in the bar (he talked to my mom on the phone earlier) I am in front and I get over by the bar and I see Mike, Heather and Lexi! Oh My Gosh I was just thinking we should have invited ya'll to come to eat. Then I'm trying to get to them at my parents and I see Nick, Kelly and Austin. Oh My Gosh!!! Then I get to my parents and then I see Rodney. Oh My Gosh! Turn around and See Cody. Oh My Gosh! What a surprise!!!! I was so excited. I have always wanted a surprise party but for whatever reason one was never given to me. I love throwing surprise parties and I knew I would love it. 
My Friends and Family
My parents, Rodney, and TJ. yes that's waiter walking by
My TJ eating some breadstick. He loved it
After  along dinner we had the Peery's and the Davis' come over and hang out for a while. The guys played pool and us women sat around and talked and watched the babies play. 
It was such a wonderful Birthday! I felt so loved with all the comments on facebook, text messages, phone calls and the party my lovely husband put together for me. Loved it all!!!


Laughter and Dancing in the Kitchen

As Tim and I were getting dinner ready in the kitchen last night I was holding TJ and for whatever reason I had my iPhone playing a song. It was an upbeat song that is good song to get you moving. TJ and I were dancing around and I was trying really hard to get him to burst out laughing. He was smiling and laughing a bit but then I guess we were contagious with our dancing and we got Tim dancing with us. As soon as Tim started dancing TJ couldn’t contain his laughter any longer.  He was laughing sooo hard. It was absolutely hilarious.

Now of course since we were all dancing around the kitchen including Gracee there was no one available to video this event. I really need to train Gracee to do that. Can you imagine what a dog would talk about if they talked. I bet that would be pretty interesting. (sorry for the rabbit trail)

I was just talking to my mom about all that TJ has done new this month. It makes me so proud to watch him learn something new and to be so excited about it. I’ll be posting a 10 month blog next week when he is actually 10 months old…aaahhh!

Y’all have a nice day!


What a Great Weekend

Oh my…We had a great weekend. It seemed like it had been forever since Tim and I just got to lay around and relax for the evening. When I got home on Friday Tim had a fire going and TJ was down for a nap. We watched some TV bundled up on the couch. TJ woke up about the time for diner and we had our dinner then proceeded to play and enjoy the fire. Then it was time for TJ’s bath then off to bed he went. Tim and I stayed up for another few hours sitting on the couch, covered with blankets, sipping on wine and enjoying the fire.  

Picture from Friday Night
Saturday we were up and moving around I guess at about 8:30. Since we did nothing but lay around the night before our living room and kitchen were a disaster. Tim cleaned the kitchen while I went around and got all the random stuff done. After he was done with the kitchen we both went to our room and cleaned our room (this is an every weekend activity).  Tim went off for a bike ride with Rodney, so I was able to get my iPod just the way I want it while TJ was napping.  Nick, Kelly and Austin were going to be coming over that evening for dinner and to play some pool. Right before Tim got home and TJ woke up I got all the misc things done in the kitchen. Which made it a little easier on Tim for cooking.  Dinner was fabulous and we played many game of pool and bubble hockey.

Now it is Sunday and time for Church. The service was amazing. It was all spontaneous and prophetic. My Dad didn’t preach but we had a message taken care of with all the words and declarations. We went out to lunch with everyone, Rodney and Virginia blessed us with lunch.  The my parents and Rodney and Virginia came over to watch football and more football. Rodney and Virginia ordered some yummy pizza and we ended the weekend relaxing with family.
TJ at the head of the table.

Oh the part I didn’t mention from Saturday is Tim crashed on his bike he kind of went over the handle bars then fell on his elbow, hip, and ankle. He has some nasty strawberries and a little sore but he’ll be fine. It scared the liver out of me when he told me.


Let's Go Ride a Bike

My parents gave me a bike for Christmas. It is very fashionable. Its Pink!! I love it and now Tim and I could go riding together. Oh wait we have TJ now. So this wouldn't have been the easiest thing to do. While we were in Bentonville, Tim and I escaped for a bit to Walmart. We went over by the bike stuff just to see what they had and saw a seat that hooks onto the bike for babies.

Once we got home and after getting the seat on the bike and making sure it was secure we put TJ in there to try it out. He loved it. He even loved sitting there on the bike in the living room but once we got out on the street he was talking and singing. Even after we would go over a bump I would grunt at him he would grunt back. He was so cute and once it gets a little warmer we'll go on a family bike ride.

This is the first night we had it together. It was dark and couldn't get any good pictures of us riding.
This is us riding down the street on Sunday. 

Belated Christmas Gift

TJ got a late Christmas gift from my manager. We call her Nana Carolyn. Well really just I call her that TJ doesn’t really call anyone by names yet, so we’ll see.
Anyways she got him this giant bear. It is so soft and he’ll love laying on that bear for years. She also got him a swing for outside. It is one he sits inside and gets buckled into. We took him out there yesterday and he had a blast. He was laughing so hard. I put a video at the end here so you can see how much fun he was having.

Here are some Pictures:
Here are some videos


The 2009 New Year

Last year we went over to the Peery's house and brought in the new year with them. Well we got invited over there again. This year we got to play a ton of Wii. When its late and you add in a little wine some great memories are made. We don't get to hang out with them much so anytime we see them its a blessing.

Now in this pictures I said "everyone hold your wii's up" I got some funny looks and that became the line for the night.
Here is Heather making up some new move to use while bowling. She was making us laugh. 
Happy New Years from the Peery's
Happy New Years...Me and Tim Kissing

TJ when the clock struck 12

Now its New Years day and we were doing some things around the house and Mike and Heather gave us a call and invited us over for some fondu. We headed over there around 3 and had cheese fondu, then later had meat and mushroom fondu then of course had chocolate fondu for dessert... it was yummy.
I didn't get any pictures of the fondu but here is Tim and Heather playing Wii Bowling:

and then TJ playing with some of Lexi's toys

Family Pictures

While we were in Arkansas we scheduled a time where we could go get family pictures. Piper was turning a year and TJ 9 months so it was time for there pictures to be taken we figured it would be fun if we all got dressed up and got some pictures done professionally.

Here are some of the good ones:


TJ and Piper
Us Leckie's
G-Paw and Sweetie
The Leckie's and Hedlund's
We actually got some great pictures that captured us perfectly/

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