Get Over It!

Well getting over it. HEHE. Ya’ll thought I was going to write a venting blog. Not so much just one to tell you how the Leckie household is getting over being sick.
Friday night after dinner we were just watching TV and hanging out when I started to feel kind of nauseous. I took something to hopefully feel better. I went to bed not feeling to hot but was too tired to stay awake and deal with it so I fell asleep. Well I woke up at 6 puking and did so all day. It was lovely. We were suppose to go to our friend Mike’s birthday dinner at Joe T’s. I love it there but we never go unless it is with Mike and Heather. I told Tim he could go by himself with TJ but that sentence right there made him not want to go. Going out in public with just him and TJ doesn’t not sound fun to him. He just isn’t used to it and didn’t want to go all the way out to fort worth to do it again. Plus I really wanted him there. I’m kind of needy when I’m sick. I get bored and want someone to talk to and get me things so I don’t have to move. It drives Tim crazy but he does a pretty good job taking care of me. I didn’t sleep well at all that night probably because I slept off and on all day.
Sunday I was all achy and now with a cold. Last week while I was with TJ he started to get snotty and I thought it was just because of teething and was treating him as such. Well turns out that little guy had a cold and kindly passed it on to me. Nice of him huh? Well so after recovering from blowing chunks all day on Saturday I now had this dang cold.  Sunday I slept through 90 percent of the Cowboys game. It was wonderful and I woke up feeling great. Again I was in the same situation I was in the night before laying there not being able to go to sleep that night.  

Monday was the day of blowing my nose every 15 minutes which just led to the people here sighing every time I picked up a tissue. I was never once asked how my vacation was or anything….Okay there was the extent of my venting.  Monday night I drank lots of hot teas and I slept wonderful even had a hard time getting up and could have been late to work.
Tuesday I finally get up and discover while I’m trying to wake Gracee up to take her outside that I have NO voice. Secretly I rejoice that means I don’t have to talk to anyone at work but then sigh because that means no one will be able to hear me so I know my throat will hurt even more when I get off. After more hot tea and a good night sleep. I start the next day
Wednesday my voice did a lot better and I was back to answering my phone calls. Feeling a lot better but still going through lots of tissues.
Thursday the use of tissues has dwindled down to barely any and my voice is about 90 percent back.  I’m praying by tomorrow that I’ll be doing 100 percent better.
Enough about me I know ya’ll are dying to know if Tim and TJ are doing okay. Since originally TJ was the one who gave me the cold. TJ is recovering nicely. His sleep and eating hasn’t changed and he just has had a runny nose. The last couple of days he has started coughing but I know that is because of the drainage so we have been constantly been sucking the stuff out. (gross huh?) Tim, Praise the Lord hasn’t had any signs of this. He’s been taking his vitamins everyday so we are praying he gets away clear and free from this.
And to finish it off her is a picture of TJ last night. Doesn’t he look the cutest in his silly outfit?
And then finally my friend Heather sent this to me this morning. There little girl Alexis had a fall party at daycare today and she went as a ballerina. The fun part is the tootoo is Heather's when she was little. wanted to share it because I just love Lexi.


He's 7 Months Old People!!

That's right TJ is now 7 months old. It seems just like yesterday when I was writing his 6 months blog. Oh and I just remembered that I never posted pictures from his 6 months photo shoot. oops...sorry. Well this has been a very nice month. We took TJ to his first Pumpkin Patch. It was so much fun and we got some good pictures out of it. This month I got a taste of what it would be like to be a stay at home mommy. I was on vacation all last week. It was wonderful! We would sleep in just a bit and then eat breakfast play real hard for a couple of hours and then he would pass out for his morning nap and I would get a bunch of stuff done, he would wake up, eat breakfast and then more playing until afternoon nap time. During the week last week I was so excited. TJ crawled for the first time for me. We were on the floor playing and we have randomly filmed him over the past few months. It started out as just filming him lay there to him playing and talking. okay back to my point. I pulled out the camera to film him just a bit and grabbed the Pooh Bear and told him to come get it. He plopped down on his tummy got into the crawling position and did a couple of crawls (or steps whatever you want to call it) to grab his bear. I instantly sent a text out to a bunch of people saying he had crawled (sorry for those who may have thought I said that he is crawling) he is moving more and more but still enjoying the sitting there and raising his arms till we just come to him.
Well I'm tired and sick so I'm going to leave it at that. Here are some cute pictures of TJ in his new PJ's his Kaykay bought him today:
He was playing with the baby monitor and when I caled his name this is the look he gave me.
I love this picture and you can see his little teeth.
This is the infamous Pooh Bear. He loves this bear, he lites up anytime Pooh is near.
another sweet picture of my little guy


Oh My Goodness

My son has been a little toot the last few days. Starting on I think it was Tuesday night he started waking up at night. Now just a little info from how TJ is...He has slept through the night since about 6 weeks old. Before then he would sleep about 6 hours at night, wake up, eat and then go back to sleep. What he would do the last couple of nights is: He would go down fine except as soon as we would walk out the door he would start to fuss. After calming him down he would go to sleep then at around 9:30 as soon as we would lay our heads down and turn of the light he would cry. Now this cry was screaming, scared crying, not even holding him would calm him down crying. At first I think it was spiritual issue. We prayed over him and prayed over his room. The reason I thought it was spiritual is anytime I was holding him and taking him into his room he would start wiggling and getting stiff. He has never done this before. It didn't matter if it was during the day or going to bed, he did this. The first night he did this I thought it was just because of the surgery the second night was horrible we were up till about 12 and then he still woke up at 3,5,6, and 7:30. That's when we prayed over him and the room. He was horrible yesterday crying all the time, cranky, didn't want to lay down, and didn't want to play. SO last night we started over. I thought okay this must be because he is playing me now he is trying to figure out what he can get away with so I'll cry and see what happens. HA! no more! Last night any time he cried (well fussed) I would hurry in there before he woke up and got worked up to put his paci back in his mouth and cover him back up. He would go back to sleep. He only did this once during the night and then didn't do it again till about 6ish. He slept until 9. Praise the LORD!!! he has gone down great for his naps all day today. He fusses a little then crashes. 
My GREAT little boy is back. We about lost our minds but we are doing fine now, good thing since I'm going back to work on Monday. I know I'll get sleep now. I don't think it was just one thing. It probably started out as a painful and spiritual thing but then moved to him just wanting me to hold him. 

We Did it!!

Well its official TJ has been weaned. I decided a couple of weeks ago that while I was on vacation that I would get him weaned. I started out this last weekend by giving him a bottle at night instead of me feeding him. On monday after we both adjusted to that I started giving him about 4 ounces of milk in a bottle and then the rest with me. I slowly added in more to the bottle and then less with me. It worked out great!! I got accustomed to not feeding him and he got used to eating out of a bottle every time. Plus side of doing it this way is I never got uncomfortable. Woo Hoo for me!!
Only thing I found somewhat annoying is before he would take a bottle cold during the day and only wanted a bottle warm at night for his last bottle. I went out to lunch yesterday and was trying to get him to take his bottle and he wouldn't because it was cold. I had to get the waitress to bring a bowl of hot water so I could get the bottle room temp. 
Another great thing about this whole thing is I don't have to pump anymore at work. That is such a relief, but since I had been I have about 4-5 months of milk stocked up in the freezer. I also have 9 containers of formula that were given to me. If I work it out right he will get breast milk with every bottle until he is 1. I'll just have to mix a little bit of formula with every bottle.
I was very pleased with myself that I was able to breast feed him and for this long. Coming into 7 months of breast feeding. I was concerned that once I went back to work that I wouldn't be able to continue. I just drank lots of water. If I seemed to be having a problem than I would look at pictures of him or would call my mom and let her talk to me about his day.


Our Little Pumpkin with Pumpkins

Okay I have always wanted to go to a pumpkin patch and now that we have TJ I have an excuse. So yesterday we headed out to a small one a church was having right down the street from out house. It was so fun and TJ was wonderful.
Here are the pictures:


This Weekend

This weekend has been great. Sorry this one will be long. Rick, Sarah and Piper got to come down and stay a few days with us. Mainly so someone could be here with me while we were at the hospital see this blog and this blog.

They got here thursday afternoon and we just hung out till I had to go to my class at 6:30. We just spent some time hanging out and catching up. 

Thursday night before I left we tried out this toy that TJ can't use yet and she really enjoyed it:

Friday was the big day and TJ along with Sarah and I had to be at the hospital at 7:30. We were out of there by 11 and when we got back we got TJ settled and Sarah and I worked on herBlog. Its super cute and she hasn't updated it in a few months but we got it set up where it easier to update. After Rick got back with Piper he was on his computer and put some music on. TJ just started singing with the music. TJ would stop singing when Rick would start up, but as soon as he stopped singing TJ would start back up. 

Here is the video of Rick singing to him and then TJ starting:
Friday night we went over to Roger and Michelle's house. I think the last time I saw them was when TJ was still in the NICU. I got to see there nice house for the first time and catch up with them. 
Here is Me and the babies on the patio:
Here is a video of TJ trying to crawl while we were of at the Burk's house:
and here are some pictures of him on all fours:

Now for whatever reason Rick and Tim got really sick. We aren't sure if its something they ate or if they both got dehydrated and was kinda a fluke thing they both got sick. Rick started throwing up and had a fever while we were at Roger and Michelle's. The rest of us were feeling fine so were sure it wasn't something we ate and more like he got dehydrated. He was up all last night and didn't fall asleep till 5:30 AM. Then this morning around 8:30 AM Tim got sick and started throwing up. Its very strange and I feel sorry for them. To get away from them, Sarah, Rick and Piper were going to go see his family today so instead me and Sarah along with the babies went to IHOP to give the guys some room to be sick. 

I guess Rick was feeling better so after Sarah dropped me off Rick went with her to his brothers house and just the Leckie's are here at home.

Rick, Sarah and Piper leave tomorrow after lunch and we start are week back up. I'm off this week so I'll get to stay home and play with TJ. Woo Hoo!


Update on TJ

TJ did great today. We had to wait forever for them to come and get him. Which just led to him getting grumpy and tired. He normally eats breakfast at 9 so at around 8:45 he was getting ready to eat and we were stuck entertaining him. He went back at 9:30 and we were taken back at about 10:30.

Here are the pictures from the morning:
Happy, laughing and playing with the nurses.
More Playing.
Moving around the bed
More moving and playing.
Tired of being in the little room with the uncomfortable bed.
Stuck waiting. Tired and Hungry.

Right after he woke up and not understanding what's going on.
Uncomfortable and ready to go home. He screamed until we got out of the hospital.
It was crazy for me I felt like I was back in the NICU. He had cords hanging from him, machines beeping, nurses checking on me, and him screaming. AAAHHH!


the mind of katie

I did it! I got my very own url. I wanted to get one for a while but I was waiting to see if I still liked “the mind of Katie” blog name. It fits me. My mind is random and absolutely no normalcy to it at all. So I feel this is a place where I can just be me, even if that is using the wrong words to describe something. Yes my mom pointed out to me that in my last blog where I said put him down is not the right wording. Oh well at least the people reading this know me and knew what I meant. If not oh well.

Okay now back to the url…I was just looking last night to see if it was an available site and it was so Tim told me to get it. If you still go to the katieleckie.blogspot.com it will redirect you to the new site. I’m not real sure what happens with the RSS feed.

I know the little things in life excite me but hey got to love it.


oh and on Friday I will be putting updates on TJ threw Twitter. So you can follow me on there.


This Friday...duh duh duh

Well some of you may or may not know but we tried are very hardest to get TJ’s Circumcision done when we were in the hospital. But for whatever reason his pediatrician stopped in the middle of it which resulted in it not getting done before we left the hospital. We had to go see a urologist a couple of times and wait till he was 6 months old. Well it’s about that. This Friday he is going in for surgery. They are actually going to have to put him down to do the circumcision.

I just found out that his surgery is scheduled for 7:30 am, but I have to be there at 6:00. We won't know when he needs to stop eating until later in the week when the "knock out" doctor calls. If the schedule is going to change at all we won't be notified till the night before. Rick, Sarah, and Piper are coming to town on Thursday afternoon. So Sarah will get to be with me while we are at the hospital. Tim doesn’t have any more time off so he’ll be at work. And my parents are headed off to New York tomorrow morning. They are going up there to see my brother Josh and his wife Andrea.

The brighter part of this whole situation is we have great insurance and this isn’t costing us a penny!! Praise the Lord for that.
If you think about him in the next few days or even on Friday put a prayer up for him.

Second Day at the Fair

So TJ is so luck he got to go to the fair twice this year. My parents were out of town on Friday when we went so they went yesterday. Our friends Ken and Ginny came into town just for the fair. Ginny had never been. They got out there yesterday morning and stayed there till almost 5. Here are a couple of picture of TJ from yesterday:

TJ trying some of Kaykay's ice cream.
Hanging out at the Fair. These ladies a booth gave him a ducky. He loves ducks and my parents said he just wore that hat.


Pictures and Videos Galore

Here are some random pictures and videos:

Happy boy. He is always smiling and I love it. 

I love this picture his eyes are so blue and this picture really shows them off.

Look at that eye brow. he looks so much like his Daddy. 

He would laugh every time Gracee would walk by. I was trying to get the both of them but Gracee just wanted to come up and sit in my lap or lick the camera so this is the picture I got.

I loved this one because she is always so serious and watches over him and he always just laughs.

I like this one because half way threw he gets real serious before he jumps again.

Here's another one of him in his jumparoo.

No More Backyard

The part of our day yesterday that I didn't share was the part about Gracee. Now to give you a little history about our dog Gracee and our backyard. When we first moved in she was able to get out of the yard. When she does this she just hangs out in the front yard till we get home so we know how well she did at getting out. Like she is proud of herself.

She did this once when we first moved in and hadn't done again till about a month ago. We both went out to the yard and searched around couldn't find where she got out then forgot about it. Well since we couldn't find where and had left her out there again a few times (without escape) we decided to leave her out there yesterday while we were at the fair. It was a nice day and we knew she would like it out there. We filled up a big bowl of water and put her collar on and headed out the door. 

At about 1:00 I had a few missed calls one from our friend Judy (the one who gave us the dog) and a number I didn't know. Now we got Gracee a tag that had her name and our number on it. The number was worn off and not readable, but the rabies tag was. Which explains why Judy called me. The last time she got a shot was when they took her, so the vet that gave it to her had Judy's number. She gave my number to our neighbor who had called the number about our dog. Ah Hah that's who it was. Well I knew who it was once I listened to the message. It was our neighbor Patty she saw a dog sitting in our yard and wasn't sure if it was ours or not. 

After talking to her an explaining how our fence works and giving her instructions on how to get into the house. (we left it unlocked, oops) We went straight to the place where we had gotten her tag before in the State Fair. But this time we got a tag that attaches to the collar itself and doesn't hang down. Less noisy and convenient so we'll now keep the collar on. Best of both worlds. 

We are so thankful that we have a good dog that will just sit in the yard and such a great neighbor that took care of her. The crazy thing was is that even for that we wouldn't have normally put her collar on, I just happen to see it sitting on the chair right when I was letting her out. 

SOOO no more backyard for Gracee while we are gone until we get holes found and covered. We think she dug out by the gate.


Our Day at the Fair

Well we had a blast today at the fair. Right of the bat we took pictures with Big Tex. I don't know why but I get so bummed when we go and don't get a picture with him. Here is the one of all of us with him. This couple kept looking at TJ and were talking about how cute he was so I just asked if they could take our picture. oh my goodness I think it took the guy 5 minutes to take the picture. It turned out good though. 

We were determined to try the weird stuff this year. We of course got Fletcher's Corn Dogs (and yes Debra I took a bite for you, I could eat the whole thing for you because I wanted to have some for me), the weird stuff we tried was fried cookie dough, chicken fried bacon, and fried cheesecake. I got pictures of the 1st two but I forgot but the time we were eating the cheesecake. They were all great, the one I liked the least was the cookie dough. 

This year we decided to go to the dog show. We really liked it. Those dogs are so talented and it wasn't too long, just long enough to get a break from walking. 

We went through all the exhibits and shopping areas. We bought a bunch of stuff and got some Christmas presents taken care of.

Fried Cookie Dough
Chicken Fried Bacon
Have a closer look

Here are some pictures from the rest of the day:
TJ and Daddy with Big Tex
TJ and Mommy with Big Tex
TJ with his new toy for the day
at the dog show
he seemed to enjoy the show he just sat there looking around

Tim and I (see my new sunglasses)

Happy Boy

All ready to go home. walking towards our exit

here is the band Kildares they were right by where we got our fried cheesecake and we watched them while we ate it.  here is the video it's short but sweet.

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