Earlier this week we went in for our first sonogram. On that day by my calculations I was 9 weeks and 3 days. By my measurements in the sonogram I was 9 weeks 5 days. She didn't move my due date at all but that's where we are. The heart beat was nice and strong.

It was really cool the Doctor actually did the sonogram and they changed the room. Its in a new room and has a huge flat screen on the wall right in front of the mom so she can see easily whats going on.

I go in for my first official doctors appointment on Tuesday May 4th.

It seems the days are getting a little easier. I'm having more hungry days than sick days. YAH! I'm not really tired its more of a laziness that has come over me. When I do get motivated to do something I tend to over do it and my body starts to ache. But believe me I have my tired days where have to do anything to keep myself awake. I'm trying to even it out...its a learning curve.
I had to explain this picture to my manager like 5 times before she saw it so I'll try to make this easy. She labeled the picture so you know the general area is where the baby's parts are. The baby is head down. Its a frontal view of the baby if you look closely you can see where the eye sockets are and yes the head is bigger than the body...I have a GENIUS!

Hope to have a updated blog for you next week.


Peach Jam

Cravings. Normally they aren't too bad, but this one was rough.

I started eating toast every morning for breakfast. My mom had offered me cinnamon and sugar or jelly if I wanted it. Then I thought jelly sounds so gross. The thought of its consistency was grossing me out. Then I thought jam, my mind started to run wild. GRANDMA'S PEACH JAM!! It was there, the craving was there, I couldn't shake it. I ate toast every day and was putting other fruit spreads on my toast trying to make the craving go away.

The problem with this is that my grandma lives in Fredericksburg which is about five hours away and its not peach season yet. UGH. My dad found out through a twitter that I was craving Grandma's Peach Jam. Turns out my dad called Grandpa and Grandma and asked if they had any left. My Grandma buys a bunch of peaches and then cooks the peaches and freezes them to make jam ALL year round.

I got a surprise is the mail today:
They had one left that wasn't opened and sent it to me. Peach season starts in a month or so and the crops are looking good.

Within 5 minutes of getting it in the mail I had toast made with peach jam. It was delightful, absolutely delightful. I only let TJ have a corner of the piece of toast. haha. I'm planning on having it for breakfast tomorrow too. YUMMY!!!
Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for sending it to me. It will be enjoyed. Love you bunches. Tim and TJ say hi!


Ring Dunk

This past weekend my sister, Amy got her Aggie Ring.

My sister is brilliant and such an amazing person. She cares deeply for people and nothing is more of a priority to her than her relationship with Christ. She has worked very hard the to get where she is. She is a closing supervisor at Jason's Deli along with going to school full time.

The Aggie Ring is the one item that any Aggie will recognize for the rest of their lives and meet thousands of people over the span of their lives throughout the world. That's one thing I see my dad do a lot. Oh class of '74. They don't even ask they just state what class and the other knows exactly what the other is talking about.

The tradition is once you get your ring you dunk it in a pitcher of beer and then drink that until you get to your ring. Now the tradition has swayed slightly to dunking the ring in whatever your heart desires. I've seen people dunk the ring in chocolate milk, a shot, champagne, and all kids of beers.

Amy chose to dunk hers in a glass of champagne. You go Girl!!

Amy we are so proud of you and are so happy we got to join in the celebration this weekend.
Opening the bottle
Getting ready
Amy and Lindsay
 Lindsay won
They got their rings
TJ and Aunt Amy
Us proud family


Week 8

Wow. I know everyone says every pregnancy is different and I thought they would be somewhat close to each other but these two kids have treated me completely different than the other.
With TJ I only got sick a few times throughout the 1st 5-6 months. I had to eat all the time, and if I didn’t eat I would get nauseous. With this child, when I’m hungry I have to eat and if I don’t eat I’ll just get dizzy and lightheaded. If I’m sick then I need to eat but NOTHING sounds good. I try to eat but then I have this sick and nasty taste left in my mouth.
Each day is different. I may go a couple of days of being starving all day but then go one day of being sick. Or one whole week it will be every other day that will be a hungry day.
Symptoms are great for me. I hate the way I feel but I love the symptoms. A couple of weeks ago I had a major scare. I thought I was going to miscarry. I called a couple of people and talked it out and one of the major thing that they all said was that they all of a sudden didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms anymore and then miscarried a couple of days later. I appreciate my symptoms. When I wake up and I feel sick or hungry, I am so happy that these terrible symptoms are accompanying me every day.
I realized when we had the scare all that I was doing that I should not have been doing. I was still picking up TJ, I was moving furniture around in the house to clean, we had a flood in our office and I was picking up heavy totes to move, and so on. I knew my body was telling me to stop. The hardest thing to stop is picking up TJ. I’ve been working with him to climb up into my lap and my mom meets me at my car every morning to get him out and carry him inside for me. 

For now....that's it


Oh So Excited

We would proudly like to announce that.....drum roll....


I am 7 weeks along and I am due on November 26th the day right after Thanksgiving.

We are so excited. We were thinking it would be a little later but I guess it was in God's plan to do it on His timing and not ours. We already have names picked out and already have things planned that will need to be changed in the house to make room for the new addition.

We went to the doctor on Wednesday and talked about insurance, did paperwork and I had blood work done. My 1st sonogram will be on April 26th and 1st actually doctors appointment will be on May 4th.

If you ask TJ where the baby is....he'll say in his tummy.

And this is how we told the grandparents:


Resurrection Day

Happy Resurrection Day!!!

A little late I know but I wanted to share some picture with all of you.

Saturday afternoon our church always has a community Easter egg hunt. There is always about 300-400 kids there and always fun. Last year TJ got to get some eggs but was too little to really understand. This year he actually picked them up and ran to get some. too cute
After he got his eggs he was just dancing around
TJ and Shosha jumping in the bounce house. Shosha was his bodyguard

Sunday after church my parents had a little egg hunt set up for TJ in the backyard.. he loved it. He had a few eggs with stickers on them which meant he got a prize. He got a car, a shirt and a cars plate. 
Such focus
the loot

He brings such joy to our lives. It was such a delight watching him run and play.

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