My Birthday!

Thank you so much to everyone who made my birthday special.

Tuesday on my actual birthday Tim, TJ and Anna took me to Little Italy to eat dinner and then to Braums for ice cream. It was so much fun spending my birthday with my little family.

On Friday night I had a bunch of friends and family come out to dinner at Olive Garden. After dinner a few of us went to Cowboys for dancing! a BLAST!


Anna is Walking

Miss Anna is walking! We are so proud of her.

She was completely fine with crawling. She was very quick and could move from room to room so fast, I could understand why she didn't want to walk.

Here is a video of her walking:



Yesterday for my last day before we headed back to work I needed to get some things done. So after the kids woke up we got ready and headed to my parents house so I could make some copies with my dad. While we were waiting on my dad the kids, Gracee and myself headed out to the back yard to have some fun...really to burn some of Gracee's energy off since she has been stuck in the house a bunch.

I snapped a few pictures:

The TJ made me take a picture of myself so I wouldn't feel left out....

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