We gave TJ a bike for his birthday. He is trying to get used to it and is starting to master it. I have a feeling this is going to take some time.


Girl Trip to See Mimi

Anna and I traveled down to Houston to see my sister. We did this last year and went and saw her in College Station but this year she is living in Houston. She is doing her student teaching and will graduate in May from Texas A&M University. We are so proud of her. Anyways. We had a lot of fun, we got in late on Friday night but we stayed up late talking and hanging out with the people she lives with.
The next day we went shopping, eating, and vegged out all day. I love my sister! And Miss Anna LOVES her Mimi!

I'm sorry

I really have been terrible about blogging in this season of my life.

Don't worry I have plenty to say, I just don't feel like sharing anything right now. I am creating titles to blogs and I'm hoping to eventually post them all but for now, I am sorry for not posting and I will return.

But only when the time is right.

thanks for being patent with me =)


Easter with Family

My brother and his wife, Dre and their son, Nate came in from Killeen to spend the weekend with us. We had a egg hunt and big lunch planned. It was a lot of fun
 My nephew Nate

Easter Egg Hunt 2012



Victory Over Violace 5K 2012

Last year our company paid for any employees who wanted to participate in the 1k or 5k. Last year Anna was still young and both of us were pretty much out of shape so we walked it with my sister Amy.

This year we continued the tradition. One thing we said last year was that this year we were going to run it.

Well we did it. We ran the 5K. We trained for it and we rocked it. Amy other the other hand did no training and rocked it better than we did.

My First Opening Day

Oh my goodness. I went to my first ever OPENING DAY! it was so much fun. So many memories made.

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