Big Announcement

I am proud to announce that my lovely younger sister is engaged and will be married this spring. The wedding will be in Guatemala and a reception/big party/ shower/ blessing will be in Texas this summer.

We absolutely love Allan and are looking forward to him being apart of our crazy family.

Exciting days are ahead of us!


State Fair 2012

Oh the State Fair is one of my favorite places. We take off of work and go have a blast. We like to try all the fun food and look at every exhibit.


Happy Birthday My Timothy

Happy Birthday to my husband, Timothy!

I love you honey and everyday with you is a day of happiness. You are a wonderful man of God, husband, father, friend, worshiper, worker, etc. I could go on forever. The bottom line is you are amazing and I am glad that God brought us together.

Thanks for your support and love!

I hope you have a great Octimber and excellent year!


Thomas the Train

This weekend we went down to the Killeen and met up with Dre and Nate to go down to the hill country to go see Thomas. The kids had a blast. It rained the whole day but it let up just enough that it wasn't too bad. It was a great time. Thanks for thinking of us Dre!


On the Road [Vacation Series]

These are all the pictures that were taken in the car along the way. You can see where we are in the journey by the state sign.

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