Am I Ever So Excited

Thanksgiving is at my house this year.

Tim and I hosted thanksgiving our first year married. The only problem with this was that we were in an apartment hosting 7 people. My dining room fit 4 maybe 5 comfortably, then adding all the food and extra chairs and people. Needless to say we were very close at that table.

This will e the first year in our house and my first year hosting Tim's family. We'll have Bill and Debra (Tim's Parents), Rik, Sarah, and Piper (Tim's Sister, her husband and daughter) and then the three of us. I only have a table that seats 4 so we'll be borrowing a table from the church so that we can all fit at the table.

I decided I wanted to do this because of the remodel we did in the kitchen and I knew Rik and Sarah would be making a trip down here to see his family.

Bring on the turkey and yummy food!

It's Not My First Rodeo

But it was TJ's!

When Tim's parents were here last weekend, Tim's dad needed some pants from Shepler's. They were offering a special if you bought so much you got free tickets to the Texas Stampede. Since they are no longer living in the area they gladly handed them over to us.

The rodeo was this last Saturday. So we headed up to the train station and headed to the American Airlines Center for the rodeo. The train is the way to go. It cost us $8 vs. $30 for parking plus the gas to get there.

I had no idea that TJ would ahve so much fun. From the moment we walked in he was cheering and clapping. We sat with my Uncle Terry and Aunt Lizzie, so TJ got to play with them and switch laps every few minutes. He loved the bull riding and the horses. There was a concert after the rodeo and TJ could care less about that. Probably because it was late and they turned all the lights down, he had enough of that.

Off to the train station and home. We almost sat there at the station for a while. They had a train parked there to leave once the concert was over but the regular scheduled train was running on the track behind it. Luckily Tim went and asked if that (train sitting there) was the one leaving at 10:25. We would have been sitting there till about midnight.

Such fun memory!
My Timothys

Me and My 2nd Timothy

Me and Uncle Terry

Uncle Terry and TJ

My Family

Eating raisins and waiting on the train


Nice Getting a Bargain

Tim and I have been thinking of some gift ideas that we wanted to get TJ for Christmas. Yeah I know, kinda early. Anyways, we were pretty sure that we wanted to get him a yard toy and were narrowing down to a slide after the past few weeks. He has discovered slides and always screeches with excitement as he goes down.

The Little Tikes slide at Toys R' Us is about $80 and we hadn't really looked anywhere else knowing we still had time.

Well as we pull into our neighborhood someone has a little tikes slide out by the street so we continue home and Tim jumps into his truck and heads down there to get it. I got it all cleaned up and TJ wouldn't eat because he wanted to play on the slide. He was out there forever playing and learned how to climb the ladder himself. Tim also taught him how his car can roll down the slide. It was so fun sitting out there watching him play.

The only thing wrong with the slide is the steps on the ladder are cracked on the bottom two steps. 

We didn't have to pay for the slide and now we are back to square one with deciding what we'll get him for Christmas.



UGH! Monday TJ was acting like he was getting sick. He had a little runny nose and his cheeks were a little red. Tuesday his nose wasn’t really running but you could tell he wasn’t feeling well. His breathing was more like wheezing, his cheeks were red and you could tell in his eyes that he wasn’t doing well. We thought it was allergies since he went on a walk that morning and got worst after the walk and then when we went on a bike ride that night it flared up again. He had been sleeping with a  humidifier and I was putting baby vapor rub on him to help with his breathing.

Yesterday morning when I went and got him up his breathing was so bad it was really scaring me. Then when we were in the car he started coughing real bad. So I set him an appointment with the doctor. My main concern was his breathing. It’s only been that bad when he is having trouble with a  cold but he had no signs of a cold.

Well the diagnosis is croup. He was prescribed two medicines, one to take as needed and the other to take for the next five days. The one he needs to take as needed is albuteral. The albuteral is to help with the breathing. It’s basically a liquid inhaler. We have given him that once and he is already doing so much better.

**oh...don't worry this picture is a happy TJ picture. This is him smiling really big and winking**

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