At This Time

I'm 23 week pregnant now and getting more and more excited. As you can tell by my pictures I am really showing now. Yah I don't look just fat anymore. TJ is moving around like crazy and I have officially felt the whole feet in the ribs....that is not fun.

I went to the doctor on the 4th of this month. I gained most of my weight this month. i know its normal but that was a pretty crazy how much I had gained in just two weeks since my sonogram. She also told me to go ahead and preregister at the hospital and get signed up for two classes that she recommended.

My next appointment is in the first week of January, I'll be 6 months by then. Once Christmas is over we'll really start working on getting the nursery done. Its still holds most of our boxes and stuff for all our Christmas decor that will be moved to the attic.

well that's about it....I'm going to go eat some oreos with a nice cold glass of milk.

Love to all!!


21 Weeks/ 5 Months

Well everyone I made it past the half way mark. I feel like I got really big this last week. I know it has been a progressive thing but I feel better about things because I actually look pregnant now and not just like I'm gaining weight. I take a picture every week but my computer has a virus and I can't download my pictures to my computer and we can't find the darn cord to download them to Tim's computer. So you guys are out of luck on seeing the tummy shots.

I'm 21 weeks today or five months. The baby weights about a pound and I've only gained about 6! WOO HOO. I know its coming I'm going to keep growing until I feel like I can't anymore....and then some.

Its so exciting seeing Tim interacte with TJ he puts his face up to my stomach and talks to him. Then of course TJ starts going crazy anytime he hears Tim's voice. Tim's been able to actually see and feel the signs that a baby is in there and I think its really starting to click for him. He's been great with me and I know he is going to be an amazing father.

Thank you for your prayers and keep them up!


Its A Boy

Its official we are hvaing a BOY.

A few weeks ago we had a screening done and its done with a sonogram. The doctor checked to see if he could see anything and he said it was a boy but my doctor was certain that you couldn't see anything.

I had my regular scheduled sonogram today and what do ya know its a boy!

We are excited and are looking forward to welcoming Timothy Wayne Leckie JR into this world.


Totally Excited

Okay for one its friday and that makes me already realy excited.

Well I just got home about 15 mins ago and saw that I had a box mailed to me from a friend. Full of baby stuff and MATERNITY clothes. I'm so excited. I got 3 shirts (really nice) and 2 pairs of pants. One of the pairs of pants were too short but I can roll them up to make capris. This has a been a fabulous week for maternity clothes. Sarah gave me 3 shirts and a pair of pants on ummm Tuesday I think...hopefully some more soon once she grows out of them.

I just thought I'd share my excitement with all of you. I need to go kick the boys out of the gameroom so Tim and I can go to dinner and then to our meeting.

Love to all!!! :)



Well this was a pretty productive weekend.
Friday night my lovely husband decided to take me out on a date. Its been way too long. With Tim in the play and me just wanting to sit there in my PJ's doesn't help with getting out. We went out to eat at chili's and I got a chocolate shake and then we went to see a movie. It was heavenly and the best part was we were both asleep by 9:30. Ha we are dorks!
Saturday was great because we actually did some stuff around the house to get ready for the baby. The baby's room was the music room and Gracee's room. This room held all of Tim's guitars, the organ, the keyboard, the amps, and the drum set along with Gracee's huge kennel. (for those of you that have seen it know exactly what I'm talking about) well we got everything out except the keyboard, organ, and Gracee's kennel. After that was completed we moved on to the office which will soon hold Gracee's kennel. We had to move around some of the stuff in there and get a little more orgnanized. Bottom line the rooms look really empty, but its getting to the half way point where some of this stuff needs to get done.
Today we went to church which was great God was manifesting himself the entire time. I was getting gold sparkles on my hands even while I was running the words on the computer. It was fabulous! Everyone just left our house a little while ago after the amazing Cowboys game. We had my parents, Rodney and Virginia, and Lizzie, Terry and Brian over to have a cookout and hang out.

Baby Update! okay so this weekend this baby has been dancing like crazy. Before the only time I could feel the baby move was when I was laying completely still and concentrated. Well friday all during work, during dinner and the movie, all day on saturday, while my dad was preaching and of course during the Cowboys game. I could actually feel around and find the baby on one side and then go to the other side and the baby had moved. We were playing that game for a while. Its so cute Gracee will lay next to me even if there's no room just so she can be close. I guess she knows she needs to take care of me.


Update at 4 Months

I finally hit the 4th month of pregnancy (17 weeks) Well I'm acutally 17 1/2 weeks now, but heck this was simply enough. I'm feeling the baby move even though Tim can't yet. It feels like I'm on a roller coaster or like hunger pains just not in the right place. I have a little pooch that I thought was fat but is getting harder everyday. The baby is about 5 inches long (size of an large onion) and weighs about 5 ounces. We've bought a few things but they can be used for either a boy or a girl and of course we are already stocking up on diapers and wipes.

I had a doctor's appointment today. Everything looked great. My next doctor's appointment is on Wednesday the 21st at 9:30 we will be going in for a sonogram. They will be checking the baby's messurements and we will hopefully be finding out the sex of the baby. At that time I will be 20 weeks along. 


Fall and Almost 12 Weeks

Well I don't know about anybody else, but I am totoally excited about it being fall. When I heard on the radio that it was officially going to be fall Sunday morning at 4:41 AM I got excited. For 1 I like my fall decorations, 2 its the first time to put them up in the new house, and finally 3 that means we are closer to Christmas. I love Christmas, I love the decorations, and I am really excited about knowing what I'm having. Boy or girl?

Which brings me to my next point in the blog. I'm 11 and 1/2 weeks now. I'm so excited. That means on thursday I will be 12 weeks or 3 months along. My next doctors appointment is on October 3rd at 9. We go to the hospital for a sonogram. They will record this one for us. Then I go again on the 8th for my regular check up with my doctor. Its been really nice Tim goes to all my appointments. It's awesome not having to repeat EVERYTHING back to him he just hears it when I do. I of course have been forgeting things all the time, I sleep, and I eat. The baby is about the size of a fig. I can rub my hand over my tummy and feel where the baby is. but yeah I think that is about it.

talk to ya later. I'll keep you posted


Crazy The Way Things Work Out

Well, back in March when Tim and I decided we were going to start trying to get pregnant. We of course had many conversations about what do you think of this and what do you think of that. One of the questions I asked him was, "When we think we're pregnant do you want me to do the test myself and then find some creative way to tell you or do you want to be there when I do the test?" He told me he wanted to wait with me when I did the test.
Okay that would be in a perfect world.
Some of you may know that I quite my job at the aerospace company and switch to this other job (not a good choice) well after that bad mistake I'm back at my old job. Instead of them hiring me right away I started over again as a temp. I went to do the physical, drug test, and x-ray. 2 months later they can hire me. I'm sent back to the clinic to do my physical, drug test, and x-ray. Well thinking that there is a chance I could be pregnant I ask my manager if I could still be hired if I don't do the x-ray. She still sends me and tells me to see if they can just use the film I did 2 months ago. After hours of sitting there going through the steps of the clinic and getting everything checked out. Mind you I've told them there is a chance I could be pregnant about 5 times. This nerdy guy comes in and asks me to come with him. I'm thinking I'm not suppose to do the x-ray I'm suppose to do a pregnancy test. Annoyed I followed him to this area where there is a bathroom. While he is working on the test he keeps talking to me....Awkward!!!!....I'm thinking this could not be good. This is going to be the guy who tells me I'm NOT pregnant or the guy who tells me I AM pregnant. He let me see the test and read the results. POSITIVE!!! not the way we are suppose to find out.
I walk out of the clinic test in open palm, eyes wide, and trying to think of a way I'm going to tell Tim.
I get back to work, dry my eyes, and go to see my manager. I didn't tell her I was pregnant I just asked if she could ask Tim's boss if I could see him for a second. I tell Timothy the good news by the sinks in the warehouse. I knew I wouldn't be able to last until we got home. That was 4 weeks ago this coming Thursday. It's crazy how things work out.


Yes I Do Believe It Is True...

Yes we are having a baby. I am 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant and the baby is due April 11th. We went for our first sonogram today and we got some pictures and were able to hear the heartbeat. We are totally excited about this new adventure! We'll keep you posted.


I'm Proud Of Josh

Well we made it back from College Station last night at about 12:00.
We started out the day on friday with loading up the car and checking out at about 8 am. We headed over to Josh and Andrea's appartment to pick up Amy and My mom. His graduation was Friday morning at about 9 and of course there was about 1,000 people graduation but luckly his major was only about half way through then we had to leave to have enough time to eat before the next event.
We ate at the Chicken Oil....owned by the same people who own Dixie Chicken. They have the most amazing burgers and a pitcher of beer is only 6 bucks. there were about 25 of us in this little hot resturant. Then we went up to the MSC which is the book store there on campus to go to the former student section to see my dad's book "Return of the Priest". Its really good you should read it. if you want to go ask my mom on her page how to get it.
He had a couple of commisionings to go to. The first one was at 2. It was actually a graduation. But Secretary of Deffense Gates commisioned him. Gates was actually the president of Texas A&M untill late last year when he was nominated for the Secretary of Defense.
Then at 5:30 we had to go to the George Bush library where the Amry commisioned him to an officer. It was a small personal event lots of hugs and kisses. Andrea and my mom actually got to put his pins on.
We had a huge BBQ after this from Rudy's we had red velvet cup cakes and a red velvet armadillo cake. Our family gave Josh a remington 870 express with a case and shells. He loved it!
We are so proud of him. He is finished and we are just waiting on which path he takes. We pray that God blesses him and that Josh would seek God on the timing for everything. We had a great time.

This was also the final goodbye for Amy. Her car is still here being fixed on so my parents will have to take another trip down there to deliver it but I won't be able to see her that time. Love you Amy!!! be good!!!


I'm Kinda Sad

There has been a lot going on in our lives in the last couple of weeks. I've talked about most of it except one key thing.
She left with my parents Thursday afternoon. She had been packing her stuff all summer. When we were staying at my parents house while our A/C was broken we stayed in Amy's room. Her room was so empty it was weird. Now we are going to go over there and she won't be there.  Amy is going to Texas A&M university. This has been a long term goal for her and she made it....I'm so proud of her!!! She had been working at Jason's Deli since last summer and she was able to transfer to the store down there. The one good thing is that she is coming back up here on Saturday because she has a Jason's Deli summer picnic to go to up here in Arlington so she'll be here untill Tuesday. Then next weekend on Thursday my parents, Tim and I are going down to College Station to go to Josh's Graduation and Commissioning into the Army. We at least get to get used to the idea of Amy being gone before we actually have to say good bye.
She is going to be living with My brother and his wife for the next year My brothers wife is still in school and she graduated next may. Josh will be leaving for training for the next few months so at least Andrea will have company and Amy won't have to live in a dorm.


God Is Amazing

Well as some of you may know Mamaw Hughes has been sick and not able to travel since January. She has been getting better and finally released to travel. So she decided since she hadn't seen our house yet that she wanted to come by for the day to barbeque and hang out with the family.
Saturday morning (the 21st) we had to go to work for a few house it was straight overtime so that made it worth it. We got back that mid morning and Tim was working outside while I was doing some last minute clean up before they got here and noticed the house was a little warm. (during the day we keep it on 75) So I though I would go adjust it to cooler since people were coming over. Well to tell you the bad news it was out....OUT! Well the familyt was on their way and no time to call or do anything about it. We had fun with the family Mamaw and Papaw really liked out house. Turns out they like it a little warmer in the house so they thought it was perfect.
7 o 'clock rolls around and we finally get a guy here to look at the A/C. He said the motor was out and the motor wheel was broken. It was going to cost us $1000.00 to fix it. The visit already cost us $110.00 just for them to come out and look on a Saturday.
Sunday at church about 10 guys told Timothy that he needed to call our realtor because we should have a warrenty since we've only had the house for 7 months. Well we did!
Wednesday we finally got it fixed and it only cost us $55.00 to get it up and running lovely again. Crazy, hot, and stressfull week. We were sitting there on saturday wondering what and the world were we going to do and how were we going to pay for it. We stayed there that night but after that we stayed at my parents untill weds night.
Gracee did great at my parents house. She absolutly loves them and has a blast everytime she goes over there. There are always people to love on her and play. She is such a sweet dog we love her so much.
Posting pictures is working right now. I'll try to post them later.


Life In the Leckie Home

Well there has been a lot going on the last couple of months around here. In previous blogs I've mentioned Tim's knee surgery, well he finally made it back to work last week. He was a little tired last week, but it was a short week so that was a nice bonus for him. This week he seems to be doing pretty good.

About a month ago I was just at work having a normal day. The company I worked for was a small company that wasn't doing to well. So one day my boss walked in and asked me if I could get my old job back. I was out of there in about 5 mins with all my stuff including a paycheck for the next two weeks. As soon as I got in my car I called Tim and My parents to pray for me. Next I called my old manager Carolyn (she loves me) and asked her if I could come meet with her, about 10 mins later i was walking out of there with a job. Lord sure does provide for me! I know I didn't go with out a job for days or months but it was sure the most stressfull and scary thing I've been through, I'm glad it only lasted 15 mins.

While Tim was out on medical leave he went through some changes. Let me just tell you he was sooooo bored he would do anything to get out of the house. Even if it was going with Terry to watch him mow yards. Well I guess my dad noticed that he was bored and started inviting Tim to events my dad was going to- tuesday morning prayer, band of brothers meetings, and pastor meetings. Well this did a real work on Tim. He has just been amaziing me everyday since, his relationship with the Lord is so inspriring.
He is now leading worship at church and ready to step into the things the Lord has planned for him. A week ago he was practicing his guitar and singing, I was just sitting there watching him. I fell in love with him all over again. The most exciting thing is that I'm not the only one who sees these changes. I'm just so proud of him and excited to see what God has in store for us.

We hope you guys would keep us in prayers as we are going through these changes. The Lord has us in his hand and he contols everything and thats what keeps us going.


Long Weekend

Well the weekend is over! The weekend started out with Amy's graduation, we had all the family come in and some of the family stayed at our house. Amy was the top of her class and she gave an awesome speech. My dad got his doctorate degree last summer so he had his robes on and gave an awesome commencement address. I was really surprised he didn't cry. hehe. My dad, my sister and I are emotional people, once one of us starts cry its over for the others.  We are so proud of Amy and we are excited to see what God has for her in college.
Saturday for lunch we had the whole family over for hot dogs and pool at our house. The guys had a tournament...not sure who won but sounded like they were having fun. Lots of talk and fellowship.
Saturday for dinner we were over at my mom and dad's house. Grandpa and Grandma, Uncle Dave and Aunt Linda, Jonathan and Barb, Josh and Andrea, Tim and I, Amy, Virginia, and Uncle Terry and his Kids Jonathan and Allyson. We had a bunch of fun hanging out enjoying the company of family that live out of town.
Sunday more family and food. For dinner Terry, the kids, and my parents came over and we had left over hot dogs and played pool.
Monday was Tim and I's 2 year anniversary! woo hoo. We went to our friends house Nick and Kelly's for a BBQ for a while and then just enjoyed relaxing. Tim mad some really good chicken on the grill and I made some noodles to go with the chicken. I love him so much and I can't wait to see what this next year brings.


Tim's Knee Surgery Update

Well it was a long day of waiting.
We got there at about 10 am the surgery was scheduled for 11:30. Well we waited for a while and then they came and told us that he wouldn't go in till about 1. He got into pre opp at about 12:00.
Well at about 1:30 the doctor came in to the pre opp area and made sure all was a go and they started giving him the drugs at 1:35. I had to go to the waiting room and then at 2:05 the doctor walked into the waiting the room telling me how it went. The surgery was for the muscles that hold his knee cap were messed up and then the miniscus was damaged. so he fixed those and saw some arthritis from trauma, so he cleaned it up around the knee. at about 3 I got to go in and see him in recovery and they gave him some more pain meds and some snacks. We were out of there by 3:45 headed home.
He will be out of work for a month, and he is already feeling restless. He'll probably be on crutches for the next week. He can put some wait on his knee. the more he moves around the better.

thank you for your prayers. Surgery was successful!


Tim's Knees

Okay some of you may know that Tim got in a wreck in high school that caused him to have knee surgery on his right knee. well through out the years his left knee has started to bother him. He went to the doctor about 8 weeks ago he gave him some meds and excersises to do to strengthen the muscles. Nothing helped he could barely walk on some days.
He went back to the doctor 6 weeks later. He told the doctor what he thought it was...the miniscus (sp?) the doctor agrreed and told him to go get a MRI. After the results came back they told him he had a baker cyst and that he needed to go to a orthopedic doctor.
Yesterday he had his appointment. Tim loves his Doctor he thinks he is awesome. Dr. Otero told him that lots of people have baker cysts and that his problem was that his miniscus (sp?) was torn and his knee cap was crooked. The reason is because the muscles that go accross the knee one was longer than the other and that it was pulling he knee cap weird. So he needs surgery.
He has his surgery on May 15th. we'll need to pay about 10% of the surgery and the rest of our deductible. Little nervous but I know this is what needs to be done. The doctor also told Tim that his other knee looks bad, but his said we're not going to fix it if its not broke. He did say he would probably have to come back in a couple of years and have surgery again. I hope not we are going to pray for healing.
I'll give you a update once he has his surgery. Pray for comfort for him, direction with the hands of the doctor, and that the Lord will provide for finances.

thank you!


Pictures From Easter

Okay on Easter Sunday the tradition is to go take pictures by the flowers. Since Tim and I haven't gone to Prince of Peace we have never done that. Here are the pics from Sunday. We were having to much fun.
In this Picture its my Cousin Bryan, Uncle Terry, Tim, My Dad, and My Cousin Jonathan
Me and Amy:
Okay for some reason when Amy was little she didn't know how to smile and so many pictures of her looked like this but sometimes I don't do it right so it turned out scary looking. We have so many of pictures like this.

Me and Tim- this Picture is before Tim edited it. His face is real dark but it's what I have. Sorry

And then Gracee and My dad playing on the couch.


Finished Game Room

We finally finished the game room project. Last thursday Terry came over and helped Tim rebuild the base for the pool table. After they finished the base they went inside to install the A/C unit, while they were installing the A/C I was painting the base.
My mom came over on friday night and helped me hang on the decor in the room. Tim got the TV mount up and the tv working. After my mom left I started to paint the top of the pool table well of course after taping the table off to the paint wouldn't get on the felt.
We had a bunch of people come over on saturday that hadn't seen the house yet. The game room was a hit. If I showed the game room first nobody would leave to see the rest of the house...or well it took them a lot longer to leave.
Here are the Pictures:



wow what a weekend. We headed down to College Station friday afternoon. We were really excited about going camping and hanging out seeing a bunch of bands. Tim and I are just to old for this. We loaded up Josh's truck with our stuff and their stuff and headed to Snook. We sat in a line in the middle of nowhere for about 30-45 mins. Josh was smart he brought a dolly he knew we would have to carry eveything to our camp site. We loaded up the dolly and picked up the rest of the stuff and turned to walk to our site. We couldn't even see the entrance to the grounds. We were over a mile away. About half way there the tire blew out on the dolly, now Tim and Josh are dragging the dolly. When we finally got the the entrance we had to basically unpack everything at the entrance so they could search our stuff.
We got kinda lost once we got in there and we coudln't find the row we needed to go down. I said instead of us carrying all this stuff around why don't I go search for it while ya'll wait. So I leave with no phone. I couldn't find the row so I head back a different way because the way I went was very busy and crowded. I got back there and no one is there. I couldn't find them anywhere....turns out they started to look for the row by themselves. leaving me to find the. Oh I was soooo scared.
Now its about ten...my bed time. There was no way I was going to be able to sleep it was soooo loud. finally at about two I had to sleep. I finally fell sleep when it started to rain. The music that was blaring finally stoped at about 4 then started playing again at 6. At about this time we hear someone say they want to steal something and then someone starts messing with our tent, Tim and I both swing our arms up and hit the girl. She starts going off saying that we are rude and that we need to let her in. She went on for about 15 mins saying she was cold and that we needed to let her in. I finally said go away your at the wrong tent. She opened our rain guard and looked at us saying she was serious and that we needed to let her in because she was cold. Fun stuff...not going back to sleep now.
On saturday we finally got out of the tent. It was so cold so we got all these clothes on. and then about 10 it got so hot then we had to take all the clothes back off. We watched some of the bands and then packed up our stuff to leave. We realized if we waited to leave until the end it would take us FOREVER to get out of there and then we needed to walk all that way so we left at about 2:30. When we finally got to gate Josh decided to go get the truck and we would load it up at the gate instead of dragging it all that way. Worked out great. Oh funny story....Tim was walking in front of me while we were going through the crowds trying to get out. He was carrying this hiking backpay and since he tied his boots to the side of the bag one on each side. As he was walking he kit so many people in the face with those boots they were getting mad...it was way to funny!

That's it. We had fun but we won't do that again. We'll go camping, but not camping at a party.


Update On Game Room

Well we started the painting on Wednesday night. When everyone got there we started with the primer. We had to use this dark grey primer because we are painting the room maroon. I started on the primer. I got so tired it wouldn't spred, after one wall I handed off the roller. One coat of the primer and one coat of the maroon are done. We are going to do another coat just because we had about 6 different painters so some parts are uneven. I was scared we were going to be painting the game room for the rest of our lives to get the maroon we wanted. It looks great. We were planning to get the primer and two coats done on Wednesday, but because the primer to so long to put on there we only got one coat.
Last night we were so tired and didn't want to touch a paint brush. Tim played Play Station and I read my book.
I only have a half day at work today. My brother and his wife invited us to this chilifest down in college station for the weekend. As soon as I get off we head out.

Trip To Home Depot

Okay since we are having a bunch of people coming over to help paint on Wednesday, we needed to go to the store and get the paint and supplies to finish the room.
We got to home depot and had no list to begin our search for everything we needed. We headed towards the lighting department to find the light we picked out months ago to put in our game room. We couldn't find it after asking for help, they had one left (Praise the Lord!) then we went to the paint department we got all the primer, paint and flooring paint. I think we spend and hour in that department. We had the ladies attention so we kept her close and got her to get everything we needed. Everyone in line behind us were getting mad.
Then we went to look at the weather stripping....we had no idea which one to get. We'll ask Terry when he comes over on Wednesday.
Off to the AC units...we were looking at the one we were told to get. Some lady came up throwing a fit that we didn't need to get that because it is horrible. She said she put it in her Garage. Well did she build a wall and insulate the room and seal the attic door...Probably not! We bought it! If it doesn't work we'll bring it back.
Now if we were smart we wouldn't have bought all this stuff on the one day it rains. We had two carts my hair was curling up like crazy, our clothes and everything we had was getting wet. We made it home with all the stuff in good condition.
We should have all the painting and lighting done this week and the furniture in there next week. All ready for the Party!

My Little Sister

ts somewhat of a shock when I think of my life and that I'm an adult...Married, good job, a house and a great life. It feels like yesterday when we were all playing out side all day long hoping that the street lights didn't come on so we wouldn't have to go home. My little sister Amy's birthday is today she is eighteen! I can't believe it. She has become such an awesome young woman of God. She only desires to seek his will for her life. She is going to be at home for this last summer and then she is off to Texas A&M. She has so much drive in her...She could be a doctor if she wanted. I admire her so much for her love for people and for the Lord. I don't get to see her much these days she is involved in a play at school, when she is not at the practices she is at work. After she graduates her schedule should clear up then we can all spend more time with her. I love you Amy and Happy Birthday!


Game Room and House

This week we are finally going to be painting the Garage (well game room now). Yesterday afternoon we were at a big lunch with the church. We were sitting at a table with the Wirths and Uncle Terry and Bryan we at the table next to us. Tim and I were just trying to sucker my parents and Terry and Bryan to come help so we can knock the painting out in one evening. We are painting the room Maroon. We will need lots of coats and if its just me and Tim it will take us FOREVER! Well in the act of getting my parents, Terry and Bryan to come help Rodney and Virgina offered to come help. So now we have 8 people that will be at our house on Wednesday. We'll be able to switch painters in and out that way we won't get as tired as fast.
We are having a house warming party on April 14th. We are trying to get as many as these projects done before we show the house off. I got the bathrooms painted. We were going to do that before we moved in but we were short on time because of the problems with the weather and closing on the house. We did get the living, dining, kitchen, hall, entry, and our room painted before we moved in.
Now we just have the tree clippings on the side of the house that need to be moved, weather stripping on the back door, hanging plants for the front and then some clean up in the office and we'll be ready. I'm excited about the party.
Oh and I need candles for my candle sticks. My mom said she might have some at her house. If not I'll have to go buy some.


New Yard

Well after a few months of being in the new house Tim and I finally attacked the yard. We definatly inherited this guys bad yard.
On Friday night we went to Lowes and bought a bunch of plants and equipment. When me and my mom were looking through all the plants she was explaing to me how I should place them. I just wasn't seeing it and I was scared that I would plant them in the wrong place. I asked my parents to come over and help. We have helped them with SOOO many projects over at their house, they were happy to help. Saturday monring Tim got the back and front yard done with mowing and weed eating. My parents showed up and we tore apart the old beds and reshaped them making it more pleasing to the eye, it goes along the length of the house. There was theis nasty ivy all in there and this over grown rosemary. The flower bed around the tree had tons of ivy, all these little trees, and infested with ants. (Tim found them on his arm biting him) We got all the hawthorne, firns, and these other two kinds of plants that I can't remember what they are planted. Yesterday we went up to Calaways after lunch and bought some more firns, hawthorne and a bunch of differnt flowers for the beds and some pots I had.
Needless to say we got it all planted. The front yard looks great. All of my plants are so small, but it still looks good. Once everything grows in I'll take some more pictures and post them.


Garage Build In

Tim and I decided that we wanted to build in our garage and make it a game room. We have a storage shed out in the back yard that the previous owner built so we haven't really lost any storage space. Earlier this week we went to Lowe's and bought all the material we would need....what a trip!
Tim's parents came over last night and Tim and Bill worked on the Garage all night. The got the demo done and half of the new wall built. Debra and I went shopping and made dinner for the guys.
I'm so excited about the progress. Bill is coming over again tonight to help get more done. Later I'll post before and after pics.

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