October Fun

TJ has a friend that has a birthday around Halloween and they always have a costume party for his birthday party.
In past years when we took TJ to go "trick or treating" we would just take him next door to our neighbors house and then we would go back home. Well they moved out about 6 weeks ago so we drove over to their new house and rang the doorbell. It was fun. TJ and Anna had a blast playing and laughing while we caught up. Then we made a couple more stops at my mom's house for Thomas fruit snacks and then to my manager's house for a special bag of candy for TJ and Anna. 

TJ was a dinasour with a costume that was slightly too small...but cute. Anna was a monkey. Since it wasn't a super girly costume I put a flower clip on her head. Too super cute kids and Tim of course is cute!


Carving Pumpkins


Best Friends

I know I have talked about this before but TJ's best little friend in Lex. She came to our house to spend the night and they had a great time playing!

Isn't she just gorgeous?!?


Pumpkin Patch 2011

Well the tradition continues but this time it was Anna's first time to go.

Normally we go to a church pumpkin patch right by our house but this year we found one at the same church that TJ went to VBS at. They had a great area set up with great "land" behind so the pictures look great.

Anna picked out a tiny pumpkin that Papa and Nana got for her and then Papa picked a great big pumpkin for us to carve. (pictures of that later)

I love my pumpkins... my kids that is. They make me happy.



It is the end of an era.

I purchased the domain “themindofkatie.com” when TJ was about 7 months old. I had been blogging regularly and thought it was time to make the plunge and buy the domain. I bought this particular name because this is what I called my site so it was an easy pick. After a year or so I thought back that I should have purchased katieleckie.com so I would be easier to remember, more versatile, and my name instead of a theme.

Well this year Google was trying to automatically renew the site and my debit card had expired and with everything going on I updated it but it was too late and my “themindofkatie.com” had been purchased by someone else. I was kinda sad but I went ahead and purchased katieleckie.com.

I’m hoping this doesn’t completely mess up my audience and they can’t find me but I’ll survive and maybe they all will find me again.

Spread the word and change your RSS readers. New site is http://www.katieleckie.com/


Rookie of the Year

Not sure if I said this in any of the previous Tee Ball posts but TJ was the youngest on the team. Most of the kids are 4 years old some of them are even 5. He definitely isn't the smallest on the team but he is the youngest.

About half of the team were first time players but TJ was named "Rookie of the Year". The team had their end of season party. We are so proud of him!

His last game is scheduled for this Thursday but he had a game last week that got canceled because of the water on the fields. This game that was canceled has been rescheduled for the last Thursday
of the month.


Tee Ball Sky

I always think the sky during TJ's tee ball games and practice always look awesome. The first picture I decided after all this time to point the camera up and snap a picture. Today since some storms were a brewin it looked really cool but since Anna was crashed out I only took a couple pictures and none of them caught the sky in the background.

 October 6th
September 10th
October 6th again but different direction


Last night we had our First Friday service. Every first Friday of the month we meet on Friday night instead of Sunday morning. This particular service was special for my family. As some of you may know but Tim leads worship at our church. He and my mom trade off leading.

Well last night Tim was officially commissioned in as the Worship Leader.

Very exciting. He was given words, prayed for and blessed.

We love you Timothy! Your Wife, TJ and Anna are so proud and we love hearing you worship, we love seeing you completely consumed by His spirit and power. We are here to support you, love you and well... dance! You know cause TJ has some moves...


Anna Hearts Lemons

Pictures are a thousand words! Thank you Anna for the entertainment!

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