Welcome Nate!!!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to welcome my nephew into the world.


I know this is terrible but I don't have the exact time or his length.

He was born at about 3:00 PM central time January 29th 2010. He weighs 7 pounds 10 ounces.

Andrea and Josh went into the hospital yesterday at 5 am. She was given cervadil all day yesterday preparing her for the inducing today. She was having strong contractions yesterday but wasn't progressing. Over night her water broke at about 3 and she asked for an epidural around 6. Her contractions were right on top of each other but she wasn't progressing very fast. They started the pitocin but she never got past 4 centimeters.

At 2:20 I was told they were going in for a c section. Nate's heart rate got down into the 30's and Andrea wasn't doing the greatest with her vitals. They didn't want to mess around and got them into the OR.

Andrea did great and was in labor for HOURS!!! 5:00 AM 1/28 until 3:00 PM 1/29.

You rock Andrea!!!

Welcome Nater and I can't wait to see you!

p.s. there will be more pictures on Josh's facebook once they get settled in their room.


Rest and Relaxation


Its been such long time since we've had nothing planned on a weekend.

Last night we had a date night. We dropped TJ off at Mike and Heather's house so TJ could spend the night with Lex. (his best friend) We headed off to Texas Roadhouse and got stuffed on steaks and yummy food. After dinner we met up with my parents to go see The Book of Eli. It was definately a rated R movie with the violence and language but all in all we thought it was pretty good. Its actually very spiritual. It was hard to watch because of the violence but I did like it. Its probably a one or two time see for me. Okay, that's all I'm going to say.

This morning we were able to sleep in just a tad then we went to pick up TJ. Since we've been home we've done a lot of cleaning and I've got my last loud of laundry in the washer. Tim is playing his guitar for a bit then we are going to watch some shows then football.

Tonight we are going to my parents house for dinner and then to watch Schindler's List. Tim hasn't seen it and I've only seen parts of the movie. Since we are going to Israel in a few weeks, my parents thought it would be good for us to see the movie before we went and saw some of the sights planned for the Trip.

Tomorrow is church and then football. There is nothing else planned for the weekend and since we got all the cleaning and laundry done today. There will be nothing for tomorrow night and I mean NOTHING!

I love being busy but when its weekend after weekend and night after night, its definitely nice to get a little R & R.


Piper's Birthday Party

Friday right after work we hopped in the car and went up to Little Rock for Miss Piper's birthday party on Saturday. We got in at about 10 pm and let the kids play for a few minutes to see each other.

Saturday we got to sleep in a bit since TJ kept sleeping. (thank you TJ) Then at about 11:30 we had to get to the party that started at 12. Lots of little ones came with their parents and Piper seem to be having a blast. TJ was completely worn out and passed out about 10 minutes down the road.

We had to leave right after the party, but it was so good to be there for her and her party.

here are some pictures from the trip:

Friday night, right after we go there



Birthday girl

Aunt Kikie and Unca Tim

blowing out the candles

Cake time

not feeling to hot but figured he should participate in the cup cake eating


Cold Weather and Toddlers

My oh my is it difficult to function normally when its cold and when you have a toddler with you.

I know your thinking....is this really what you are going to talk about? Yep, I am.

The last couple of weeks I have been able to experience the hassle of moving about the town with a child and myself in large coats. My warmest jacket is white and is a slick fabric. As you could imagine a small toddler with a large jacket doesn't leave them with much ability to move easily. So me with a slick jacket and a toddler who can't move easily at all. Yikes!

Just today we went to Target, Tim went over to customer service while I was walking in with TJ and my purse. I grab a cart because there is no way that I would be able to hold TJ any longer. He is already sliding down my hip and my purse is now at my elbow. Once I got the cart in front of me I start to swing TJ over the handle bar. Then the cart starts moving away. This lady came up and helped me hold the cart while I put him in the seat. I'm sure I looked more like the Aunt who never deals with kids than this child's Mom.

Last year it was not this difficult, mainly because I could take TJ in his car seat. He didn't slip off my hip or get caught up in his jacket. I could bundle him up in blankets and cover the whole carseat in a blanket and he was warm.

I give props to the mom's who have to do this for months. And then to those mom's who have to do this with multiple children in tow. Way to go. I'm glad I only get this pleasure a few weeks out of the year. Thank you Texas!


FYI: Don't Hit the Box

While driving to work this morning I was getting on the highway and right after I checked my blind spot I turned my head back to the road in front of me and there sat a good size box right there in between the two lanes. I was changing lanes and tried to miss it. Instead of missing it, I drove right over it with my front passenger side. The car seemed fine as I continued driving down 360 but once I got off and was making a turn the car was starting to sound like I had a flat.

So I pull over and take a look at my car and all I can see was a liquid pouring out pretty quick, my bumper dented in, and cracked. My tire was fine so I decided to just drive the rest of the way since I was only 1/2 mile away from work. 

Turns out that the liquid was just windshield washer fluid and it was leaking because the motor came off. The sound the car was making when I was getting off the highway was the plastic fender liner that was broken and loose. The bumper needs to be replaced.

I wasn't hurt and my car doesn't have any major damage. But is sure is a pain and it is still going to be an expense that we didn't need at this point.

After I got to work some of the ladies said they saw the box after I hit it and they said the box was now in the exit lane and there was wood all over the ground. Another car had hit the box and had a flat, when they saw it. I have no idea what was in that box but its been enough of a pain for me.


Back Into the Swing Again

Vacations are always nice but long vacations with no sort of schedule are not so nice on my son. I have worked his whole life keeping him on somewhat of a schedule and even when we're not its the routine of life that keeps him on track.

We left Christmas day and got back on the 30th. That's a long time and then when we got back we got back in town running. We had something going everynight and just weren't able to stay at home and get him back into routine.

Which leads me to my point. We went back to work this week and its always a challenge with TJ. He does pretty good going back to my mom's with very little hick ups. Its when he gets home that evening when it gets bad. His strong will comes out and there are some battles being fought.

I'm hoping by that tomorrow we should be back to normal. Last night was rough and since Tim had bowling it was just me and TJ, the two strong-willed ones...EKKK, here left alone to battle it out. HAHA

Hears to the new year and getting my son back to normal.


The Year 2009

The year 2009.

I had been looking forward to this year for a while since it was going to be the year I had my Golden Birthday. But this year turned out to be great for many reasons. My son turned one, he started walking, he has become a little man, he took his first airplane ride, and went to his first rodeo.

I got a macbook, I fell on my back on the ice, Terry and Lizzie got married, Josh and Andrea got pregnant, I lost some friendships but gained some new ones. Its  been a very exciting year and can't wait to see what God has in store for us this next year.

To start off we are going to be welcoming Nate (my nephew) into the world, sending my brother to Afghanistan, and going to Israel. Already going to be starting off with happy tears and sad tears as we say hello and say goodbye.

God will be out strength and comfort through this all.

I'll keep you posted as things move along.

Happy New Year from The Leckies!!

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