October 31st

Well we went cheep this year and just used the same costume as last year. It fit and last year he didn't do much and we knew we wouldn't be doing much this year. Why not get some more use out of it?

Last year we just went to one neighbors house and then went to Six Flags.

This year we decided to go to a fall fest at a church so he could go out and have some fun. He got to pet some horses, a cow, jump in a bounce house, play some games, eat some yummy food, get some candy, got lots of attention.

We also enjoyed ourselves. Saw some old friends, had yummy hot dogs, cotton candy, and snow cones.
Petting the horse
 Once we got home we went over to Pat and Patty's house, our neighbors. TJ loves them! They love him too. Pat can just be getting home from work and TJ can get him to stay out side and play with him for an hour or so while in his work clothes. Patty will roll around in the grass with him and chase him around the yard. Nice to know I have people right next door that we can count on if we need them. Patty also watches out for Gracee.

Anyways. We had a great time tonight and now we have our little boy cuddled up with us watching the Rangers play.

36 Weeks Preggo

The size of a crenshaw melon
Well we are down to 4 weeks left until my due date!

Everyone keeps saying how it seems to have flown by, it feels the same for me. It seems like yesterday that it was TJ's birthday and we were waiting on the results of the pregnancy test. CRAZY!

I went to the doctor on Wednesday and I was worried about my weight gain since at this point with TJ I had gained 8 pounds! I only gained 2 pounds. I thought for sure it was at least 4 pounds so the 2 pounds was such a relief. I'm not nearly as big as I was with TJ and I'm already tired of the comments:

"you are huge"-yeah I know I'm almost full term, but you don't have to tell me.
"she is dropping"- no, she isn't. if she was I would be able to breathe
"Wow, you look tired from carrying her"- thanks, I guess your saying I don't look good?
"how many days do you have left? Oh wow, 4 weeks!"- so your saying I'm huge, refer to the 1st note
"are you uncomfortable?"- I'm pregnant

I go to the doctor again this Wednesday. We are getting down to the wire people. I have my bag packed, got some last minute needs for once she gets here, now just need to get the car seat installed and head to the hospital.

Here is my 36 week belly shot:


October Tradition

Our October tradition continued on this year with going to a pumpkin patch it was no where near as awesome as last year when we were in New York with Josh and Dre. They took us to Old McDonald's Farm.

We took him to the same little church pumpkin patch we went to in 2008. They had it set up a little different with some different decorations so it was real fun to get different pictures. Amy joined us this year since she was in town for the night. TJ had to show Mimi all the little pumpkins.

We found ourselves a huge pumpkin that had a whole in it so Tim told the guy he was hoping to get a discount. We got it for $6 and TJ found a little pumpkin that cost us all of $.75. I know, huge spenders!

Here are the pictures from the Pumpkin Patch:
Us Leckies, all 4 of us!!
TJ and Aunt Mimi
Riding the hay horse
Searching for a pumpkin
Carving the Pumpkin:
Once we got home we started carving the pumpkin, here are a few pictures from the evening... Sorry they aren't the greatest but we had fun.
getting all the yucky stuff out. We had the tools and TJ had a sand shovel to use.
Tim getting the pattern ready
Our owl. We decided not to go with the traditional smiley face


34 Weeks, 6 days!

The size of a honeydew
I forgot to post a 34 week update. Oh well, this will be a almost 35 week update (tomorrow). I went to the doctor on Wednesday the 13th. It wasn't the greatest appointment. They told me I had gained 7 pounds since my last appointment, 2 weeks before then. I'm still under my weight that I was with TJ but only by a pound. My weight with TJ was everywhere, with Anna my weight is mainly in my stomach. I've notice a little swelling but nothing out of control.

The nurse was telling me to be careful because at the next appointment with TJ I had gained another 8 POUNDS!!! yikes. trying my hardest to avoid that.  I didn't get any flack from my doctor because she is also pregnant and struggling with the same stuff.

Here is a picture of me with TJ at 33 weeks:
I can tell in this picture that my body was already swelling pretty bad because I'm no longer wearing any rings. Also my smile has gotten smaller by the swelling in my face. My nose was aready spreading apart. I felt great, just looked miserable. Good times. He was such a big boy!!!

And here I am with Anna. This was a couple of weeks ago but as far along as the other picture:
Smile still big, nose still normal, hands and feet not swollen and all the weight is in my tummy. Just glorious. She is strictly out front. My theory is that I'm more sore this time around because I don't have the extra body weight gain to help support the massiveness of my belly. Just a thought.

It was all glorious until this last week. My face is starting to look more like the picture above with TJ. That's the only place you can tell. My feet and hands look completely normal and I'm watching my sodium intake to make sure I don't gain the weight because of what I'm eating. I spend most evenings with my feet up and a glass of water in my hand.

Well my next appointment is this coming Wednesday so I'll have another update hopefully next week. After this appointment I start going every week and they'll start checking me to see if I'm progressing.

So tomorrow I get to say, 5 more weeks!!! or less!


State Fair 2010

Oh how I love the fair.

I love the food, I love the people, I love the smells, I love the exhibits, I love everything about the experience.

We took a day off from work so we would have a less crowded experience at the fair. We went out there with my parents on the train. It takes you to the entrance of Fair park. Its very convenient and less stressful than driving. And TJ has been talking about riding the train for weeks so it was nice to finally get that out of his system.

Tim and I always make a point to try the new fried foods they have for sale. This year we tried the Fried Frito Pie and the Fried Beer.

Here is my opinion: The Fried Frito Pie was ok. I love Frito pie but this wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. There isn't much cheese and Fritos in it. Its mainly chili dipped in batter then fried. The Fried beer was SOOOO nasty. It was a ravioli filled with beer seasoned with salt. It was a super salty uncooked ravioli with hot bitter beer on the inside. I tried one, it stayed in my mouth until I could find a trash can. YUCK! Once I spit it out I saw the trash was fll of half eaten ones and almost full servings thrown away.

My favorite is the Chicken Fried Bacon. Its one they came up with a couple of years ago but they still serve it. We also had the Fried cookie dough, which is also a good one. But no trip to the fair is complete without a fletcher't corny dog! yummy.

Great memories!


Special Day!

Today I would consider one of the most important days in my life! Really? Why?

Because today is the day 26 years ago that my wonderful husband was born! Without him my life would be nothing as I know it. There have been events that have happened in the duration of the last twenty-six years that threatened his life. He has overcome those with the protection of God and he is still kicking!

He is such a great man. He is a worshiper, he is a loyal and faithful servant. He is great father to our son Timothy Jr and our daughter Anna. He walks TJ through a prayer every night and is a pro at getting him to sleep on the nights TJ can't calm down. And to top it all off he is a wonderful husband. He loves me unconditionally and makes me feel so loved everyday.

I met Timothy in elementary school, became best friends with him in high school, dated him once we graduated and married him 2 years after high school. My life with him has been wonderful and I love showering him with love on his special day.

This year, since everything has happened with the house I couldn't do much so we decided we would go out to eat to celebrate. I decided to make it a surprise and invite all our friends and family to join in on the fun. Everyone was there waiting when we got to the restaurant and he was completely surprised.


32 Weeks Pregnant!

Just 8 or less weeks left.

I'm feeling good besides Braxton Hicks are terrible. They wake me up on some nights. When I was pregnant with TJ I had leg cramps that would wake me up where I had to walk around, so I would just go to the restroom. With Anna it's the braxton hicks that wake me up so I just get up and go to the restroom.

I have only gained 19 pounds so far. Three of those pounds were just in the last two weeks, I'd say it was a stressful last couple of weeks. I gain weight when I'm stressed. People are constantly saying how HUGE I am. These are the people who obviously don't remember how HUGE I was with TJ. At this point in pregnancy with TJ I was already 27 pounds, already had my wedding ring off for a month or so, and was wearing compression socks to keep the fluid out of my feet.

The room. Its a mess. We haven't fixed the flooring because we haven't gotten the a/c fixed. We have to pay out of pocket for some of the things that aren't covered, but hoping to get it all fixed this week. Praying really hard we can get it fixed this week.

The shower was great. I felt so loved by all who came and showered us with love and gifts. I haven't brought any of the stuff home since I don't have a place to put anything. Its a little overwhelming with having so many things un-done. I did get the cradle set up in our room. Also got the basket of baby needs all set up next to our bed. I was amazed how well that did me to have a place ready for her to sleep in.

I'm planning on bringing home some of the shower stuff tomorrow. I have found that it is more stressful not remembering what I got and what I need.

So, onward I go. I'm getting excited and my dreams and wonders are getting stronger for her. Just sitting here looking over at the empty cradle fills my heart with joy knowing she'll be sleeping there in no time at all. TJ was even putting toys, including his nerf gun in there for her. haha

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