18 Months Old

I can’t believe that today we went for TJ’s 18 Month pictures. My how time really does fly. These past 18 months have been some of the most wonderful months of my life. Nothing is better in life than to see his eyes light up and his little screech of happiness when I get home, to see him discover new things, to see him build towers with his blocks, and to be devastated when it falls over, even to watch him sleep bring joy to me.

He always runs to me when I walk in and has to give me kisses. He is such a sweet little boy and is always happy to see people.

He is really getting good at helping with cleaning. He helps puts his toys away every night and will always throw his diaper away.

His favorite things to do in the day are playing with his blocks, bath time and brushing his teeth. These few things are times we get a screech of excitement out of him.

He went almost two weeks without eating more than a meal a day. This was about 3 weeks ago. It was terrible, every meal was a fight and he would only attempt to try it if we weren’t looking. We then took the risk of him tossing the plate to the floor for Gracee. I knew he was about to hit a growth spurt. He grew out of his shoes and some of this shirts are getting a little high on his waste.

He is really learning some words now. He has been saying Mama and Dada for a while. He then started with “this” then he said “ball” once and hadn’t gotten any new words for a long time, besides the “dada” “mama” “papa”. But then about two weeks ago he said “prease” (please) when we asked him if he wanted more toast. Then later that day he said “tank ah” (thank you). He has now been saying “shoes”, “TJ’s shoes”, “Josh”, “Mum”, “Mamy”,  and a few others in there. I am very proud that my little man says please when he wants something and then says thank you when it is received.

He is growing so fast and is such a joy to be with.

This last Sunday he pointed out to my dad when the Angels were and where Jesus was. I am so happy he can see them. I pray that he won’t ever stop seeing them.



They Found Out Today

The news we have all been waiting on for the past few weeks...
Are Josh and Dre having a BOY or GIRL? Son or Daughter? Niece or Nephew? Granddaughter or Grandson?

Its a boy!

I am so excited for them and I know this is one of the most exciting times of their lives.

Can't wait to meet you Jesse Nathaniel Schlueter!



Man alive....this week with TJ has been a rough one. If you know my son you know rough can't be that bad because he is the best. BUT a bunch of things have hit him all at once.

This last week he is teething. Teething hasn't been to bad for him. Eye teeth and some of the molars weren't a problem but this time its bad. He chews on everything and is constantly trying to get comfortable. Looks like a bunch of molars are coming in all at the same time on one side of his mouth. Ouch!

Than I've noticed that I think he is about to hit a growth spurt because he isn't eating much. He eats breakfast and then just kind of snacks the rest of the day. He is drinking liquids and doesn't seem to mind not eating. I know if he is hungry he will eat. Its just so trying, TJ is such a good eater and will try or eat anything. He eats every meal and can have snacks throughout the day and still finish all his meals. This whole play with the food and shakes his head no to food is killing me.

He will be back at my parents house tomorrow for a few days so hoping this eating thing will get straightened out.

Oh and he is like attached to my hip. Just wants Mommy but I'm also the only one who makes him really mad. I don't get it and I know its a phase.

Come on Happy, eating, fun TJ!!!

but isn't he just so darn cute?



TJ has not been good at traveling the last few months. I think the problem is that we very rarely do short drives. Its either driving down the street or driving 6 hours away.

This last weekend we went to Arkansas and took along my laptop to play movies. It helped with the entertaining and helped keep him quiet for a while. He ended up sleeping more on this trip than he had in a long time. Most of the time he only sleeps and hour and that's after about 2 hours of screaming. It is not fun and we dread it. This last trip he slept about 3 of the 6 hour drive...not bad. He cried for maybe a total of 45 mins and the rest of the time we were either singing or he was watching a movie.

Hopefully we are at the end of that.

In October we are going to New York!! Yah! I'm so excited its only a few weeks away and can't wait. We are flying out on a Saturday and coming back on a Saturday. We are planning on a taking my laptop for movies and a bunch of snacks. Its been a few years since I've flown and I of course have never been on a plane with a toddler...Any pointers that I should know mom's or dad's?

In November, we have the Leckie side of the family coming to our house for thanksgiving and then on Friday we will be driving over to Shreveport to see Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, and cousins.

In December, we will be going to Bentonville for Christmas like we did last year.

At the end of February begining of March, we will be going to ISRAEL!! I'm pumped. Tim and I have never been and couldn't be more excited. TJ is going to be switching off his time at Uncle Rik and Aunt Sarah's house and G-Paw and Sweetie's house.

Hoping all the traveling goes well and again if you have any tips or pointers for traveling with a toddler. Please advise. thanks
this is what we saw a lot of the last trip

 this is what we saw most of the trip last weekend

Life, Busy Life

Life has been so crazy for me these days. Not necessarily that we are so busy its just the stress that is making it crazy.

The last couple of weeks have been very busy at work for me because the person I back up at work had a baby and will be out for 10 weeks. We hired someone about 4 weeks before she had her baby but the day after she had her baby she was offered a full time job (ours was only a temp job). After she finished off the week, we were in search of a new person, got her in and started working. After 3 days she quit. Found another one, she turned down the job. We finally have a person working. She started yesterday. She really isn't taking much off my desk, but she is taking some of the small stuff like faxing, filing and odd jobs like that. This make a huge difference to me.

Because work has been so busy I have had no desire to do anything at home. Which doesn't help me when I'm at work. I see my desk and then I have a thought of home and completely fall apart.
I'm not necessarily a person that has to be in control but I am one who needs to have things in order. When there was no order and no sign of order in the near future, I broke down. My mom heard a few emotional breakdowns this week.

Thursday night I was determined to get some stuff taken care of at home. We had dinner with my dad and then came back here so they could watch the football game. Tim and I cleaned the kitchen, I spent about an hour getting all our financial and home office stuff in order, and then clean a bit of our room. It didn't sound like much but I needed something in order. Work on Friday was better because I didn't have one thought about home and how I had stuff to do there.

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