Holiday in the Park

This past summer our company took all of our families to Six Flags again. This year as a bonus so our company would sign another deal they were given Holiday in the Park tickets.

I think we got these last year but we didn't get tickets because I was on maternity leave and wasn't about to head out to a crowded park with an infant.

We went this last weekend and we had fun. It was PACKED. We had to park on like the last row and we tried to catch the tram but it picked up another group and left. So we walked the 500 miles to the gate. Our entire visit was basically spent in the kid's area.

We all had a great time and we were able to catch the tram back to our car.


Merry Christmas

I was a little late on this and I do apologize for the absence of my blogs. It has been pretty insane for us lately.

Merry Christmas!

And have a happy new year!


Happy Thanksgiving!

It's a little late but we still mean it!

We had a great holiday. Lots of food, lots of family, and lots of sleep.

I got an awesome picture of my dad and Tim but not posting it.....it is for our enjoyment only....haha


Anna's Party

Thank you to everyone who came to Anna's party. We had a great time and Anna was so blessed with toys and clothes. Food was great, cake was great, and Anna had a blast playing and hanging out with everyone.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the day:


Happy Birthday Anna

A year ago today we were at the hospital getting induced so we could meet our little girl. Dr. Peppler thought she was going to be huge. TJ was huge and we thought for sure she would be huge too maybe even bigger since she was already in my stomach a week longer than TJ was. Labor was quick and she was born at 1:05 pm. 3.5 hours after my water was broken. She weighed 7 lbs 13 oz and was 20 inches long.

She has been such a joy and a wonderful addition to our family. Her little character is constantly cracking us up. She is interested in details. She'll hold on to something and look at every aspect of the item. She makes the greatest faces. She loves, absolutely loves her brother. He has her attention all the time. They wrestle, the try to talk to each other, the laugh, the play, its really sweet.

Anna is already a little worshiper. She will raise her hands in church. When I hold her and I sing. She becomes so peaceful and will just relax in my arms.

She explores everything, she'll go off by herself and play but she also loves to be around everyone.

This year has been so wonderful. Thank you Anna for keeping us on our toes, for bring a joy to our home, for being unique, for being you. We love you baby girl.

Happy birthday Anna Banana!


Tigers Fall 2011

Well the season is over. TJ had a blast and he will definitely be playing again in the spring. This league was great. He got so much playing and practicing time. We love his coaches and how they interacted and taught the kids.

We are so proud of you TJ.



Anna eats so much. She will eat as long as we put food in front of her. I thought TJ was a great eater but Anna will eat anything and everything. I captured the stages of her eating ravioli. Fun but messy


October Fun

TJ has a friend that has a birthday around Halloween and they always have a costume party for his birthday party.
In past years when we took TJ to go "trick or treating" we would just take him next door to our neighbors house and then we would go back home. Well they moved out about 6 weeks ago so we drove over to their new house and rang the doorbell. It was fun. TJ and Anna had a blast playing and laughing while we caught up. Then we made a couple more stops at my mom's house for Thomas fruit snacks and then to my manager's house for a special bag of candy for TJ and Anna. 

TJ was a dinasour with a costume that was slightly too small...but cute. Anna was a monkey. Since it wasn't a super girly costume I put a flower clip on her head. Too super cute kids and Tim of course is cute!

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