6 Months Pregnant

Here is my belly

Getting large I know. I feel like I’m further along than I really am but when I look at my stomach I feel like my stomach is so much smaller this time around. 

I guess it’s about the same but I sure do feel different. Of course a girl is going to cause me problems. TJ moved a lot but I didn’t really hurt. Just leg cramps at night and swelling but nothing else. With Anna, I have back aches, my stomach hurts a lot, feet hurt, legs hurt, leg cramps and so on. I try not to complain and to stay happy and active. Some days I just want to lay there. It is nice on the days where I have worked to hard once I sleep that night I feel so much better the next day.

 Here is my belly at 6 months with TJ:

I’ve had more energy to do things but I have to quit so fast after I start because of aches. We are at the point right now in preparing the house that I can’t do much which is wearing Tim out. He’s been great with everything. He is so excited about our little girl. We went and registered this last week and I gave him the scanner about half way through and he went scan happy.  HAHA. It was hard trying to figure out what we actually needed and what we didn’t.  Not necessarily like the first time, it was trying to remember what we had.

Anyways. Anna is moving more these days. It’s probably because I’ve been drinking caffeine in the morning. I’ve been so tired that I need something to pick me up. Then she starts kicking away. Wednesday she spent the whole day kicking my ribs, today she was rolled up in a ball so my stomach was so tight. I go to the doctor the 1st week in September when I’m 28 weeks (I'll be 26 weeks tomorrow) and then I go to every 2 week appointments. I’m sure I’ll update again then.

Nursery Update:
We have the dresser, toy box, and chair. The dresser and toy box need to be painted. The carpet is out and planning on working on the flooring this weekend. Crossing my fingers. We’ll have to get the chair rail up and then all the construction stuff of her room will be done. Then the rest will be decorating and working on the finishes. I’m still trying to figure out the pictures. The pictures are all different sizes (squares, long rectangles, short rectangles) so I haven’t decided if I need to crop all the pictures to fit in a standard size frame, get some made, or see if Tim can make them. All the decisions…ahhhhh


Hectic Life

Worn out!
Life has been busy to say the least around our house.
Last weekend it was kicked into high gear when Papaw Leckie slipped into a coma and then passed away on Thursday. Tim had made a quick trip to Shreveport before he passed away and came back late the next night. Now it was Friday, this was supposed to be a relaxing night we had planned. We were going to be hanging out with our super good friends the Peery’s. The plans were still on but they got devastating news about a friend/family member who wouldn’t make it very long. It left us all in very melancholy moods. Saturday was the scheduled day to begin potty training and since we were going to be heading to Shreveport on Monday we needed get on the ball and get TJ trained before the car rides. We spent both Saturday and Sunday potty training and turned out very successful.
We made the trip to Shreveport which was nothing but exhausting. We were drained both physically and mentally. Then I returned to work on Wednesday and last week was terrible. It was probably one of the worst weeks I’ve had. It started out busy, hectic, people yelling, me being bothered and annoyed, I was still very emotional which didn’t help, and it was just an all around horrible week.
This weekend was pretty good. We got a lot of stuff done around the house. I worked on our bathroom for a while, getting the bathtub cleaned, toilet cleaned, floors cleaned, and then cleaning and reorganizing the counter and sink area. Tim got all the carpet taken out to the curb, hung the curtains in the new guest bedroom, fixed the molding in our bathroom, the yard done, helped a friend moved and help me clean the rest of the house.
It’s been a good week. Not too busy but we’ve had something going on each night. We got registered on Monday night, signed a gas and oil lease last night, family night tonight, tomorrow at the church to get ready for Friday night, and then Friday we have our church service for the weekend. Set in Order. Everyone is welcome!
Hope you all have a fabulous week and I’ll see you on the flip side.


Proud Parents

TJ has once again made Tim and I very proud parents.
Every time I doubt his ability to learn something new or to grow up he proves us wrong every time.
The last few weeks TJ has shown us so many signs that he is ready to be potty trained but we were waiting until one we had nothing planned over the weekend and two I didn’t have any commitments at church where I could miss without having to get someone to cover my duties. Friday night TJ and I went to the store to get all the big boy items, underwear and his toilet.
Saturday we woke up and we threw away the one diaper we had left and put on his big boy underwear. He was so excited and started dancing around. We gave him Gatorade mixed with water. This is something he will drink a ton of and will down almost the whole cup in one sitting. I knew this was the drink we needed to use for the training. I set a timer and for every 15-20 minutes and would have him try. He wouldn’t go at all. He only had two accidents this day and I caught him once he started and set him on the toilet. He wouldn’t go on the toilet. He didn’t like sitting there. I only used pull ups the first day mainly because he hadn’t gone all day and had 4 cups of drink. He woke up with a full pull up from nap and I just used this as a time to start over. He hadn’t gone in the toilet so it wasn’t a step backwards for him. I continued giving him his drinks and after 3 drinks he had no accidents but still wasn’t going potty. Finally it got to where he was hurting from needing to go potty so bad. This is when we had accident number two. It was only a little bit and didn’t relieve anything for him. I was holding him in the kitchen shortly after that accident and he said oh no Mommy and I saw there were a few drops on his underwear so I took him to his little toilet and he wouldn’t go. We were about to give up thinking he just wasn’t ready when I asked him. Do you want to use the big toilet like Mommy and Daddy? and he said “yeah”. Then he stood up on the stool and peed. He peed 3 times before bed time that night.
Sunday was even more successful. Now note it only been about 14 hours since he started going potty. He woke up and after 30 minutes told us he needed to go potty. I tried setting a timer again this day but he would tell me before the timer would go off that he needed to go so I quit setting the timer.  It was a good day. He pooped in the toilet that morning and was telling us all day when he needed to go. We had to change his underwear once because he got a couple drops on them when he caught himself that he needed to go.
Monday he had the same pair of underwear on the whole day and had no accidents. We even spent 4 hours in the car. He told us every time he had to go. He’s had an infection so he is constantly itching so we couldn’t ever go by the “signs” that he needed to go. When he has to go he tells us.
Tuesday he spent the morning with Ken and Ginny while we went to Papaw’s funeral and he was telling them when he needed to go.  He gets so excited when he is going peepee he calls whoever is there to come in and see. Too cute. I should break that habit. Haha! He’ll fool you though, he’ll come out announcing to everyone he went potty when he doesn’t actually go and when he does go potty he comes out of the bathroom and continues on with playing like before.
He was having dry nights but last night he had an accident. It was partly our fault. We had dinner late which meant he had a drink late and he wouldn’t go before bed. He was also wiped out so he slept in which also didn’t help his case.
We are so proud of our little man.


Papaw Leckie

Today our family is experiencing a great loss.

It started yesterday, we got news that Papaw Leckie (Billy Wayne Leckie) slipped into a coma during the night. Tim's parents and the other brothers that live here in DFW immediately started to gather. Timothy decided after work that he had to go and worked it out at work to miss today and the next if needed. I helped him pack and sent him on his way. They got to the nursing home pretty late where Papaw has been staying and got to see him. He wasn't awake so they watched him sleep.

As soon as we woke up today Papaw left to be with Jesus at 6 am. When Tim called me I didn't really react. I was expecting it because they were telling us he wouldn't live long in the coma but it was still a shock. I went through today with up and down emotions. I didn't want to talk to anybody but that just isn't possible when you work in customer service. I spent the day figuring out my schedule at work and how much time I would miss.

I realized tonight that me being distant from family is actually helping me in my mourning. I'm able to remember all the moments I had with Papaw without anyone to talk to about him. I've had to have the conversations on my own.  My years with him aren't as long as the rest of the family but from the first day I met him he left an impression on me. He was quiet but made me laugh. He would say things under his breath and me and Tim would just sit there and giggle. He welcomed me into his family and I immediately felt like one of his grandkids. He loved TJ and would let TJ play cars on his lap, he would even let him crash the cars while playing on his lap. I'm proud that TJ carries on the Wayne name.

I'm sad Anna won't get to meet him but happy he isn't in any more pain. Love you Papaw and I'll miss you.




The last few weekend have been so productive. Tim and I have really pulled together to get a bunch of stuff done. The plan is to move the guest room into the office and make the current guest room into Anna's room. This will make the kids room right across from each other. Lots to do to get this accomplished.
  • Office closet cleaned out and purged
  • Office cleaned and purged
  • Office cleared out
  • Guest room closet cleared out
  • Organize guest room closet items into totes and into attic
  • Clean and organize garage for office items we aren't getting rid of
  • Guest room set up in its new home
  • Carper taken out of Anna's room
  • Dresser painted
  • New flooring installed
  • Chair rail installed
  • Decorations
  • Set up Anna's room
  • New lighting
  • Go through TJ and Nate's clothes and see what is unisex that Anna can use
The list is moving right along. I'm hoping to get the dresser painted this week and the flooring is going in this weekend. Yah! Moving right along. We also have the pictures for the walls picked out and the light fixture picked out. I'm so excited to be moving along in the preparations. I was pretty overwelmed when I wrote my last post in May

The Name

The name Anna is a name I picked out years ago. Wow, I don't even remember when. I'm thinking it was about a year before Tim and I got married. I found out how much Anna was a family name.

Tim had already told me that if we got married he would want his son to be named Timothy Wayne Leckie Jr. So we could have a 1st Timothy and 2nd Timothy.

I immediately started to think of girls names....

Anna Katelynn

Anna was the name of both my dad's grandmothers. Anna Schlueter and Anna Dettmann. Anna also comes from the Leckie/ Hughes side of the family. Tim's grandmother's name was Anna Belle and later changed her name to Annabelle. Definitely a family name.

Anna is a prophetess, Anna is Grace, Anna is merciful, and Anna is Favor.

Now Katelynn we picked because Katelynn is the name I would want mine to be if it was a long name. The spelling of the "Lynn" is how my sister spells her middle name. Katelynn means pure.

So our Anna Katelynn will be a graceful, merciful and pure. AMEN

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