Ear Infection and Cold

Last week TJ's tball game was at 7:15 on a Thursday night. Obviously the person who created the schedule does not know any 3 year olds, especially my 3 year old. TJ starts getting ready for bed at 7:30 and is asleep by 8. Well he started crumbling before we even left the house. Poor kid was tired and Monday we found out he had an ear infection. He has been on his antibiotics for 4 days now and is sooo much better.

He has a game tonight and its much earlier and he is rested and not sick like he was last week. Praying for a better experience then what we did last week.

This is how he spent the game last week
He and Anna went to the doctor on Monday and he was diagnosed with a ear infection. This is the first time he has had one and Anna has a cold. Both kids are doing much better.

I must go now. We have to leave for TJ's game tonight.


Lion King 3D: Trip to the Movies

When we saw that Lion King would be in theaters for a couple weeks in 3D. We knew we just had to take TJ. Lion King is one of his favorite movies.

Acutally if you ask him what TJ stands for he'll tell you it stands for Lion King. His tball team is the tigers and if I call him a tiger he says "no Mommy, I'm Lion King."

He did great with the glasses. He kept them on until the very end. It was strange though, people were reacting to the movie like they had never seen it before. Little odd for a old movie that was remade. Tim and I could speak all the lines throughout the whole movie. So when people were laughing at parts we kept glancing at each other asking "have they not seen this movie before?"

Anyways, here are some pictures from our trip to the movies.



Well my uncle is a firefighter. He has been asking us to bring TJ up to see his station. Since he works in Dallas making our way to his station when he is there just never seemed to work out.

Last Wednesday we were out there getting our mattresses (I'll blog about that later) and he was at work so we made a stop to get the grand tour.

TJ and Anna has a blast. TJ got to spray the hose, ride the engine, climb the ladder, help Terry push buttons and mess with gadgets.

Thanks Terry, we had a blast and TJ loved it.

Ride His Bicycle

Aunt Dre and Uncle J got TJ this bike for his 2nd birthday and we have tried numerous time to get him to ride it but he just couldn't peddle and steer the bike at the same time. The day our neighbors...the best neighbors moved out is when he finally figured it out. I took this video on September 17th.


Anna is 10 Months Old

Well little Miss is moving and moving. Not walking yet but pulling up on everything and crawling like crazy.

She is basically always happy. She talks and laughs all the time and loves her big brother. She is always laughing at him and tackling him.

She can eat table food now, not sure how she does it because she only has two teeth but she has it mastered.

Dada is the most recognizable word she says. Don't think she knows that Dada is Dada but she says it. She has said Mama but more on demand than calling for me.

Here she is yammering with Daddy:

She keeps us laughing for sure.

The other day she got a hold of the eye from TJ's Dora ice cream and this is what happened:
Her Schedule:
A few changes just in the food she eats.
She wakes up at around 9 and then eats oatmeal with fruit, stays up and plays till 11:45 and starts eating then lays down at noon, sleeps till 3, eats again, and some times will stay up till bed time but sometimes at around 4:30ish she lay back down, sleeps till 6ish, up for table food like meet and veggies, around 7:30 we start baths and she is eating and in bed by 8:15. She eats about 8 ounces at each feeding.

At my mom’s house she'll eat a little bit and then go back to sleep till about 9- 9:30ish then the rest of the schedule is the same.

Lots of pictures this time



Seems like its been forever since I've been able to post a specific milestone TJ has reached.

I mean he is constantly changing and developing but he has accomplished something that is huge.

From the time TJ first got interested in cars he has called them Vrooms. We think its because at one point Rodney was playing cars with him and Rodney made the cars say "vroooom" when he was driving them on the floor. TJ started saying that and then it stuck. We couldn't for the life of us get him to say cars.

After almost 2.5 years he has called cars vrooms. Trucks he called trucks but cars are vrooms.

When all this time every time a car is discussed it is said as a vroom everyone starts calling them Vrooms. We have really tried to keep calling them cars so eventually he would learn to call them cars.

Today we were getting in the car and I asked TJ if he had all his vrooms and he responded with "No, mommy they are cars" It sounded kinda like tars but he did it. We were shocked. Just like that....Cars.

Anyways. this was a huge step for my little Timothy and just had to share.

Oh today if you would have asked TJ what TJ stood for he would say Lion King. Silly boy. He has no idea that we are planning on taking him to see it in theaters tomorrow.


Rangers Game

I got Ranger tickets for .90 each. Yeah couldn't beat that deal. Well really there were about $4 a ticket with the shipping and processing costs. But still, it was a great deal.

I originally looked into getting tickets because it was oven mitt give away. It is silly I know. Our friends the Peerys ended up getting tickets too and were sitting in the next section over. Once we walked in we realized there were a bunch of seats by us so they all sat down.

It was Firework Friday but I had to be at work this morning at 6 so we couldn't stay out that late.

The kids were fantastic and we would have stayed if I didn't have to get up.

AND the Rangers won 14-4!!!! We left at the end of the 7th inning at they were winning 8-4. Great game!



I see this picture and I remember being in a room with our wedding party right after we left the sanctuary. We had just run down the hall with complete smiles on our face. The ceremony just ended but the reception hadn't started yet. This picture shows how with all the excitement going on around just holding hands together brings us both peace. You can see that right?

Our photographer came down there with us and this was one of two pictures that were taken in that room.

The other picture that was taking is a picture of Tim and my dad hugging. Super sweet picture. But I'm not here to show that picture. Maybe I'll show it another day.


Love you Honey!


Night and Day

Now that the swimming season is basically over I would just like to share how TJ swimming fears have changed drastically.

At the beginning of the summer we went swimming a couple of times. A couple of times at a friends house and once at Uncle Terry's house. TJ wouldn't leave the side of the pool. He would even hang off the side and scoot along the whole edge of the pool with his body in the water.

When we were at Terry's house he got out all different kids of floatys to see which one he would do better with. At that point he did about the same with all of them but we decided to take this yellow inner-tube that had a tank thing attached to it.

While we were on Vacation, TJ got lots of practice time in swimming with the inner-tube.

I was watching him play this last weekend that was mostly likely his last time to swim this season. It is like night and day from the how he was acting in the pool at the beginning of the summer from this last weekend.

You could see how proud he was to be swimming, jumping in the pool, going down to the bottom with Papa and so on.


Baseball Ready!

What does the coach say to the kids to get them up from the ground, from running around, or standing there like a bump on a log?

He yells "Get baseball ready!"

This means to get ready because the ball is coming to you. During the game the coaches and dad's shout "baseball ready Tigers!" and they all lean over and get ready. Very cute.

We have been off from Teeball for a while because of the holiday but we start back up practices this Thursday and his second game on Saturday.

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