Pictures of TJ at 6 Months

Saturday there was a sales rep at our work who had a big BBQ party out at his house in White Settlement. There was a bunch of people there with games, food and music. We spent most of the afternoon out there hanging out and talking to friends. All these pictures of TJ being 6 months are out at his property. 

TJ and Daddy

TJ resting on Daddy

TJ chilling in Daddy's hat

Another in Daddy's Hat

You talking to me?


TJ is 6 Months Old

Tomorrow TJ will be 6 months old. He is sitting in his high chair very well now and is eating Gerber Graduates bites. It’s really cute when he is trying to eat these he grabs them but still doesn’t understand that he is suppose to put them in his mouth so he ends up getting upset or knocking them all off the high chair. Gracee is really liking him being in his high chair, she hangs out underneath him and catches what falls. Anytime we give him a new food to try he makes the worst face. It’s really funny.

Here is a picture after we gave him a cheerio.

He is really moving around in his crib. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth and then goes back down on his tummy and gets a little closer to what he wants, or he will do the army crawl to get there. When he gets excited he throws his arms up like he is saying “touchdown”. He does this when the cats walk by, when I get close enough, or really any time. Although he does this same thing when he is getting tired of being where her is.

As previously posted he does have two teeth now. They are really showing now but I haven’t been able to catch them in a picture yet.

Here is some random pictures from this month for your viewing pleasure:

Him and his future wife, Lexi...they just love each other so much


This is one of my favorites

Watching the Cowboy game

and then him watching the Aggie game


Its Fall People

Okay I think Fall is one of my most favorite times of year. Part of that could be that its one season closer to Christmas. I love getting out all the fall decorations and switching them out with the summer decorations. It’s also the time of the year when its wonderful outside where you can drive with the windows down or sleep with the windows open. Now here in Texas this nice weather has only greeted itself to us for a few days a week or so back. It’s coming though.
I even changed my layout to a Fall background. I found this free background site through another blog that I read and now I’m really excited about this and that I can change it very easily.

TJ is going to get his 6 months pictures done next Tuesday so I’ll be posting those pictures next week. Oh and Debra is going to a seminar thing for work and the seminar is here in Dallas so she’ll be coming in on Tuesday so Tim is going to pick her up and then get TJ and I’ll meet them at our house to go get the pictures done. Tim’s birthday is next week so it worked out good for her to be in town that week.


Preach It Man!!!

Can't you see TJ doing this in a few months. He already talks his little head of as soon as Papa starts talking.




Silly Song About Politics

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We are Fans of Both

Okay so as many of you know my whole family are Aggies. Well Tim’s whole family are LSU fans. Then there is us, we enjoy both teams. This Saturday there was an Aggie game along with an LSU game. Here is TJ and Me Saturday morning before the Aggie Game:

And then here is TJ and Tim Saturday afternoon before the LSU game:

We had a great weekend. We watched a lot of football and did a bunch of stuff at church.

Sunday we had a Arts and Crafts Fair. Lots of people at our church have some really amazing gifts. So we arranged for them all to display their talents and could even sell some things if they wanted to. I set up and interior design table and had a lot of pictures and items from redoing out house. It was fun. So Saturday we went up there and got all that set up so it would be ready for Sunday after church.

Well that’s about it from our weekend.


Joyous Sounds of Laughter

When I got home tonight TJ was being held by Tim and I kept hiding behind him and then coming around and saying "boo" and he would crack up. He just kept laughing and I was able to get it on film.



Pictures of the Office Makeover

Here are the pictures I said I would post:

This is the wall that the door is on.

Obviously here is the desk top.

Here is looking in the room from the door.
Here is another view from the door. We will be making the curtains and getting those put up soon.

Go Cowboys!

How about them Cowboys! I'm not posting this to talk about the game bacause for one I just couldn't stay awake to watch the end of the game. I can't function without sleep. I am posting this to share this wonderful picture of my family.

Monday night is the night of the week when our church has its men's meeting (Band of Brothers) well since the game was on they all decided to meet at our house. I made sure that I wasn't banished to our room with TJ to watch the game. They opened up the night to anyone who wanted to come. We had my parents, The Peery's, Ron Carl, Rodney, Terry and Lizzie, and us there and everyone brought a snack and we just had a wonderful evening watching the game.

Thanks to everyone who came and those who didn't you missed a good time. Next time then.

Oh and Tim did take pictures of the office he just needs to send them to me. I'll get him to do that this afternoon and I'll get the pictures posted.


Slight Change of Plans

Original plan out the window. We woke up on Saturday and I went to a Pampered Chef party while Tim got some of the stuff ready to paint. We realized that we didn’t have enough of the left over paint to paint both rooms. After sitting there trying to think of something to do in the office I went and got online and found a color that was very pretty and Tim loved it. I sent Tim off to the store while I got some more things ready to go and TJ down for his nap.

Now this color is a blue/green color. It’s called Cathedral, the best way to describe it is a dark lagoon or harbor color. Right before he left we were talking about how we wanted to get a real office desk and not a dinky little computer desk. I got on craigslist while we were discussing the plan and found a desk that was just listed that day. Tim called and arranged for him to go look at it the next day. We got the room painted with 2 coats and the cut in done.

Sunday after Church Tim and Rodney went out to Lancaster to look at the desk and load it up if Tim liked it. I stayed behind and got the room re arranged for the desk and let TJ nap. Once they got back we got the rest of the room cleaned up and Tim and I started to move the desk down the hall. Woops the desk didn’t fit. Tim had to take off the door along with the jams. It barely fit. After we got the desk arranged and the computer set up we went up to Garden Ridge and bought some art and frames that were on sale.

The room is all done and looks good. Of course I forgot to take pictures. I’ll have Tim take some when he gets home and I’ll have to post anther blog later. Sorry.

Also. Last night one of our friends little brother was shot in the face by a drive by shooter. He called 911 himself and is at the hospital now. He is planned to have surgery today to get the fragments out of his face. For the full update from his sister you can go to her blog. http://www.belgexan.com/ Keep him and his family in your prayers.

My Love Language

I feel loved when...

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My Primary Love Language is Physical Touch

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Physical Touch: 11
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Acts of Service: 6
Words of Affirmation: 4
Receiving Gifts: 2

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Working On The House

Right before we moved into our house we spent a couple of nights getting all the rooms painted. We got the kitchen, living room, hall, and our room painted that week. Once we moved in we got the entry, bathrooms, and game room painted. Once we found out we were having a boy we got TJ’s room painted. Now all that is left in the house is the office and guest bedroom. If you couldn’t tell, I hate white walls in my house. I want the house to feel lived in as much as possible.

When Bill and Debra were in there house in Cedar Hill I bugged them for forever to paint rooms in their house. By the time they moved out they had lots of the rooms painted I even helped with a lot of the paint choices. I just love paint.

So back to my story we are planning to paint this weekend. We got a webcam last week and having that room on video is not a pretty site. It’s boring. I have some left over paint from all the painting we have done in the rest of the house that we are going to get some done this weekend. I think I even have some curtains that we used in our apartment that have never been hung in the house. We’ll see. Since the hurricane is suppose to come through North Texas we’ll see how long it takes for the paint to dry. Oh well.

We are planning on painting the guest bedroom green. Most of the colors in the room are red but I have accents in green so I think it will look great and it will definitely warm up the room. And then in the office we aren’t really sure on the color yet but we are planning on doing some cool pattern on the main wall. Maybe some stars or something. If it doesn’t look good we can always just fill it in with the paint. I’ll post some pictures when it’s done.

Have a wonderful, safe, and blessed weekend.


Update On Tim's Truck

Okay I realized after my cousin sent me a message that I’ve never given an update on what was resolved with Tim’s truck. Basically nothing. Well nothing with the police. His truck was finally picked up a week later. This was kind of weird but the guy who picked it up wasn’t told that he needed to bring tires so he got Tim’s truck on the tow truck without tires. Tim said this guy was awesome, it took him about 20 minutes but he got the truck on there.

Once Vandergriff got the truck it took them about a week and a half to get the truck fixed and back to us. The truck got there on Friday so they didn’t even look at the truck till Monday. Tuesday the tires and wheels were ordered. Wednesday they came in but one was damaged. Thursday the replacement was ordered. From Friday to Monday it was in detailing and we finally got the truck back on Tuesday. Tim got to see the final bill and for Vandergriff to fix and replace the tires and wheels it was going to cost us $3500. We of course only had to pay the $200 deductible.

Tim’s truck is back in our driveway safe and sound. He was so excited to get his truck back. He said it was gone so long when he got it back it felt like he had gotten a new truck.


Happy Birthday Sarah!

My Sister in law Sarah is celebrating her birthday today. I have known Sarah for a very long time, long before Tim and I were together. Sarah helped me with a lot of events during wedding preparations. She has welcomed me into the family by being a friend to me. We were lucky enough to be in the same apartment complex for the first few months of marriage and living within a few miles of each other until this past April. There were some times that we wish we could have spent some more time together but still enjoy what we do have. We have had great times together and even shared the time of pregnancy together. She is a great sister, friend and now an Aunt to my TJ.

Happy Birthday Sarah! Hope you have a great day, we need to Skype.


Me and My Baby

Okay so TJ has both my features and Tim’s. Although Tim’s features are more apparent mine are still there. We went to Six Flags on Saturday for a company picnic. My parents bought TJ a hat and he was so cute we had to take a picture now in this picture you can see how much we look alike. It’s sad that in order to see that we look alike we have to cover his forehead and his eyes so all you can see are the features that are like mine.

Here is the picture:


From Arkansas They Came

We had a pretty busy weekend.
Friday night we were able to just stay at home and relax and get some things done before the weekend went into high gear.

Saturday we got up and had to get ready to go to Lake Palestine with Terry, Lizzie, and the kids. We were looking at a property that we didn’t know had been sold that morning. Here is a picture of my boys for the day:

Sunday we went to church and went out to lunch with the regular crew. We just stayed at my parents house and hung out until around 4:30 because we had a meeting with the elders to go over our words from Presbytery. Very exciting! That night around 8, Bill and Debra got to our house. We kept TJ up until they got there so they could love and cuddle with him before he had to go to bed. Monday we just spent the day relaxing and enjoying the short visit. That night Rick , Sarah and Piper came over for dinner. They drove in on Sunday also but stayed over at Rick’s parents house. We cooked out and had fun with the babies.

Well that’s about it. We did a lot of relaxing but had a bunch to do.

Now we are almost done with this week. I’ve been so tired because our hours at work changed and I have to be there earlier and just having to adjust my body.

We think TJ is cutting another tooth. I just talked to my mom and she said he has been really unhappy today. Good times!

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