Update on the Noggin

No, this isn't Tim's head, but its cool looking
You know those Doctor appointments you go to and you just know it didn’t go well?
4 weeks ago when we went to the neurologist, he assumed the worst. He thought everything was fine with Tim until right at the end then Tim said one little thing and that changed his mind. He immediately jump to conclusions and was talking about treatment. He ordered an EEG and MRI. We left upset because he didn’t really listen and jumped to terrible conclusions.
The last few weeks Tim had gone to get the MRI done and the EEG and was just waiting until this week to see the Doctor again.
He went in and everything was fine with the test. They were CLEAN! We were praying for clean and clear results. Tim didn’t need to have anything hanging over his head (no pun intended). The doctor just said, so I guess we won’t know what happened. PRAISE JESUS!
When Tim leaves he proceeds to tell me everything the doctor was saying. He was repeating back to Tim what he remembered of the accident and he was getting it all wrong. He was getting major things wrong. Like what his friend saw him do, uh the guy that was with him didn’t see anything. It was rough. There was more but I won’t get into that.
This is over. It is such a relief to have no answers. We have no answer to why this might have happened except. He passed out. There is NOTHING wrong with his head!
Praise Jesus and thank you everyone for your prayers for Timothy and out family!

Here is his head today. All better with a couple of scars.



Summer Time Love

This is what I love about summer....water, pools, sprinklers, laughing babies, and anything that comes along with those.

TJ loves outside like I've said in the past, but another thing that hangs up there pretty close is water. He loves the bath tub, water hose, pool, and the excitement of sprinklers.

 This is something new that he does...he always just sits there so he is really getting into "playing"
 the focus
 had to get a cheesy grin shot
 Gracee loves playing in the water too but her body hates her for the next two hours. ugh too much water for Gracee's tummy
 The joy in that face...love it
 this created a constant giggle

We really want to have a pool in the future, but we'll have to wait on that. It is kinda nice not having one right now because I don't have to worry about his safety. Maybe one day we'll have one. So right now watching him enjoy the pool leaves Mommy and Daddy over in the shade covered in sweat. As you can see in these pictures we don't have much shade. There is some in the morning but after 12 noon we only have a strip of shade on one side of the yard. That is where the parental units hang out.


Trip to the Movies

Off to the movies we went today. TJ has never been and a movie came out last weekend that we knew he would love.

A few months ago TJ saw Toy Story for the first time. It took him a a few times of watching it to love it. (we noticed this was his trend with movies) He slowly began to gain his favorite character....Buz Lightyear! Also known by TJ as Bebe. He got the first Toy Story for his birthday and we saw the preview for Toy Story 3 that would be coming out. I knew he would love it but we knew the love for the characters would need to grow a bit more.

I was looking through my mom's movies that she has at her house and they have a bunch of Disney movies of VHS that they can't watch because they don't have a VCR any more. I still have mine from when I was still at home. One of the movies I brought home was Toy Story 2. He loved it. He was so excited to see the characters doing other things and going on a new adventure.

OK, now I knew he would love it.

We wanted to wait until this weekend so we wouldn't have to worry about a massive crowd since we couldn't go during the week where it would be less crowded.

As soon as TJ woke up we talked about seeing Bebe today and going to the movies. He would just yell Bebe back to us. We were going to eat at the theater but decided to just grab him something to eat before we got there so he wouldn't be hungry and tired at the theater. (12 is nap time and that's when the movie started)

We just ordered popcorn and sprite and headed to our seats. He was already having a blast. The dark theater with the previews was very exciting. He ate like half the bag of popcorn and was loving the sprite. The movie started....
Sorry its dark...no flashes during the movie.

He stayed in his seat for over half of the movie but when it got to some scary parts he had to move to our laps. Some of those daycare toys are mean and scary. He did very well and even wanted to stay for the credits.

Leaving he said "bye Bebe!"

Great movie experience and excited to take him to another one.

Leaving the theater
Two minutes in the car. He was out!


Nater Tater

I meant to post this weeks ago...sorry.

This weekend (memorial day weekend) I got to meet my nephew. I just couldn't wait and I hated that it took me so long to meet him. He is already 4 months old and already has his little character. I was telling Dre that he is going to be a talker. He jabbers and yammers all the time. TJ never did that and it took him a while to get to talking. I don't think Nate will have any problem with that.

We had so much fun playing with him and loving on him. We wish my brother was here to enjoy this time with us. He is currently in Afghanistan and won't be back until next year. We will get to see him in November while he is on his two week leave. 

Already miss Dre and Nate and can't wait to see them in a few months.

Love you guys!!


Baby Kicks

Yeah...NO this is not my stomach or my baby
I love that this baby is already so different from TJ.

I have been able to feel this baby move since about nine weeks. I had to lay still but I knew what I was feeling for. Now I can feel the movements during normal activities

The movements have gotten bigger but ONLY when I push and tap on my stomach. TJ would move all the time. I could be sitting at my desk and feel him dance, kick, stretch, and punch back at me. Already this baby doesn't kick big like TJ did. It just rolls over anytime I try to provoke him/her or moves to one side of my stomach when I'm pushing on the other side.

I know I still have a lot of time left in this pregnancy and the baby can change its behavior but this is very different from the way TJ acted at this point in the pregnancy.

The thing this baby does the same that TJ did is this baby also reacts to worship music. Only worship music, I can put on country or any other genre and this baby won't move but I put on worship and this baby gets to moving (rolling and twisting).

Every child is different and I love it. Little worried on how I'm going to do this and what tricks I'll have to change but it will be fun.

Cheers to baby kicks, my favorite part of pregnancy!


All Boy

My son is nothing but boy.

He spends 80 percent of his time awake doing the following:
  • Outside
  • Cars
  • Climbing
  • Jumping
  • Running
  • Sliding
  • Falling
  • swimming
  • Throwing objects into the pond
  • Eating
  • Playing catch
  • Swinging
  • Climbing up the slide and sliding down on his stomach

The rest of the time is spent eating, watching movies, and re-hydrating.

He is definitely a dare devil and I'm praying protection over him daily. He likes to see if his body can do certain things and it constantly keeps me on my toes.

But when you put all of this aside. His heart is so tender for people. He makes people light up when they see him. He builds relationships with people in a matter of seconds. His heart of worship has been evident since he was an infant. He immediately engages in worship, he sings, claps, and raises his hands. It melts my heart to see this, but I know this is what he is called to do. He is called to be a leader, worshiper and warrior.

He has to be all boy to be a warrior. He has to be brave, he has to be able to go where no one else will go, but he has to dwell in the presence of God.

He will call me into his room 3-4 times every night so we can pray again. He won't let me cover him up or anything until we pray.

He definitely has a heart of worship and prayer. That's my boy!


Worried and Exciited

I go through massive emotional stages during this pregnancy. Not emotions like you are thinking…Oh she’s pregnant that’s normal. I don’t go through pregnancy ups and downs in the extremes. I try my hardest to keep my emotions in check. Now a couple of weeks ago when everything was happening with Tim and I couldn’t have emotions I got to a point where I was so tired and had gone too long with out having emotions that if you crossed me wrong I would be completely honest with you. But this isn’t what I’m talking about, I’m talking about my inside emotions and how I feel towards this pregnancy.
At one point I’ll be so excited and can hardly wait to get the house ready for another little Leckie. Can’t wait to start the list of projects I have for us to do. I’m excited to have a baby with little clothes again. Excited to have our family done and our part of our family line done. I’m excited to see TJ with a little baby. I’m overwhelmed by the thought of loving another child as much as I love my little Timothy.
Then I’m worried to the point I can’t seem to get motivated to do anything because that would make it all too real. Can I do this again? How is this baby going to do at night? Is this baby going to have gas issues like TJ did? Where am I going to put the infant toys versus the older toys? Do I need to pick all the small toys out of TJ’s toys and put all those in his room? Where is the swing, bouncy seat, or the basinet going to go? I’m a planner and the unknown or uncertainty of this all drives me to worried.
I know it will all work out, but I still have my days of being worried. I know in a few short weeks we’ll know if we are having a boy or girl and more things will be settled in my mind. I know this baby will be different but will be perfect for us. I am this child’s mom and God has chosen me for this baby. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
And to top it off I have a wonderful husband who isn’t worried by these things. We are a perfect balance. I just need to spend all my time with him and I’ll be good. Right?…ok…that sounds good.


Memory Meal

Don't you just love those memory meals?

The meals that take your breathe away the second they come out of the oven, the meals that with one bite it takes you back to Grandma's house, with the thought of the meal your mouth waters, while preparing the meal you think of childhood memories of sitting around the table talking about our lives at 6,7, or 8 years of age?

I had that meal tonight. I get all sentimental and lethargic. I want to hold my family and cherish these moments and memories. I make a huge batch so I can enjoy this meals for days.

Its a meal that if one or two of the ingredients is missing I still love the meal.

You must be wondering...what on earth is this meal? It must be amazing!!

Its actually quite simple, it is a couple of boxes of a Kraft noodle, chicken, peas, mushrooms and topped with crunched up potato chips. We call it chicken-chip casserole. Normally I make it without the mushrooms because my husband is not a fan. Tonight I had to make it without the peas and the mushrooms. STILL amazing!

Very sad part about this whole thing is we can't find the noodles anymore. There was a store right done the street from my parents house that had them but they started to have limited supply so when my parents saw they had a bunch they would buy every box they had....now the store is closed. We are still working to find a replacement or see if we can buy it somewhere else. This is how much this meal means to us. Its love.


What a weekend. We had found out a couple weeks ago about a party our neighborhood would be having this past weekend. We never got anything on it reminding us until Friday night. We were out talking with our neighbors and they were asking if we were going to go. “yep, we’ll be there”  The party was from 10-1 on Saturday.
Right at 10 we are getting ready to head out to the neighborhood party and ended up walking with our neighbor down to the park at the end of our street. (Our neighbors love TJ anytime they see us they say hi to TJ and will play with him in the yard and chase him around.) We spent an hour or so down there, had some lunch, let TJ run wild, and then headed back to nap. TJ only slept an hour, I think because he got a diaper rash and it was hurting him.
We also had our company picnic at Six Flags that afternoon. We have had it there the past 3 or 4 years. The only time that is mandatory for us to be there is from 2-4 in the pavilion that is reserved for our company. We figured we would go right at 2 and then stay a little after the picnic so TJ could ride some of the rides.
We head out again at 1 to leave for Six Flags. The food was yummy and our business manager did door prizes and drawings. Tim won a season pass so we bought me one. They had a special if you bought the pass at the picnic you could get it for $30. So two season passes for $30. We couldn’t pass that up. We went to Looney Toon Land and let TJ ride a bunch of rides. He loved it. He was tall enough to ride more rides this year. And by the end of the summer he should be able to ride more of them since he was only two inches off from the restriction.
We wanted to head up to Humperdink’s to watch the UFC fight but couldn’t take TJ with us. We dropped him off at my parent’s house and put him to bed. The fight started 9 and was over around 11:30. It was a nice date with my hubby. We just ate appetizers and had coffee.
Sunday Tim led worship….It was AMAZING!! After church we decided to just go home for a snack lunch and veg out. We needed the rest. We spent the rest of the day just hanging out, watering the yard and getting ready for the week.  It was a great end to a great weekend.
Here are some pictures:



Tim is Funny

All seriousness aside. Tim is a very funny guy, but give him a concussion, a little pain meds and no short term memory and he is HILARIOUS!

The whole time he had me and my mom rolling.

At first he just went with the flow and kept asking me what was wrong then once we got to the hospital he got a little quiet and nervous about answering the questions wrong. In triage he asked what was going on every few mins and kept asking about Carlos (the guy who was helping Tim with his bike) and I decided to say that Carlos' English was getting pretty broken when he called me out there. Tim just laughed so hard at that so I told my mom I would use that again. I was able to say that statement another 4-5 times with Tim laughing so hard. Then he started to ask if his English was getting broken when he called me out there. Ok so that statement was done. On to the next...

Any random time we were with a nurse or assistant he would ask me if I told them his medical history. In a room with a cleaning person and he would ask, when he's going into the bathroom and he would ask me, when someone was bandaging his head and he would ask me.

When his nurse first came in the room and was asking Tim a series of questions:
what's your birthday? October 3rd 1984
what day is it? .....
what month is it? ....
who is the president?.... he would laugh and just say I don't want to answer. The nurse got really loud and yelled "WHO IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?" .....Bush?
What year is it? 2010

She asked him what he was allergic to and when he told her and he ended with ...and needles. All she said was too bad you already got one of those. She went along right with him. Anytime he mouthed off to her she would do it right back. Anytime he would ask random things I would tell him he told the nurse that and he would laugh and say man I'm funny even when I don't mean to be.

After about 3 hours at the hospital I started asking him questions about our life. I asked him if we had done any traveling and he said with a question aren't we going to go to Israel or did we already go? I said we went do you remember who we went with....He said Tom and Kay, He couldn't remember any other names except the tour guide. Very strange

I then asked him if anything else exciting was going on in our life he just looked at me with a blank stare. So I told him we were pregnant. He said "oh wow, congrats, wait...are we excited about this?" so I told him we were and told him how far along we are then he asked if I could tell him exactly what happened with his head. I would tell him and then ask if he remembered what I just told him and he just smiled and said no. So I would tell him again about us being pregnant. Then he yelled at me and said this is how your telling me and when I said no we have been pregnant for 14 week then he would yell again and say....and your just now telling me?!?!? Oh goodness we went through this about 10 times.

I think he started to realize he was asking the same question over and over again because I would get busy updating people and I would ignore his questions. So he started the questions with... "Can I ask a dumb question?....can you tell me exactly what happened?" If I needed to get on the phone or talk to a nurse or doctor I actually had to tell him to be quiet and no questions for a little bit. He would then whisper the questions to my mom. HAHA.

At one point he asked me have I been in and out? uh NO! I wish.

If I was worried I would tell him just to pray in tongues...he would look at me all worried and say, "am I going to be ok?"

He wouldn't let me cry at all anytime I would get quiet he would yell at me to stop that and asked me if I'm going to be ok? ha at one point he asked if he needed to drive.

The doctor came by to check on him and I said he is still in a lot of pain could he get more medicine or will it be a prescription? So he asked Tim if he wanted him to get him some more pain meds and Tim just got loud and said yeah that would be nice. I just apologized to the doctor as he walked away. He never came back again. HAHA

We got to my parents house and my dad was up and waiting for an update to send out. So Tim asked him about 10 times if he knew what happened. My dad was smart he just said "I don't know" then he was quiet for a bit then would ask my dad again what happened.

He was trying to catch up on his facebook and twitters and he probably read it all 3 or 4 times. He would read some of them aloud would ask questions about what people were writing about him:
Do I have short term memory loss?
Did I get stapples?
Did I fall?
Am I disoriented?
Did I get stapples?
Do I have short term memory loss?


I finally had him in bed but he kept reading facebook and thought he hadn't checked it yet because he couldn't remember anything anybody had said he was reading it like it was fresh new information every time.

This is only a glimpse of everything he was saying and doing.

Update on Tim's Head

Just wanted to give a quick update on Tim's head. He went to see the neurologist on Thursday of last week and he recommended Tim have a few more tests done....we were expecting this. He should be having these tests this week.

He went to get his stitches out on Friday and the doctor released him to full duty at work. YAH!! Tim was very excited about this. He can't stand being able to do his part at work. All I heard about his day today is his head didn't hurt at all and he was busy. Seems everything is getting back to normal.

He still needs prayers as he goes through more recovery and through further testing.

Thanks for everything prayed so far we have felt everyone of them.


15 Weeks

The baby is about 4-5 inches long
Past the first trimester and feeling great.

More energy, less sickness and a baby bump. I went to the doctor this last week and everything is going great. I lost a pound could be that I'm not as hungry and everything was very stressful around our house.

I go back again in 4 weeks and 2 weeks after that for my sonogram. I'll be about 21 weeks when we go in for the sonogram. So that means you all have that much time to get your votes in.

I can really feel the baby moving now. It reacts to music and sounds.


Worst Day of My LIfe

Tuesday of last week was turning out to be a normal day. We both got home watched a show and Tim was going to work on his bike while I did a little cleaning and did the bills.

TJ was out there with Tim and Carlos, this is normal because TJ likes to watch them work on Tim's bike. I went out and checked on TJ and he was playing good and both of the guys were leaned over looking under the gas tank of the bike. So I went back inside.

While I was sitting here doing the bills, my name was called literally 5 minutes later there was an urgent call but I thought it was Timothy. When I answered "yeah" all I got was "come here!" At that point I  knew it wasn't Tim but I thought the urgency was because of TJ.  I thought something had happened to TJ and Tim was dealing with him.

The urgency was Timothy. He was sitting in the chair with a white shirt at his head. Carlos just kept saying standing, fell, and I don't know what happened. He was just saying this over and over again. I thought he was saying that the bike fell on him, because of the last thing I saw was them both under the bike. So I asked how it fell and he said "no, he fell."

I kept looking at his head and in complete shock of what was going on. I looked at his head a few times and all I could see when I pulled the shirt back was the blood bubbling out of the wound. I almost passed out myself.

Carlos told me that he has passed out and I thought the quickest way to get him treated would be to take him to the urgent care right by our house. By this point he has already asked me 3 times what has happened. I unload the Timothys and get inside and they tell me since he passed out we have to go to the ER....I sooooo did not know this. I meet my parents a block from there and my mom gets in the car to go with me to the hospital.

She now knew how serious this was..Tim asked us what had happened about 20 times on the way to the ER.

I get help to unload Tim and he gets seen right away. The bleeding has stopped and this is what it looked like at this point:
Around 7 o'clock
The Doctor came and talked to Tim and was trying to get him to answer questions but he couldn't get any of the answers. He knew things like his birthday and what year but didn't know what month or day it was, who the president was, or that we were pregnant.

He had an EKG done....this came back normal
He had a CAT scan done...this came back normal with no damage done and his brain looked good. They couldn't tell what had caused it so they decided to release him after he got stitched up. They also recommended we go see a neurologist.

Ok. The next few couple of pictures I'm going to post are not the prettiest. I have a week stomach and I can handle them but proceed with caution.

At around 11 they took the bandage off and were going staple his cuts shut. Since the swelling was so massive they had to stitch it shut. He got about 6-7 stitches and was released at around midnight.

He has two cuts. He actually bounced on the concrete and hit it twice
We decided to stay at my parents house so I could go to work on Wednesday and my mom could watch both Timothys.

Timothy woke up really early and I asked him if he knew what happened and he was able to tell me things I had told him hundreds of times the night before. I couldn't go back to sleep I was so excited that he was already remembering things. His memory was on about a 2 minute cycle. I was asked "can you tell me exactly what happened"  and then another series of about ten questions that would spark after I answered those. But they were all the same questions.

He went to our family doctor on Wednesday and was cleared for light duty at work, no machinery and no driving. He was also cleared from the company doctor on the same restrictions. He couldn't be cleared for normal work and driving until he saw the neurologist. The earliest appointment he could get was for this Thursday afternoon. We are praying for favor and a quick return to full work.

He is still experiencing some pain and being tired from the concussion but is progressing nicely with his recovery. Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts during this time. It has been very scary.

I will post and update later and I'll also post a blog about all the funny things Tim was saying and doing during the ER stay. He had my mom and I rolling and many of the nurses and doctors would come by just to see what he was saying. His nurse even said he was her best patient of the the shift.

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