Double Date Night

We decided that we wanted to go to dinner and a movie so we made our dates the kids. TJ was my date and Anna was Tim's. Fuzzy's was on the menu for dinner and Madagascar 3 came out last week so we took the kids to see it. We were worried about Anna but she was so excited and sat there almost the entire movie. She got up at the end but just danced in front of our seats.

Great Memories

 The date even continued until the next morning when we went for breakfast.


Race for Grace 5k

The school TJ attends had a 5K that the hosted and any chance Tim and I can get to do a 5K, we will do it!

It was tough, felt like we were going uphill the whole way. I am very thankful that Tim pushes the double stroller with 2 kids weighing about 75 lbs combined.

oh and TJ always has to run across the finish line. So the last little bit of the run TJ gets our and races across the finish line. This is always a hit with the crowds.


Six Flags 2012

Every year for the past 5 years or so, the company that Tim and I work for has a company picnic at Six Flags. We always have a great time, even though most of our time the last few years is spent in the kids area. Still worth it and we are making memories.
 TJ and his Mimi
 silly boys

 Love my little man
 and my mini me

 doing fine
 nope.....this is scary. (and I'm mean for posting this)
This is TJ and his friend Maddie. 

Matching airbrush tattoos

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