Hi folks,
I haven’t given any sort of update on my schooling since I started. I went part time for the 1st two semesters and with good counsel from my husband I decided to kick it into high gear and get this party over with. I went from 6 hours a semester to 12 hours a semester.

When I started the Fall of 2011 I was considered a junior because of my associate degree transferring over. However, I still had 84 credits that I need to get completed in order to get my business degree. So far I have completed a total of 108 hours. I have a small amount of 39 left to go. This means that I am about 75% complete.

Working full time, being a full time wife, mom, baseball mom, and student is insanely hard, but we

make it work. I have a very supportive husband. And my parents, brother and sisters, and friends are constant support who provides prayers and tutoring if needed. (I love having teachers as friends and family members) With our insane schedule and all the homework, I actually manage to only do homework at work and while the kids are sleeping. There was an exception last semester and the beginning of this semester that I had to do homework while they were awake. Statistics and Corporate Finance took every minute of free time away during those classes.

The most amazing news I heard this month is that I will be graduating next year. Just one year away from being completely done.

During our summer vacation of 2012, we went to Virginia for a friends wedding. During this trip we stopped and saw the Liberty campus. It was a lot of fun to see the campus, buy some souvenirs, and see the environment.


Communication has Failed

Here is the deal.

There has been some hold up on blogging because of various reasons. One, our life got crazy busy, with school, baseball, church, family, more school and more church. Second, I felt very strongly that my blogs were used as info for conversation. This is how people found out about our lives and communication was lost. There was no need to actually know about our life; instead the blog was the outlet into our lives.

With so many social media sites, and such easy access to communication with others, true communication is lost.

I love writing, I love letting people get a glimpse of my beautiful children.

I apologize that I haven’t let ya’ll see into our lives. I got to where even on twitter, facebook, etc that I didn’t want to post pictures nor did I want to do  any status updates that gave any indication on how we were doing. Why know me through the internet if you don’t want to know me face to face. I’m not talking about the people who we wouldn’t normally come into contact with, people we don’t know, or people who we have lost normal contact with, this is people who should stay in constant contact with us.

Thanks for listening and I am planning on starting up blogging on a regular basis.


This was a big year for you and we couldn’t be more proud of you.

You’re an amazing young man. There is such sweetness about you and you are so sensitive to people’s feelings.

This year you asked Jesus into you heart. It was a sweet moment. We were reading a book about heaven and you turned to me and told me that you love Jesus. I told you that we love Him to and He is real special to us. You sat there for a second and then told us that you wanted Jesus in your heart and that you wanted us to help you pray. Right there in Anna’s room, mid book, in our jammies, you asked Jesus into your heart. You were so happy and excited and were ready to tell the world.

You had some great developments this year. You are learning so much in Pre-K and absolutely love school. Even your friendships are becoming more complex with conversation and playing.

You were prophesied over a few times but one recently was that you have a Samuel anointing on you and that you will see things and being able to lead people because of what you see.

We love you buddy and are so happy that God has appointed us as your parents. Each day is a blessing and we cherish every hug, every conversation, every movie night, and every moment we have with you.

Happy 5th Birthday Timothy!


Birthday Fun

I always go out to eat for my birthday but I always go to Olive Garden. I decided to switch it up this year and go to a place in Fort Worth.

I had a great time surrounded by my family and friends. Thanks for celebrating with me!!

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