The Story of the Tooth

In early January TJ and Anna went off to school. It was Anna's first day. (we do drop ins at TJ's school) Right at 9 I got a call. I was worried it was about Anna but the principle started out by saying TJ was fine. She explained he fell off a toy and hit his face. She thought his tooth might be lose but he wasn't really complaining and just wanted to sit in the office because he could watch his baby Anna play across the hall.

When Tim picked up the kids he sent me this picture.

It was a shock. He wasn't really complaining but by the time he was home from school he wouldn't talk, he wouldn't close his mouth, and he would not eat anything. When I touched the tooth it wouldn't move so it wasn't loose.

After a week the swelling and scrapes were gone but his tooth was now shifting. It still couldn't be moved by touch.

 It basically looked like he had lost his tooth and it was just growing back. This wasn't hurting him at all and he never complained about it. By this point we decided to take him in. His gums were slightly swollen and we thought it would be best just to make sure it was all ok.

He went to the dentist and the dentist said he sees this all the time but not a tooth that went up that far. He prescribed an antibiotic and scheduled an appointment for 10 days later. He wanted to make sure it wouldn't come down before he pulled it.

They have movies playing for the kids
He did fantastic as he did a cleaning and examined TJ's teeth. I had told TJ the night before to obey the dentist and to not bite him. He stopped Tim before they walked in and said "daddy, I don't want to bite the dentist" all Tim could do was laugh and tell him, "that is nice of you buddy. You'll have to make sure you keep your mouth open" Tim took him to the dollar store after wards because he was so good.

This was just a few days after he started the medicine. You can tell it is moving down.
This picture was taken the day he went to the dentist. The Dentist was shocked at how well it had moved and healed. Prayers have worked on this guy. The dentist had talked to some other dentists to find out what to do, they were all saying to do whatever he could to keep his tooth in there.

And finally here he is a few days ago. It is slightly different but barely noticeable. Some days you can see a slight discoloration but that is from nerve damage.

He is so handsome and has such beautiful eyes and smile.  Love you TJ!


Program and Preschool

This is terrible of me but I completely forgot to post a few pictures of TJ's school program at Christmas time. It was a very cute program with a sweet story. It was a donkey barbeque, but completely adorable!!!

We found out early December that TJ's teacher would no longer be teaching at his school. We knew this would be an adjustment for him. He LOVED his teacher. It was glorious when I would tell him something he would tell me that his teacher says that too. Even after she left he would continue to tell me what she has told him. Even though my son is at age three and in his first year of school. I am so grateful for his teacher(s) and made sure I told her so. I sent a card in TJ's bag on her last day and told her how much we appreciate her and we will miss her.

When he returned to school after being out of school for a two weeks and then having a new teacher. It was really hard for him to adjust. Thanks to my mom and dad who had to work with him a lot. Especially my dad who took him to school each day and had to work with him and pray with him. He is doing so much better!

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