Successful Sonogram

First of all, the doctor saw girl again so she is officially a she. Anna Katelynn! My mom went with me today and I think everyone in the office heard my mom aaaah and giggle every time Anna moved. Anna was great for the camera she was very active this time. It may have something to do with the caffeine drink and snickers I had about an hour before I got there. Wink. I heard that was a good trick to get the baby moving. It worked!

Second we got some great pictures. The packet said I was only going to get 2 pictures so I was so excited about coming home with 5 pictures. I am only posting 4 so enjoy!

 Here she is with her mouth open. Her face is turned a little bit.
Her fist
Another profile picture with her hand on her head (you can't see) with her elbow sticking out.
Her face. Isn't she pretty? This is looking up at her face.


Another Sonogram

Yep, after discussing it with my husband if we needed to do another sonogram we decided that we should.

We are pretty confident in the doctors opinion but wanted a double check since she wasn't very sure and we didn't get any good pictures of our little girl.

Every body has been trying to convince me to get a 3d or 4d sonogram done. And I'm not getting one because I didn't get any with TJ, they are extremely expensive and well, they just plain freak me out. I like the black and white sonogram and I like the unknown of what the child looks like. Even if the 3d or 4d are very skewed, I like the guessing part of black and white. Trying to figure out what features the child will have. One thing I could see with TJ is he will have long arms, sure enough his arms were SOOO long when he was born and still are.

I go Wednesday afternoon and since Timothy HATES the doctors office I quote "it sucks the life out of me every time I go and now even the parking lot will suck the life out of me" so he won't be going with me. I'm taking my mom and she is nothing but thrilled to go with me.

Its just a quick sonogram to check the gender and I'm suppose to get a couple of pictures. YAH

Hopefully I'll get at least one that I can post.


It's a....


Anna Katelynn Leckie

Anna= Gracious, Merciful
Katelynn= Pure

We went in for our sonogram today and I just knew that this baby would not corporate with the camera and give us a good view. Well the Doctor had to check ten times and the last few times she checked she saw girl each time. She isn’t 100% sure that it’s a girl but she kept tell us that she was a girl.

We are thinking about going back for another gender check just to make sure. Since it wasn’t BOOM yep, she is a girl. I am of course still hesitant. Like I’ve said before I wasn’t really wanting a boy or girl specifically, it’s just knowing or not knowing that will drive me nuts.

I didn’t get any good pictures so I won’t be posting any. They are all three of her face and she was all smashed up in one corner of my stomach with her legs and butt out in the middle of my stomach.

I guess I just thought for sure it would be a boy. Before we were even trying I knew I would have a girl. Once we got pregnant I had the girl’s room picked out first, so I hurried and got a boys room designed so I would have both ready. I’ve had a few people that were dead set that it was a boy so I Just knew that since I had the room and name picked out for a girl that it was going to be a boy. So I really am in shock. I’ve been really quiet today and honestly trying to still not get excited because I feel like I still don’t know.

I’m also very hesitant to show too much excitement that it’s a girl because I don’t want people to think that I didn’t want a boy. I wouldn’t change one second with TJ. I hear that girls are more fun, that girl’s clothes are cuter, and so on about girls. I think babies are fun, I think boys clothes are cute, I wasn’t going to keep trying for a girl because “I just had to have a girl”, boys are just as much fun as girls, and I just wanted another baby.

I do know that if this girl ends up being a boy, that I’ll be prepared. I have all the boy clothes and all boy gear. I just may have to change the room…HAHA


Final Results

The poll is over. I was a little off on my expiration date of the poll. I didn’t realize when I set it up that I’ll have to wait an extra week before I could get an appointment for the sonogram.
I did call today to make sure they couldn’t get me in this week and she fooled me. She said “Oh, I have to appointments on Wednesday, 10am and 3pm!” after a split second of thought I answer “awesome. I’ll take the 3pm appointment” (so I won’t have to worry about Tim trying to get off work) she answers back “oh, I’m sorry I can’t take one of those because they are 15 minute appointment slots and you have to have a 30 minute slot for your full sonogram” AGH
The final count was:
26% for Boy
73% for Girl
We have exactly 6 days, 15 hours, and 30 minutes before we get to find out what we are having. (Unless the doctor is behind on her schedule) Sure hope this baby cooperates for the camera and gives us a good shot.  
And the countdown continues!



Since the day we announced we were pregnant we have been asked, "do you want a boy or girl?"

My answer has been, "we are fine with a boy or a girl" I definitely get some funny looks because of that answer.

Our thoughts are that we have a boy so a boy would be an easy transition. I have all the toys, clothes and I know I could do two boys. I could do soccer games, t-ball, and stinky sweaty boys. With a girl, it would be fun. Everything would be new and PINK. I'll still most likely being doing the same things I will with two girls as I would be with two boys.

So bascially we are excited about this baby. We are excited to finally find out if our children will be two boys or a boy and a girl...we will see, we will see.

All down hill from now on...wait except I'm only going to get bigger so really no down hill. Anyways...

9 days until we find out.


20 Weeks and Frustrated

I know the excitement is rising and everyone is dying to know if I’m having a boy or girl. I guarantee it’s driving me more nuts than it is you.
The doctor didn’t make it clear at my appointment a month ago that I needed to schedule my sonogram appointment then so I could get in sooner. I had my regular appointment on Tuesday and she didn’t mention the sonogram so I asked about it and that’s when she said “if you don’t already have the appointment” AGH, NO!!!! I want to get in ASAP.
I go out to the front to get my next appointment and to also schedule my sonogram appointment and the earliest they have available is July 19th! That means I have to wait even longer than what I’ve already been waiting. Frustrated.
Let’s just say, this last appointment was not fun. It was already a rescheduled appointment from the week before. I went on Wednesday June 30th and since my doctor was on call she had to go over to the hospital but they didn’t inform us of this until after we all waited over an hour. So I went in yesterday and I waited over an hour again to see her, and then waited another 30 minutes to just see her after getting in the room.
I go to the afternoon appointments so I don’t have to make up much time at work. But after discussing the down side of this with Tim I decided I’m taking the first appointment I can get in the morning. I left work 30 minutes early on Tuesday but didn’t get home until almost 6 (2 hours after I regularly get off work)
My appointment went fine besides gaining 4 pounds from my last appointment. I guess this isn’t too bad since I had lost a pound at my last appointment.  So that is a total weight gain of 6 pounds so far. Not too bad but I need to be careful.  The baby’s heart rate was good…I love that part of the appointment. Like I said earlier I go back on July 19th for the sonogram and then my next regular appointment is the 1st week in August.  I’m half way through and I’ve done nothing to the house or the baby’s room to get ready. Yikes, I need to get on that.
Fun times. Hoping my next pregnancy blog is announcing that it’s a boy or girl!
Sorry everyone, you have to wait a little bit longer.


Happy 4th of July!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to say...

Happy 4th of July!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful day full of relaxation and yummy food. I hope it is a day filled with memories with family and friends.

Basically have a fantastic day!

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