Eight Month Old Anna

One thing is for sure, Anna is one VERY happy baby.

Her smile lights up a room and is very contagious. I can't help but smile when she smiles.

This month she had a bunch of firsts. She got her first two teeth, she went to her first movie, she rode a horse, she went to the beach, and she started on solid foods (Gerber Graduates).

She is crawling like crazy. She has figured out that she can follow us when we start walking away.

Yesterday she got so excited that I came home and when I had to leave the room to go get something she got so upset that I was leaving her. Apparently I wasn't being very nice. She makes me happy that she likes me to much.

Her schedule hasn't changed much:
She wakes up at around 8 and then eats oatmeal with fruit and milk, stays up and plays till 11:45 and starts eating then lays down at noon, sleeps till 2 to 3, eats again, stays up and plays till 4:30ish, sleeps till 6ish, up for veggie and milk, around 7:30 we start baths and she is eating and in bed by 8:15. She eats about 8 ounces at each feeding.

At my mom’s house she'll eat a little bit and then go back to sleep till about 9- 9:30ish then the rest of the schedule is the same.


Johnson City, TX [Vacation Series]

About a month ago TJ went with my parents to go see a friend's daughter compete in the Texas State High School Championship Rodeo. TJ was given the opportunity to ride a horse a couple of times and LOVED it. So I suggested that we make a stop in Johnson City (where they live) so TJ could ride again. When he left the rodeo he came home telling me he wants to show me how to ride.

We pull up and both kids had fallen asleep. So it took TJ a bit to wake up. He rode a little by himself but then he wanted to ride with me. We had a great time. I rode on Pooh Belle (spelling?) and Tim and dad rode on Ziggy. Pooh Belle was a little tired and hot so after I rode him around a bit, they decided to lead him around instead of me guiding him.

We made a bunch of rounds around the area and we start heading back up around their church building and I look over and Tim's horse took off. Everyone starts yelling and Shelbi (our friends Daughter) starts running towards the gate to close it to the highway. Tim finally bailed off the horse once they got to a low tree area. Little scary watching it. Renee who was guiding us was afraid our horse would take off too so she was keeping a hold of us. After everything calmed down I told her she could go help and I could just stay here.

From what we could see Tim was a little scrapped up but didn't look to bad. He wasn't saying much so I didn't get the story from him until we got in the truck.

Well he was really hurting. If you haven't been on top of a horse, you really don't understand how high you are off the ground.

Here is a little bit of history on this horse. Before they got the horse a young woman won a bunch of barrel races in the pro rodeo with him so he is a quick responder and will run fast and quick.

Right before the horse took off one of the dogs started running and not sure what happened here. But either the horse wanted to run too, the dog cut the horse off and made him want to run, or by chance that Tim doesn't remember he moved his foot where the horse thought it was time to run. When the horse took off at some point Tim hit a branch and lost his hat and glasses and that's when he got the scrapes on his nose, chin and chest.

Right when Tim was getting on the horse they told him not to pull the reigns back past his belt buckle, so when the horse took off his first reaction was to pull back on the reigns (what we were all yelling for him to do) but he didn't want to pull back past his belt buckle. Now the horse was headed for the trees. The horse of course wasn't going to run into a tree but he was running where the branches were low so Tim bailed off the horse.

So scary to watch and couldn't even imagine what I would have done if it was TJ and I on the horse. Tim said it was glad he happened to him and not us. My knight!

 Trying not to smile
 Miss Anna's firs time on a horse
 checking out those horse legs
 Riding with Mommy
 Tim riding Ziggy
 TJ riding with Mommy
 All of us riding
 Anna and Shelbi
 All done riding and walking Pooh over to get him cooled off
 Fun cooling the horses off
 The scrape on his arm
 The scrape on his nose
 his chin
all the scrapes on his back

Can't wait till we can ride again! and Yes, Tim wants to ride Ziggy again so there can be redemption! He is pretty sore but he'll survive.


Fredricksburg, TX [Vacation Series]

After we left Port Aransas on Thursday morning we headed first for Corpus Christi for Whataburger on the bay!
We got there at around 10:30ish and we all had burgers and fries except TJ, he had pancakes. We couldn't eat at Whataburger and not have a burger.

We left Whataburger and made our way to San Marcos where Amy had her car left at a friends house. She had to get back home to College Station so she could get moved to a new place. Bye Bye Mimi, we had fun! TJ was not happy to see Mimi leave.

Made it to Opa and Oma's(my Grandparents house)!
Happy to be with Papa
Opa and Oma with the kiddos
Dancing with Oma
Playing on the iPad with Oma (Mooma....as TJ calls her)
Playing with his Kindle that my dad got him
looking at Nana
talking with Oma
4 Generations
now its time to talk to Opa
We left there Friday after lunch and went to Johnson City. We had a good visit with them and we'll be headed back down there in a couple weeks to celebrate my Grandfather's 90th birthday!.


Port Aransas, TX [Vacation Series]

This one is going to be long just for the fact that we were there the longest.

We spent 3 nights in Aransas Pass. We didn't actually stay on the island but this was kind of nice. We were just a few minutes from the Ferry and could hop on pretty quickly. There were times when the Ferry line was long but nothing more than thirty minutes.

We got there Monday afternoon and spent the first night driving around, eating, and going to the beach. TJ was beyond excited and we couldn't wait any longer. Someone by the name of Nana told TJ about the beach months ago so this was basically torture waiting until vacation to see the beach.

The second day we of course went to the beach. But this time we went in the morning. Had lunch at the beach, then went back to the hotel for naps. After naps we did a little shopping then went to dinner.

That night we went on a sunset dolphin watch. It was a long ride and a lot of fun.
Then on the last full day the guys went on a 5 hour fishing trip so the ladies and kids went to a late breakfast, swimming, and naps before they got back. That evening we went to the beach one last time after going to a fancy dinner. 


Shiner, TX [Vacation Series]

A must stop for Timothy was Shiner, TX. He has been wanting to go for years and when he found out that it was on the way to Port Aransas we wouldn't have been able to get away with not going.

We left San Antonio mid morning and got to Shiner before lunch.

For samples you get 4 free samples. You get 4 tokens which means you get 4 beers. The cups that they gave you a sample in held about 6 ounces of beer so with 4 tokens you got a good amount of beer to try.

I just took one of my parents tokens and had my Shiner 102. Its the shiner I like (thanks to Roger for introducing me to this beer)

Then of course we had to get some t-shirts and fun stuff like that. 
Pretty Anna
The Brewery
Nana, Mimi and Anna
Drinking my 102
Tim behind the bar
 After the brewery we went to lunch at Friday's Fried Chicken. My dad had a burger (surprise, surprise) it was really good, my mom, sister, TJ and I had chicken dinners, and Tim had a Cock n' Bull burger. It was chicken fried chicken on a burger. Tim really enjoyed it. It was HUGE
Happy girl
TJ and Mimi

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