Update On TJ

Hey this is Sarah again, Katie asked me to give an update.
He is still in the NICU, but all of the tests they have run have come back norml. they are keeping him on the antibiotics as a precation. He is up to 2 ounces and keeping it down great, and they are going to let Katie try feeing him at 3:00 today! Katie was discharged this afternoon, and they are being told they Tj should be in his own room tomorrow and they can room in with him tomorrow night and hopefully take him home on Monday morning. If you could just keep him in your prayers for continued health.


He's Here

Hi everyone this is Sarah Katies sister in law. She wanted me to let everyone know that TJ has arrived!!!
He was born at 6:36pm and he was 8 lbs 15 oz and 20 in long. Tim and Katie are doing great!!
TJ is in the NICU right now, they are doing some blood work to make sure he doesn’t have an infection, but he is doing awesome. They should be there through tomorrow.
Here is a pic for your enjoyment!!


Pictures of TJ's Room

FYI... I do have pictures of TJ’s room but...
Our computers are down and I’ve been blogging on Tim’s Iphone
today I’m at my parents house and have no way of getting the pictures off of my camera onto the computer to show you pictures. We are done with his room we just need a matress...it is being given to us by my manager we just need to go over and get it.  We are all packed and ready to go. I got the car seat base put in the car and all the bags are right by the door. WOO HOO!!!

I go to the doctor again on weds. She’ll check me again and hopefully we will have progressed more. I’ll keep you posted.
Oh Rick and Sarah are going to bring their computer up to the hospital so we can post blogs with pictures while we are there. So keep your eyes open for blogs.

love ya


Week 37!

I wanted to let you guys know how my appt went today. Blood pressure was good so she didn’t have any real concern for my elephant feet. I’m at a 1 and 75 percent efaced. We’ll see how it goes this week. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks to everyone who sent us gifts or came to the shower they are greatly appreciate them all

Love ya and can’t wait to show TJ off!

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