As I sit here in my bed, away from my family. I realize that these headaches that I have been having are keeping me from them. The seem to pop up when I want to spend time with them. Family nights, right before I get off work, or on the weekends.
They come up right behind my eyes and then sometimes in addition in my neck. I was told while I was in high school and was hvaing these to take excedrin migrane. Which works great but recently found out that if I have too much cafeine that I get reflux. NO FUN! So in other words I have to first start out with tylenol (never works) then wait and see if it goes away. I basically have to suffer with a headache for hours!! I would start out with the excedrin but my reflux is severe with certain things that my chest actually closes up and it is very hard to breathe. YUCK!
I'm in a not so fun situation and I am needing some prayer. I'm not the nicest person when I get headaches and I really want to spend precious time with my Timothys.

If you think about me say a little prayer that these awful, horrible, and extremly painful headaches will part from me.



TJ Update- 16 months

Life seems to do nothing but speed by. I know TJ is getting bigger and I've watched him get bigger but the shock moments hit me when I see him in someone elses arms and realize how big he is from the last time they held him or from when they first held him. It throws me to the wall of emotions when I watch him "talk" to someone, when I watch him laugh, when I watch him play his guitar, and when I watch him with endless activities.

Ok now for what he is actually doing. He is really walking, even starting on the running. This last week he got some of his molar teeth in. He weighs about 25 pounds now. I'm not sure how tall he is, but it does seem that in the last few weeks he has shot up. his legs look less like hobbit legs...haha. Shorts now look more like shorts instead of capris. Don't worry one bit. I LOVE those legs.

I mentioned earlier that he "talks". Well, he doesn't just talk to talk. He actually looks at you and starts "talking" like you know what he is saying and when I answer him he continues on. He also walks around with an old cell phone and talks on the phone. 

This boy is a worshiper! he walks into church raising his hands and looks for a banner to wave. Anytime you say "hallelujah" he raises his hands and waves them back and forth and when you say "praise Jesus" he claps his hands. The other night we were at connecting the glory that our church was hosting and there were a bunch of kids with banner walking around the alter and TJ took off and went with them.
He is such a happy kid and we are so blessed to have him. Here are some more pictures from the last months:
1st Rangers game

surprising Daddy with a new iPhone

my blue eyed boy



Josh and Dre's Visit

I know this is a little late but I wanted to take a little time to talk about our visit with Josh and Andrea.

The came in late on a Thursday night and spent most of that first weekend with Dre's family who had all come in to see them. The next week was so much fun. We had a good time just hanging out and enjoying their company.

Here are some pictures from the week:
first time to see Uncle Joshy in year
My dad, Brother and TJ

Josh catching T at the bowling alley

he fits...Tuesday

Playing with Dre...Tuesday night

hanging out with Uncle Josh and Aunt Dre...Saturday

watching fireworks
 more watching fireworks

and we finished the week up with getting family portraits done.
looking pretty good... huh?


Happy 4th

Happy late 4th of July!

I hope everyone had a great day. Ours was wonderfully spent with family and close friends.

We started out the day by getting some errands done in the morning and then headed over to my parents for lunch and to hang out.
Josh, Andrea, and Amy were driving in from College Station after hanging out the night before. We did a lot of talking, laughing, and watching TJ toddle around. The Wirth’s came over a little later in the day for dinner and fellowship. Since the Rangers always have fireworks right after the game we went outside to the sidewalk and watched the fireworks. It was fun with singing and laughing. And yes we tried to get pictures and since none of us had a camera with a flash this is as good as it got. HAHA
most of the family
Tim, Josh, Amy and Dre

The fireworks from a distance...that was a small one.

And then of course I have to post a last year picture with a this year picture:

T.J. at 3 Months Old:
T.J. at 15 months old:


Home Repairs...UGH!

Well as the last week has passed I knew I would need to post a little blippit about what's going on with the HOME of the Leckie's but as I was writing about The Donut Man, I got a notice that Timothy posted a blog. WHAT?? WAIT. Timothy has a blog? You read that right. He is blogging. Its kinda funny he started blogging by accident. He found a site that he could use with his iPhone to post videos and pictures and just started blogging...Check it out Timothy's Blog!

Well anyways...the reason I got on that tangent was to say that he pretty much summed it up with his blog except...the insurance company gave us more money back then what it cost to get the roof fixed. So we are trying to think of a good way to spend the money. Ya know people are giving away home improvements these days.

The Donut Man

Now I know that most of you will have no idea who the Donut Man is or what the Donut Repair Club is...thats ok. I'll forgive you.

The Donut Man is bible story-songs presented in cd's, videos, TV shows, and a live tour. This guy has been around for 25 years, writing VBS programs and so on. We used to listen to tapes when we were growing up and we only had one movie that we would watch over and over again.

Well it just so happens that we found a catholic channel that The Donut Man comes on. Since there is all this fancy technology now, we record it. My son LOVES the Donut Man. Any time he sees it on the TV he breaks down in dance. I found the old tapes in my sisters closet. And then had to find a tape player so I could listen to them. Because I listened to the tapes ALL the time I know all the songs. To this day I think that the Donut Man is the greatest children's Bible story music. Its great to just listen to and its great to watch.

Here is TJ dancing to the Donut Man

I just wanted to post this to share a little insight to The Donut Man. "life without Jesus is like a donut, like a donut, cuz there's a whole in the middle of the heart"

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