When we found out we were pregnant we were given some of Timothy's old clothes when he was a baby.  I loved seeing Little Timothy Wayne in Big Timothy Wayne's baby clothes.
Haha, Crying TJ

Silly TJ
Well at my shower for Anna I was given a few pieces of clothing from my mom. These were clothes that my Nana bought me right before she died. I was 3 weeks old when she died.
Here is a sleeper, It says "Grandma's Sweetheart"
This was one of my dresses.
 I love putting on the old clothes that mean something and that are special to see worn again.


Anna: 3 Months Old

Anna is now three months old. She is growing so fast.

She wakes up between 8:30 and 9. She eats at 9, goes back down for a nap around 10:30 and sleeps till 12/1, eats when she wakes up, has little cat naps until 3, eats at 3, goes down for a nap, sleeps till 5:30/6, eats at 6, bath at 7:30, play time with Mommy and Daddy, starts eating at 8:30, bedtime at 9.

During the day at my parents house while she is eating from a bottle she was eating 5/6 ounces, this last week she started eating 7/8 ounces in each bottle. Eating from the bottle is going great, we won that battle. YAH!

This was a big month for Anna. She had lots of milestones and lots of accomplishments.

On February 6th (11 weeks), she rolled over for the first time. She was lying on her back and flipped over then after laying there for a bit she flipped back over to her back. She rolled over both ways in one night. She isn’t rolling over like crazy now. She’ll only do it if she is bored with what she is doing. Then last week she held a toy by herself. She was handed to toy and then pulled it up to her mouth. On January 31st (10 weeks) she went from sleeping 8/9 hours at night to sleeping 12 hours! I thought it was going to be a fluke thing and she was going to wake up at 9 hours the next night but she is sleeping 12 hours every night. When it’s during the week, I get her from her bed and put her in the car seat, as soon as I get to my parents house I lay her down and she sleeps until 9.

Anna also got her ears pierced. She has had them for 2 weeks now and they don’t seem to bother her at all.

Not sure how much she weighs because we won't go to the doctor until the end of March. She is really getting long. I'm anxious to see how much she has grown.
TJ and Anna on her first Valentine's Day


I Gotta Feeling

Last night I let TJ watch a video of the Backyardigans singing "I Gotta Feeling". He loved it. He was kinda singing along with it. Once Tim got home I told him to show daddy.

We pushed play and TJ started singing and dancing. Here it is:

Here is the video he was watching in case you haven't seen it and wanted to watch:

Rolling Anna

I got Anna on Video last night of her rolling from her tummy to her back and thought I would share it with all of you.


Rockin and Rollin

Oh my goodness!
This weekend sure was a big weekend for Anna. She rolled over for the first time last night.
She has been working on rolling over since her 2 month check up. The doctor even witnessed it and said “oh she’ll master that very shortly”. Well she has been really trying but couldn’t seem to get past her arm.
Last night while we were at some friend’s house she was trying it again and they were sure she was about to do it. I was thinking she’s been doing this for a couple of week so we’ll see. A few minutes later over she went. It was crazy though. Her first time to roll over was from her back to her tummy. Normally they go from tummy to back first.
Here she is RIGHT after she rolled over. You can even see she was lying on her arm. This is all I could catch. I couldn’t get my camera out quick enough.

Well after she accomplished this, she laid there for a little while and then fell asleep. Look how sweet!
15-20 minutes had passed and she woke up and started pulling herself up and looking around. I came back into the room and she was moving back onto her back. YAH! She had rolled both ways for the first time all in one night. She even did this a couple of times. She isn’t the quickest at it so I haven’t gotten it on camera just because the video would be too long. I’ll work on it though.
Here she is right after she moved back to her back.
Tim and I are so proud of her. Tim even told her last night when we were putting her to bed that rolling was for day time and its time to go to sleep now.


Girly Day

Well today was a big day for Anna!

Anna got her ears pierced!! YAH!

We had talked about this day before she was even born and knew it would come shortly after she was born. I got mine done when I was a baby and loved seeing all my baby pictures with pretty earrings on. We decided that we wouldn't wait till she was older for numerous reasons.
  • didn't want her to know how to touch and play with them
  • didn't want to have to hold a stronger baby still to get them pierced
  • she doesn't have hair and wanted another thing that always made her look like a girl. We've already been asked how old he is...ugh
  • her ears are easy to clean now instead of her crawling, running or turning away.
Anyways. She did fantastic. She sat still while the lady was marking where she was going to pierce them. I had to hold her arms down with one hand and keep her head still with the other hand. She cried between the piercings but once I got up and turned her around to comfort her she started to calm down. She had been a little fussy but after eating she is just happy as can be. She is sitting right here looking around, kicking, smiling and talking.
 Supportive Brother
 getting ready
 first ear done....I think my face is funny in this picture
 poor baby
here is a close up

She did great and we are so proud of her! 

Here is another picture of our pretty girl:


Bottle Feeding

When I had Anna I was just so excited to have her stay with us in the room and bring her home with us when we came home that I strictly breastfed her. She ate great and there was no need to supplement with formula at all.

Well once she got 3 weeks old I realized she still hadn't had a bottle so we started feeding her at night with a bottle. She would take forever and still want more when she finished the bottle. So I would top her off then lay her down for the night.

Feeding her at night got frustrating just because it would take her so long and she didn't sleep as long when we would give her a bottle. So we stopped doing it every night and just fed her with a bottle a few times a week.

I went back to work when she was about 7 weeks old. So she had to start eating from a bottle at least 3 times a day (9, 12 and 3). My mom had trouble with getting her to eat. She would take it but would only eat a little bit and then act not interested like she wasn't hungry.

Her nice schedule she was on before I went back to work went out the window. She did something different every day.

Then in the last couple of weeks she got terrible. She would eat a little bit and then be inconsolable.She kept her hands in fists, she would act like she was fine then would get upset. She wouldn't take long naps and would only take cat naps during the day. She was actually a completely different child when she was away from me.

So we started brain storming and decided to try different bottles. I had a playtex drop in bottle with a bunch of the disposable bags. My mom tried those for a couple of days and Anna became a different child. She would eat the entire bottle in one sitting and then be pleasant until the next feeding. She would burp good and be happy after eating.

These bottles are designed to collapse while the baby is eating keeping air from entering into the milk. This is very similar to nursing.
I had messaged my sister in law, Andrea and asked if we could borrow some Dr. Brown bottles. She had trouble with my nephew Nate and those were the kind that worked for him. I tried feeding her the night we got them to see how she would do. She refused to take the bottle with me. This is what I expected but I wanted to see how she would do so Tim tried feeding her with the bottle. She drank the whole bottle with no problem and had no trouble burping.

These are designed to pump the air to the back of the bottle instead of through the milk.

Her trouble is not taking the bottle but drinking from the bottle. She never learned how to drink from a bottle so when she was forced to eat from one she couldn't get a hang of it. She was trying so hard to get the milk that she was sucking so hard and getting so much air. She became so uncomfortable after a few minutes that she couldn't work the air out.

So my advise for nursing mothers is even though you will be nursing doesn't mean that bottles are bad. Actually bottles are a necessity when you return to work or plan on spending any time away from your child. After your child latches on and can consistently eat from you, start bottle training young. If I could do any of this over again I would have supplemented at the beginning just to give her a taste to formula and to get her started on a bottle early.

This problem has caused us trouble. It makes it difficult for people to watch her and have a good time. When one child is screaming and needing attention it just makes the other one upset and want attention.

So glad we figured this out and can now get her on a schedule. She is even happier when she gets home from my parents house. She doesn't have left over gas. She is more rested and wants to play and look around instead of needing to be held the entire time.

Way to go Anna!


Snow Day 2011

Well we had our first official snow day of 2011.

It started last night around 10pm. The rain came before the cold front. It rained for a while while the temperature dropped. Early this morning around 3 to 4 am. the rain turned to sleet. By 5 am the roads were getting slick. I had already gotten a call from my baby sitter (Christine is watching the kids while my parents are on their TXAPN trip) that she wouldn't be able to drive. She lives in Ft Worth and it hit there first.

By 6 am I heard our office was taking a weather day due to the ice. Only a few (including Tim) had made it to work and they made it because they were driving before the roads were that bad.

Tim made it home by 7 with breakfast. Since he had been gone since 4:30 our drive way had plenty of time to get a good sheet of ice where his truck had been parked. He pulled into the drive way and put the truck in park and it started to slide back into the street. So he is parked in the street.

We haven't gone out to play in it because its mainly ice.
view from the front door
another view from the front door
Our icy driveway and street

Maybe we'll venture out later to get some pictures. After all it's Anna's first snow day! Well we had snow another day but it didn't stick here.

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