Nate, my nephew has only been in a big boy bed for a couple of months. He came in for a weekend and my parents had a date planned one of the nights so he came over to our house to play and spend the night.

Nate has never had a sleepover so he has never had to share a bed with another kid. Anytime TJ has a friend we just through them both in his bed (it is a full size bed) and let them pass out.

It was pretty insane of me to do that but they did pretty good. Nate liked to cuddle up to TJ but he would end up jabbing TJ in the back with a fist or knee. So TJ woke up a few times because of that. Nate woke up at one point and went and opened TJ's door to come find me. Being afraid of my dog (kinda big and scary looking) once he saw her he and TJ now awake at this moment they both started crying and screaming that Gracee was getting them and was going to eat them. Nate just kept crying "puppy, puppy, puppy!"

Pretty funny site now that I'm writing about it but at 3 in the morning....not so funny. Well a little funny.

Considering Nate had never had a sleepover before. He did pretty good. It was a fun memory and we'll definitely have to do that again. Maybe next time they'll both be a little more comfortable with the situation.

Here are some pictures from the evening:

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