I'm Kinda Sad

There has been a lot going on in our lives in the last couple of weeks. I've talked about most of it except one key thing.
She left with my parents Thursday afternoon. She had been packing her stuff all summer. When we were staying at my parents house while our A/C was broken we stayed in Amy's room. Her room was so empty it was weird. Now we are going to go over there and she won't be there.  Amy is going to Texas A&M university. This has been a long term goal for her and she made it....I'm so proud of her!!! She had been working at Jason's Deli since last summer and she was able to transfer to the store down there. The one good thing is that she is coming back up here on Saturday because she has a Jason's Deli summer picnic to go to up here in Arlington so she'll be here untill Tuesday. Then next weekend on Thursday my parents, Tim and I are going down to College Station to go to Josh's Graduation and Commissioning into the Army. We at least get to get used to the idea of Amy being gone before we actually have to say good bye.
She is going to be living with My brother and his wife for the next year My brothers wife is still in school and she graduated next may. Josh will be leaving for training for the next few months so at least Andrea will have company and Amy won't have to live in a dorm.
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