God Is Amazing

Well as some of you may know Mamaw Hughes has been sick and not able to travel since January. She has been getting better and finally released to travel. So she decided since she hadn't seen our house yet that she wanted to come by for the day to barbeque and hang out with the family.
Saturday morning (the 21st) we had to go to work for a few house it was straight overtime so that made it worth it. We got back that mid morning and Tim was working outside while I was doing some last minute clean up before they got here and noticed the house was a little warm. (during the day we keep it on 75) So I though I would go adjust it to cooler since people were coming over. Well to tell you the bad news it was out....OUT! Well the familyt was on their way and no time to call or do anything about it. We had fun with the family Mamaw and Papaw really liked out house. Turns out they like it a little warmer in the house so they thought it was perfect.
7 o 'clock rolls around and we finally get a guy here to look at the A/C. He said the motor was out and the motor wheel was broken. It was going to cost us $1000.00 to fix it. The visit already cost us $110.00 just for them to come out and look on a Saturday.
Sunday at church about 10 guys told Timothy that he needed to call our realtor because we should have a warrenty since we've only had the house for 7 months. Well we did!
Wednesday we finally got it fixed and it only cost us $55.00 to get it up and running lovely again. Crazy, hot, and stressfull week. We were sitting there on saturday wondering what and the world were we going to do and how were we going to pay for it. We stayed there that night but after that we stayed at my parents untill weds night.
Gracee did great at my parents house. She absolutly loves them and has a blast everytime she goes over there. There are always people to love on her and play. She is such a sweet dog we love her so much.
Posting pictures is working right now. I'll try to post them later.
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