No matter how you try your hardest to prepare to leave your babies... it is still the hardest thing ever.

I knew before I even had her that I would only have 6 weeks at home with her and TJ then I would be headed back to work. With the holidays it just made it speed by even quicker. I loved being home during the holidays but with all the activities, parties, and traveling it didn't slow down time.

I had my follow up appointment with my OB Dr yesterday and was released to go back to work yesterday. After I left that appointment I took Anna to my parents house. I had dropped TJ off there earlier so I wouldn't have to take him to the doctor's office.

I was a ball of mixed emotions the night before and all day yesterday. It was hard to smile and be cheerful. Happy to get back to a normal routine but sad to be leaving my babies. Leaving them with my mom makes it so much easier because I can call my mom as much as I need to and can check on them.

I had lunch over at her house then it was time for goodbyes. I gave Anna lots of kisses and told TJ to give me hugs and kisses. He gave them with no hesitation. **Lump in my throat** TJ kept saying "bye bye Mommy" then when I was walking out the door I heard him ask my mom, "where my mommy doe?" my mom answered, "she is going to work" TJ, "ooohhhh, my mommy word" in a very sad voice. I shut the door so fast.

I did good, I didn't cry just had that stupid lump in my throat the rest of the day. And I kept my calls limited to break time.

Today was my first full day back at work. I'm glad I had a short day yesterday, it made today easier. I said my goodbyes this morning. The lump was gone. TJ still yelled "Bye bye Mommy" a million times but today it just made me smile.

I hate that I can't be with them every day but I am so happy that they get to spend every day with my mommy.

Now one more day this week then I get two FULL days with them!!!! Can't wait!
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