Anna: 5 Months

This last week we started Anna on veggies. The first one we have given her is squash. She is a lot slower at the whole eating thing. She doesn’t eat much so it’s taken me since Friday night feeding her the same jar and she isn’t finished with it yet. The squash is really runny and actually runnier than the rice cereal so it’s harder for her to eat. Last night I finally added a little rice cereal to the jar and she was eating it better.

She now plays in her jumparoo and pulls her body up to her hands and knees. She doesn't do anything when she gets there. She will rub my face when I hold her...its like she finally sees me and wants to know more.

She is hasn't really learned anything new just getting better at all the activities.

Durng my last update we were working to get Anna on a new schedule. It only took a day or so and she transitioned nicely. She wakes up at around 9:30/10 and then eats rice cereal, stays up and plays till 11:30 and then starts eating her bottle, noon she lays down, sleeps till 2/3, eats again, stays up and plays till 3:30/4, sleeps till 6ish, up for dinner and bottle, around 7:30 we start baths and she is eating and in bed by 8:30.  (yes, I realize this whole paragraph is on sentence...that's how I roll)
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