The Yard Work

Since we have lived in our house, we have been planting flowers in the front yard. The first year we re worked the front flower beds. We made them curve along the front of the house, tore out the ivy around the tree and planted new plants in the ground and in the pots up on the porch. It always lights up our yard with life and I love it! It is very low maintenance except for watering and picking a few weeds.
Our backyard is a whole other story. It has been a work in progress for us. It’s just bad! We had two trees growing right next to each other and one was growing out into the yard…actually laying down on the ground. We had ivy around two trees by the back door and only 2/3 of the yard had grass. We had a huge flooding issue so if it rained at all, the yard wouldn’t drain out till days later. Ugh. It was not fun to be out there and when we did go out there, we got so overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done. 

First thing we did was we worked on the tree issue. We didn't get it all fixed but we raised the canopy a bit and took out the extra tree.

The spring TJ turned one we decided we needed to really start working on the back yard. We needed to be able to enjoy the yard because TJ loves being outside.

Then we put in a nice flower bed along the back of the house. This looked great for about a month. The flowers I picked out didn’t work well back there and I wasn’t familiar with the care they required. Since we took out the grass to put in the flower bed, the weeds and grass took over so fast that I couldn’t keep up. About half way through the summer I just got weed killer, killed all the weeds and grass and left it along until last year. I tried again but I got pregnant and couldn’t stay out there very long to work on the weeds, but the flowers looked great as I switched to begonias. This year it already looks better starting out. I didn't have to weed too much to start out with, so I've been trying to pull them as I see them.
Last year we got a french drain put in and the workers put in new grass after it was installed. This fix took care of a huge bare spot in our yard and the drainage issue. And the past few years we have been working at taking out the ivy. It’s a very tasking job and takes many tries to get it all out in just one spot.

Well this last weekend we decided to get a big pile of tree limbs and branches cleared out from the back of the yard. I started bundling them up and Tim got out the chain saw and started taking out some of the big limbs that were blocking the sunlight from the back fence. We got it all cleared out and went and got some rose bushes and planted them back there. The roses should fill in the back of the yard and bring some nice color to the yard. 

I'm so excited that our yard is finally coming together. Once we get the trees trimmed more we will be planting some grass so the rest of the yard can be filed in with beautiful green grass.
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