Happy Birthday Timothy

With all the partying and celebrating we did over the weekend and even last night I wasn't able to post a Happy Birthday blog for my Timothy.

Tim and a freind of ours always joke that they celebrate the whole month of October for their birthdays. AKA Octimber or Timtober...haha. We never really do. I decided it would be fun now that there are "check-ins" on facebook that every time we are out and about that I'll check in and label it Birthday Dinner, birthday shopping, Birthday lunch or something along those lines...it will be fun and annoying for everyone who has to see them.

For the last few years Tim has asked me or anyone for saw horses and it never seems to work out that he gets them. Well a couple weeks back he needed some and he told me if I didn't make sure that he got some by Christmas he would divorce me. I didn't want to chance it and wait till then so I went out and got him some for a birthday present. It made him happy and we aren't divorcing! yah!

Happy Birthday Baby!!! I love you!

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