It is the end of an era.

I purchased the domain “themindofkatie.com” when TJ was about 7 months old. I had been blogging regularly and thought it was time to make the plunge and buy the domain. I bought this particular name because this is what I called my site so it was an easy pick. After a year or so I thought back that I should have purchased katieleckie.com so I would be easier to remember, more versatile, and my name instead of a theme.

Well this year Google was trying to automatically renew the site and my debit card had expired and with everything going on I updated it but it was too late and my “themindofkatie.com” had been purchased by someone else. I was kinda sad but I went ahead and purchased katieleckie.com.

I’m hoping this doesn’t completely mess up my audience and they can’t find me but I’ll survive and maybe they all will find me again.

Spread the word and change your RSS readers. New site is http://www.katieleckie.com/

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