This was a big year for you and we couldn’t be more proud of you.

You’re an amazing young man. There is such sweetness about you and you are so sensitive to people’s feelings.

This year you asked Jesus into you heart. It was a sweet moment. We were reading a book about heaven and you turned to me and told me that you love Jesus. I told you that we love Him to and He is real special to us. You sat there for a second and then told us that you wanted Jesus in your heart and that you wanted us to help you pray. Right there in Anna’s room, mid book, in our jammies, you asked Jesus into your heart. You were so happy and excited and were ready to tell the world.

You had some great developments this year. You are learning so much in Pre-K and absolutely love school. Even your friendships are becoming more complex with conversation and playing.

You were prophesied over a few times but one recently was that you have a Samuel anointing on you and that you will see things and being able to lead people because of what you see.

We love you buddy and are so happy that God has appointed us as your parents. Each day is a blessing and we cherish every hug, every conversation, every movie night, and every moment we have with you.

Happy 5th Birthday Timothy!
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