Communication has Failed

Here is the deal.

There has been some hold up on blogging because of various reasons. One, our life got crazy busy, with school, baseball, church, family, more school and more church. Second, I felt very strongly that my blogs were used as info for conversation. This is how people found out about our lives and communication was lost. There was no need to actually know about our life; instead the blog was the outlet into our lives.

With so many social media sites, and such easy access to communication with others, true communication is lost.

I love writing, I love letting people get a glimpse of my beautiful children.

I apologize that I haven’t let ya’ll see into our lives. I got to where even on twitter, facebook, etc that I didn’t want to post pictures nor did I want to do  any status updates that gave any indication on how we were doing. Why know me through the internet if you don’t want to know me face to face. I’m not talking about the people who we wouldn’t normally come into contact with, people we don’t know, or people who we have lost normal contact with, this is people who should stay in constant contact with us.

Thanks for listening and I am planning on starting up blogging on a regular basis.
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