Long Weekend

Well the weekend is over! The weekend started out with Amy's graduation, we had all the family come in and some of the family stayed at our house. Amy was the top of her class and she gave an awesome speech. My dad got his doctorate degree last summer so he had his robes on and gave an awesome commencement address. I was really surprised he didn't cry. hehe. My dad, my sister and I are emotional people, once one of us starts cry its over for the others.  We are so proud of Amy and we are excited to see what God has for her in college.
Saturday for lunch we had the whole family over for hot dogs and pool at our house. The guys had a tournament...not sure who won but sounded like they were having fun. Lots of talk and fellowship.
Saturday for dinner we were over at my mom and dad's house. Grandpa and Grandma, Uncle Dave and Aunt Linda, Jonathan and Barb, Josh and Andrea, Tim and I, Amy, Virginia, and Uncle Terry and his Kids Jonathan and Allyson. We had a bunch of fun hanging out enjoying the company of family that live out of town.
Sunday more family and food. For dinner Terry, the kids, and my parents came over and we had left over hot dogs and played pool.
Monday was Tim and I's 2 year anniversary! woo hoo. We went to our friends house Nick and Kelly's for a BBQ for a while and then just enjoyed relaxing. Tim mad some really good chicken on the grill and I made some noodles to go with the chicken. I love him so much and I can't wait to see what this next year brings.
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