Tim's Knee Surgery Update

Well it was a long day of waiting.
We got there at about 10 am the surgery was scheduled for 11:30. Well we waited for a while and then they came and told us that he wouldn't go in till about 1. He got into pre opp at about 12:00.
Well at about 1:30 the doctor came in to the pre opp area and made sure all was a go and they started giving him the drugs at 1:35. I had to go to the waiting room and then at 2:05 the doctor walked into the waiting the room telling me how it went. The surgery was for the muscles that hold his knee cap were messed up and then the miniscus was damaged. so he fixed those and saw some arthritis from trauma, so he cleaned it up around the knee. at about 3 I got to go in and see him in recovery and they gave him some more pain meds and some snacks. We were out of there by 3:45 headed home.
He will be out of work for a month, and he is already feeling restless. He'll probably be on crutches for the next week. He can put some wait on his knee. the more he moves around the better.

thank you for your prayers. Surgery was successful!
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