Life In the Leckie Home

Well there has been a lot going on the last couple of months around here. In previous blogs I've mentioned Tim's knee surgery, well he finally made it back to work last week. He was a little tired last week, but it was a short week so that was a nice bonus for him. This week he seems to be doing pretty good.

About a month ago I was just at work having a normal day. The company I worked for was a small company that wasn't doing to well. So one day my boss walked in and asked me if I could get my old job back. I was out of there in about 5 mins with all my stuff including a paycheck for the next two weeks. As soon as I got in my car I called Tim and My parents to pray for me. Next I called my old manager Carolyn (she loves me) and asked her if I could come meet with her, about 10 mins later i was walking out of there with a job. Lord sure does provide for me! I know I didn't go with out a job for days or months but it was sure the most stressfull and scary thing I've been through, I'm glad it only lasted 15 mins.

While Tim was out on medical leave he went through some changes. Let me just tell you he was sooooo bored he would do anything to get out of the house. Even if it was going with Terry to watch him mow yards. Well I guess my dad noticed that he was bored and started inviting Tim to events my dad was going to- tuesday morning prayer, band of brothers meetings, and pastor meetings. Well this did a real work on Tim. He has just been amaziing me everyday since, his relationship with the Lord is so inspriring.
He is now leading worship at church and ready to step into the things the Lord has planned for him. A week ago he was practicing his guitar and singing, I was just sitting there watching him. I fell in love with him all over again. The most exciting thing is that I'm not the only one who sees these changes. I'm just so proud of him and excited to see what God has in store for us.

We hope you guys would keep us in prayers as we are going through these changes. The Lord has us in his hand and he contols everything and thats what keeps us going.
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